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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1880

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“Do you think you can trap me with this illusion of yours? Remember that you all are as vulnerable as insects to me.”

When Jiang Chen’s cold voice travelled into their ears, they were shocked to find that they couldn’t find even a trace of Jiang Chen in the illusion. That was to say, Jiang Chen had reversed the situation unnoticeably. The Lost Illusion had now become the Great Illusion Realm. The one who was trapped in the illusion was no longer Jiang Chen, but them.

Outside the illusion, everyone was looking intently at the battlefield. All of them could sense the strong changes in the illusion, but even powerful figures like Jiu Wangye and Yun Tianshuang couldn’t see what exactly was going on inside. So none of them knew that the situation inside had already been turned.

However, they could still imagine that the situation in the illusion must be full of danger.

“I hope Jiang Chen can break the illusion.”

Jiu Wangye appeared incomparably nervous. There was no way he wouldn’t be worried about this. This match would determine the victor of the war. If Jiang Chen was defeated, it would herald the defeat of Great Qian Empire. The hope of all soldiers would be crushed in an instant, their morale would surely slide rapidly.

“Not good. This bastard’s illusion technique is even greater than ours. He also has the flame that can suppress our strength. Even if the three of us joined forces, we are still no match for him. We’d better retreat now.”

One of them spoke in a dejected tone. They knew the current circumstances pretty well. If they didn’t leave now, they might not have a chance anymore.  However they failed to realise that they had already lost that golden chance.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

Turning into rays of light, they rushed towards the outside of the illusion swiftly. Unfortunately, after flying for a few rounds, they found that they were still in the illusion. Clearly, they had already lost their sense of direction.

“Trying to escape from my Great Illusion Realm? What a wishful thinking!”

Jiang Chen’s voice echoed in the void like the god of death. Despair started to blossom in the trio’s hearts.

“Jiang Chen, if you let us go, we guarantee that we won’t be hostile to you anymore.” One of them spoke pleadingly.

“You all have already chosen the path of death in the very beginning.”

Jiang Chen’s voice continued to reverberate in the illusion, making a huge impact in their heads.

“Jiang Chen, as long as you don’t kill us, we are willing to be your eternal servants.”

Another human devil spoke. After losing the ability to defend themselves, they were willing to fulfill any request of Jiang Chen in order to keep themselves alive.

“Be my servants? You think you qualify for that?” replied Jiang Chen. 

Then, a flaming sword light emerged and pierced through the skull of one of the three. In the Great Illusion Realm, Jiang Chen was the absolute master. These three human devils wouldn’t even have a chance to put up a resistance.

The human devil uttered a miserable wail as his head fell from his body. A devil soul emerged and was grabbed by Jiang Chen.

He then devoured the half-step Immortal Venerable devil soul without hesitation. He hadn’t used such method for a long time to improve his cultivation because it would severely affect his foundation, but since the current foundation of his cultivation base had already become extremely stable, his foundation wouldn’t be affected at all even if he relied solely on these three devil souls to advance to half-step Immortal Venerable.

The death their brother startled the other two. They began to run towards one direction, desperately seeking for the exit. As they had been trapped in Jiang Chen’s illusion, any exit they saw was merely an illusory path.


Another sword light silently rushed forward from out of nowhere. 


A shriek was heard and the second human devil died under Jiang Chen’s sword.


The last sword light shot forward, killing the last human devil. None of them was able to escape from Jiang Chen’s grip. All three devil souls were devoured by Jiang Chen. Under the refinement of the dragon transformation skill, the devil souls were rapidly digested and turned into his nourishment.

New dragon marks began to form and immediately flew around in his vast and ocean-like Qi Sea.  

Outside the illusion, countless eyes were still fixed upon the battlefield, although they still couldn’t see what was happening inside except for the destructive force drifting inside.

*Hua La……*

All of a sudden, the Great Illusion Realm vanished, revealing the situation inside. Three headless corpses fell from the sky and hit the ground with a thud. Jiang Chen was hovering in the sky, his qi seemed to be stronger than before. In fact, his qi was soaring. He was going to break through to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm.


Countless people exclaimed. These exclamations of surprise came from both armies. Everyone was gaping at the scene as though they had seen a ghost. Who would have thought that this would be the outcome and that the battle would end so swiftly?

“Goodness! The triplets are dead. How on earth did commander Jiang do that?”

“That’s too terrifying and heaven-defying! I still can’t believe what I just saw.”

“Is he still human? He must be a god in my opinion.”


The soldiers of Great Qian Empire were overwhelmed by what they saw. Their impression of Jiang Chen had skyrocketed. To them, Jiang Chen was no longer a human but a deity, the symbol of God, because only a God was omnipotent.

“This isn’t possible! This isn’t possible at all!”

Yun Tianshuang was shaking his head unceasingly. The astonishment he felt now was even greater than when he was defeated by Jiang Chen.

Despair was revealed on the faces of the soldiers of Great Cloud Empire after witnessing the defeat of their commander, and the death of the triplets. They had lost all the reliance they had.

“Kill them!” Jiang Chen held his sword forward and gave the order to attack.

“Kill them……!”

Innumerable soldiers went frenzied, each holding their Immortal Weapons and lunging at the enemy force. 

Jiu Wangye began to laugh. Locking on the position of Yun Tianshuang with Yang Bufan, they lunged forward.

By now, Jiu Wangye finally understood why Yang Bufan stopped him from ordering the attack. Attacking at this time was indeed the most suitable. The scene of Jiang Chen killing the three human devils had stirred all of their blood and spirit.  

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