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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1878

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By this time, all the doubts, uncertainties and worries were gone. Sometimes, hope could be recovered in just a single fight.

At first, the soldiers of Great Qian Empire had been doubting Jiang Chen and even the Emperor’s decision for appointing this young Immortal Emperor as their commander, but currently, all of those doubts had vanished. They realised how foolish they were to doubt their leaders, and feeling grateful that they had such a terrifying expert as their commander.

Defeating Yun Tianshuang was absolutely a miracle. This was an important battle in the war and a shocking beginning. The thousands of soldiers of Great Qian Empire were beginning to see hope in this war.

Ever since Lu Sheng was killed in battle, the heart of the soldiers had been covered with a layer of gloominess until now.

“Yun Tianshuang, so this is just how mediocre you are. It seems your hope of avenging the Seventh Prince’s death is dashed, said Jiang Chen plainly.


Yun Tianshuang spurted out another mouthful of blood after hearing what Jiang Chen said, and he had no reason refute it because Jiang Chen had defeated him in front of everyone. He could only accept it despite his reluctance.

But although he was defeated, he absolutely couldn’t admit that his army was defeated as well, and he had to kill Jiang Chen.

“Three fellows, I’ll hand Jiang Chen to you all. Be careful. This bastard is pretty powerful.”

Yun Tianshuang looked at the strange triplets behind him and spoke. One could only understand how terrifying Jiang Chen was until one fought him. At least, Jiang Chen was harder than Lu Sheng to deal with.

“Rest assured, Brother Yun. No matter how heaven-defying this kid is, the outcome will be the same. Not long ago, a late Immortal Venerable rogue cultivator died in our Lost Illusion. *Jie…* *Jie…*”

A gloomy laughter was issued from one of them. Bloodthirsty chilling intent glinted in his eyes. Despite witnessing how Jiang Chen defeated Yun Tianshuang, neither of them put Jiang Chen in their eyes. They had merely viewed Jiang Chen as their opponent.


Yun Tianshuang held his fists at them. He never thought that this battle would turn out in such a way. As he, the commander, had been defeated, he could only rely on the strange triplet to gain back the reputation of their empire.

He was feeling incredibly depressed but he had to admit that Jiang Chen was indeed the most heaven-defying existence he had ever met. Although his reputation had been tarnished, now wasn’t the time to care about his prestige. The top priority now was to get rid of Jiang Chen. As long as this man was alive, he would be a great threat to Great Cloud Empire. By now, Yun Tianshuang finally understood why the Immortal Court wanted to exterminate Jiang Chen.

If the triplets could exterminate Jiang Chen, they would undoubtedly eradicate a great disaster and would become the biggest heroes of Great Cloud Empire.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

The triplets turned into three rays of shadow, rushing skywards and surrounded Jiang Chen.

Upon seeing this, the scene fell into silence. The cheerful mood in the army of Great Qian Empire was replaced by tension when they gazed at the battlefield. They knew the terror of those triplets. Great General Lu Sheng was precisely killed by them. Although Yun Tianshuang had been defeated, their commander had to confront the strange triplets now, who were the biggest threat to them.

“I wonder if Brother Jiang can resist the attack of those three human devils.” Jiu Wangye sounded somewhat worried.

“Don’t worry Ninth Uncle. Even if those human devils advanced by a level, they are all finished the moment they fight Little Chen.”

Yang Bufan was crossing his arms, with a relaxed smile on his face. Back in Evil Abyss, he had witnessed the means Jiang Chen used in warding off the devils. Jiang Chen was too good at restraining the devils. If it hadn’t been for Jiang Chen at that time, it would have been impossible for him to annihilate the entire evil race.

“Is that so?”

Jiu Wangye half-believed what Yang Bufan said, but the confident look of Yang Bufan made him feel slightly relieved. After all, Yang Bufan understood Jiang Chen more deeply compared to him.

“Just wait and see, Ninth Uncle,” said Yang Bufan.

“Okay. Listen up everyone. When the battle between commander Jiang and the strange triplets begins, we’ll advance towards the enemy force and kill them.” Jiu Wangye’s qi fluctuated as he spoke.

“Wait,” Yang Bufan spoke.

“King Fan, Yun Tianshuang has been severely injured. This is the best time to deal with them.”

Jiu Wangye looked over at Yang Bufan, not knowing what Yang Bufan was thinking.

“Ninth Uncle, although Yun Tianshuang has lost the battle, their formation is still very strong, plus they have plenty of Immortal Venerable experts. With the three human devils supporting their morale, it won’t be in our favour if we start a life-and-death battle now. We might as well wait here. As soon as Jiang Chen eradicated those three human devils, the morale of the enemy force will surely drop significantly. Only then will we attack. It will be as effortless as destroying a decayed wood,” said Yang Bufan. 

He knew the situation very well. Although Yun Tianshuang’s defeat had affected the morale of his army, the effect wasn’t strong enough, not until those three human devils were eradicated.

So now, they only had to wait for Jiang Chen to get rid of those three devils. As to whether Jiang Chen could do it, Yang Bufan had no doubt about it.

“Alright. We’ll follow your plan.”

Jiu Wangye nodded, feeling the reason behind Yang Bufan’s words, although this was based on the assumption that Jiang Chen could kill the three devils. It seemed Yang Bufan’s confidence in Jiang Chen had influenced all of them. 

Thus, the army of Great Qian Empire remained motionless. The army of Great Cloud Empire also showed no sign of attacking. Yun Tianshuang had the same thought as Yang Bufan. They would only attack after the three human devils had gotten rid of Jiang Chen. They couldn’t do it right now because his defeat had affected the morale of his army.

In the sky, the three human devils were staring at Jiang Chen with their cold, scorpion-like eyes.

“*Jie…* *Jie…*, kid, if you kneel now, I may consider letting you die a swift death.” One of the devils laughed gloomily.

“Most of my enemies had said the same words to me, but neither of them even had the chance to kneel before me instead eventually.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. These three human devils could not threaten him. 

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