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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1870

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Under the lead of Liu Lang, half of the enemy force was destroyed while there were almost zero casualties in Liu Lang’s force, each of the soldiers was showing look of delight. For them, it was too satisfying to fight behind Yang Bufan. All their indignation was perfectly vented out in this battle.

Most of them felt great when they saw Xu Mao being killed by King Fan, whereas some of them who had followed General Xu Mao before felt pity for him.

“This is the consequence of betraying the empire!” Yang Bufan raised his arm and yelled.

“Mighty King Fan, Mighty King Fan…….”

The soldiers broke into chants. King Fan’s power and decisiveness had totally convinced the remaining soldiers of being his loyal follower.

Jiang Chen nodded privately. This was exactly what he wanted to see. Yang Bufan had begun laying down the foundation for his imperial path. The moment he’s crowned the Emperor, he would be able to command the whole empire without opposition.

Jiu Wangye was wearing a smile, and secretly gave a thumbs up to Jiang Chen, feeling that it was very worthwhile to befriend such a brother. With his eyesight, he naturally could discern that Jiang Chen was creating opportunities for Yang Bufan.

“Brother Jiang, what about us?” Jiu Wangye asked.

“We’ll strike while the iron is still hot. Continue to attack the cities and reclaim as many cities as possible before Yun Tianshuang is alerted.”

Jiang Chen spoke. The situation required no strategies and countermeasures. The only thing they needed to do was to fight back and reclaim the lands they had lost, so that they could restore the morale of the empire and diminish the prestige of their enemies.

“This is how it should be.”

Jiu Wangye nodded approvingly.

After regaining control over Huang City, they moved on to another city.

Their speed of recovering the two cities was just too fast for Yun Tianshuang to notice.

The generals of these cities were at the half-step Immortal Venerable realm or even Immortal Emperor realm. In fact, their cultivation base was quite decent. Even if there were stronger enemies coming to attack them, they could directly signal Crane Hawk City with a special talisman.

But the thing was that these generals didn’t even have the chance to use their talisman before they were all killed by Yang Bufan.

Of course, this wasn’t because they didn’t have the chance. It was just that they had underestimated their enemy. They had never thought that Great Qian Empire would react so quickly.

Consecutively, Yang Bufan and his army reclaimed six cities. Right now, each of the soldiers were burning with enthusiasm. They had never felt so enthusiastic before. Along the way, neither Jiang Chen nor Jiu Wangye fought with them. Only Yang Bufan led all of them. He alone had created the majesty of Great Qian Empire and established his own prestige. When news about this spread across the empire, the chances of him being crowned the Emperor would become even higher.

But while they were reclaiming these cities, they had drawn the attention of Yun Tianshuang.

Crane Hawk City!

Yun Tianshuang’s face was filled with fury. Behind him stood three old men who seemed to be in their fifties. All of them wore grey-red robe embroidered with venomous kind of spiders and toads and some gruesome skeletons. 

The three of them looked the same. Clearly, they were born from the same womb. Their eyes were as cold and malicious as a scorpion. 

Two heavily injured soldiers were kneeling in front of Yun Tianshuang in the main hall, shivering.

“Dammit! The high morale of my army that I built with so much effort is now ruined by them. Did you two see clearly who was sent by Great Qian Empire?” Qquestioned Yun Tianshuang.

“They sent Yang Bufan.” One of them answered.

“Only Yang Bufan himself?” Yun Tianshuang asked again.

“Yes. That Yang Bufan has already reached the horrifying early Immortal Venerable realm. We were no match for him. All the generals were killed by him in an instant. They didn’t even have the chance to send the distress signal.”

The other soldier said. The thought of Yang Bufan’s horror still gave them palpitation, feeling incomparably lucky that they were able to reach Crane Hawk City alive.

As the two had been struck dumb by Yang Bufan’s might, they were clueless about the presence of the other two experts, Jiu Wangye and Jiang Chen. So, the information they provided wasn’t complete.

“Sure enough, newborn calves really aren’t afraid of tigers. He thought that he could disdain everything just because he had advanced to the Immortal Venerable realm. This is the common problem in the youth nowadays. This will eventually cost them their lives. Yang Yu has too much confidence in his son. Even though Lu Sheng died in my hands, he still sent his most favorite son to fight the war. I have no idea where he got the confidence from.”

Yun Tianshuang spoke coldly. “Since Yang Bufan doesn’t want to live, I’ll fulfill his wish. Which one of you will go and get his head back?”

Yun Tianshuang looked around the hall. As the Great General, Commander in Chief, there was no one else worthy of being his opponent except Lu Sheng. 

“I’ll go and kill him.”

An elder stood up. He was from the Heavenly Jade Dynasty. Now that the two empires had joined forces to fight Great Qian Empire, some of the experts of Heavenly Jade Dynasty were sent here. This elder was an intermediate Immortal Venerable, and a highly respected figure in Heavenly Jade Dynasty. Even the proud Yun Tianshuang had to show respect to him.

“Alright, Old Man Tian Kui. I’ll leave Yang Bufan to you. I’ll be waiting for your good news,” Yun Tianshuang said. In his point of view, Yang Bufan was certainly going to die if he was faced such a powerful figure.

“Don’t worry. I certainly will return with the head of that ignorant young man.” Old Man Tian Kui said, vanishing from the hall in a twist.

Yang Bufan was leading his army to attack another city, his hand holding a blood-stained sword. The soldiers had already regarded Yang Bufan as a divine existence, invincible and all-conquering.

At the present moment, a dark cloud suddenly drifted into view, followed by an immense tidal pressure. Feeling such pressure, the vigorous soldiers’ faces turned grim. They knew that some powerful expert had arrived.

NonethelessBut then, none of them were afraid because they had a strong backup, who were currently not known by the enemy forces, watching their backs.

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