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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1866

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“Very well.”

A middle-aged man who seemed to be about the same age as Yang Yu took a step forward. He had an incredibly sturdy body, and was an intermediate Immortal Venerable on par with Yang Yu. Despite his qi being a little weaker than Yang Yu, he’s still a very powerful expert enough to be entitled the Ninth Royal Highness of Great Qian Empire.

“Brother Chen, I’ll go with you too,” said Yan Chenyu.

“Xiao Yu, as we still don’t know exactly what is going on the other side, it is better that you stay in Imperial Capital. The appearance of the peculiar triplet makes me worry that the Great Cloud Empire may have colluded with powerful devils. You can never guess what devils are going to do with common sense. You must stay in the Imperial Capital, in case anything happens,” said Jiang Chen. 

By using the Great Divination Art, he could vaguely sense a lot of things. So it was best that Yan Chenyu stayed in the capital.

“But Brother Chen, the three great Immortal Courts want to take your life. Although the reputation of Golden Clan has deterred them from sending any more expert to kill you, it can’t guarantee that they won’t send people to assassinate you. So I’m going to worry over your safety when you are traveling alone,” said Yan Chenyu with concern.

“Not to worry. An Immortal Sovereign has his own dignity and pride. The same goes to the Immortal Sovereign of the Immortal Court. If it is a half-step Sovereign who comes to take my life, even if I can’t deal with him, I won’t have a problem escaping. You should know that your Brother Chen can’t be killed that easily. Over the years, there have been countless of people who tried to kill me, but none of them succeeded,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. 

He knew that Yan Chenyu was worried about him, but he didn’t have the slightest fear in his heart. Whether it was the Immortal Court or the devils that Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty had colluded with, he didn’t care. In addition, he loved challenges. His life should be full of interesting incidents. As there were still many days to go before going back to meet Nangong Wentian, he was worrying that he would have nothing to do during this period of time. Now that a war had broken out at this time, plunging Great Qian Empire into crisis, he naturally would have to do his part.

Moreover, if he was lucky enough to make another advancement this time, his combat strength would be even more horrifying. Advancing his cultivation base was always his top priority. Without a powerful cultivation base, he wouldn’t be able to provide much help to Nangong Wentian in Fengchi Immortal Domain.

“Well. In that case, be careful, Brother Chen.”

Yan Chenyu nodded, knowing that it was difficult to change Jiang Chen’s mind. Besides, she had high confidence in Jiang Chen. Ever since they walked the path together from Saint Origin World, they had been through countless ups and downs along the way. She had lost count of the ordeals they had suffered and the experts they had fought. Eventually, they pulled through. All the enemies of Jiang Chen had ultimately become as harmless as dust.

“Time is of the essence. We’ll depart now,” said Jiang Chen. 

With him in the lead, Jiu Wangye, Yang Bufan and that elder who recounted the event, flew in the direction of the fires of war.

On the way, the elder who was flying by Jiu Wangye’s side whispered. “Royal Highness, this Jiang Chen is merely a late Immortal Emperor. Why is the Emperor entrusting him with such a heavy task?”

The elder seemed puzzled. Although he had heard about the deeds of Jiang Chen, he only had a little understanding of the situation as he had never left Crane Hawk City. In his point of view, it must be a mistake that the Emperor was handing such an important task to an Immortal Emperor and had asked him to follow this Immortal Emperor. The Emperor must have regarded Jiang Chen too highly.

“What do you know? Not even I can defeat Brother Jiang Chen in a real battle.” Jiu Wangye darted a glare at the elder.


The elder’s face and eyes were brimming with disbelief as he looked at Jiang Chen and chose to speak no more. Although he hadn’t witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength and knew very little about Jiang Chen, he certainly believed in what Jiu Wangye said.

Wan City!

This was a relatively large and prosperous city. Currently, fire could be seen everywhere in the city. The general of the city was called Liu Lang, a late Immortal Emperor. He was leading the army of the Great Qian Empire to fight against the enemy forces outside the gate of the city. They had used a strong formation to combine all their combat strength.

Opposite them were over a hundred warriors of the Great Cloud Empire. In terms of quantity, the Great Qian Empire seemed to be having the advantage, but the morale of the army was dangerously low. The fact that the general of the enemy was a half-step Immortal Venerable, and General Lu Sheng was killed gave them a huge blow.

“It’s over. Wan City won’t hold much longer. I think we should just retreat.”

“Yeah! Great Cloud Empire is too strong. Their general has a cultivation base of half-step Immortal Venerable. Even with our grand formation, our defense still won’t last long.”


The forces of the Great Qian Empire continued to decline and showed the intention of retreating even before the real war began.

“Shut up, all of you. We must hold it as long as we can. The reinforcements from Imperial Capital will be here any time now.” Liu Lang, dressed in military uniform, bellowed at the soldiers.

Wan City was just as important was Crane Hawk City. If they lost Wan City, it would be akin to losing half of the territory. This would affect the Great Qian Empire greatly.

“Yes, General! We are willing to die and live with Wan City!”

Some of the officers yelled emotionally, their eyes red. Most of them had developed a deep feeling for the city. If they chose to retreat without a fight, they would certainly feel guilty in letting the enemies take control of their city.

“Liu Lang, stop resisting. Your empire is going to be annihilated soon. You think you can defend Wan City with just this lot of people? What wishful thinking! I’m giving you a chance to surrender to Great Cloud Empire. I assure you that you won’t be ill-treated.”

The general on the other side clamored. He was a half-step Immortal Venerable. Although he had just made his breakthrough, he was far more powerful than Liu Lang.

“I reckon that you will have to step over my corpse if you are thinking of getting Wan City!”

Liu Lang’s qi soared. Clearly, he was a tough person who wouldn’t surrender even before he died.

“Since you are refusing my offer, don’t blame my rudeness. Attack! Kill every one of them.”

The general gave the order. The Qi of the enemy experts stirred as though they had been injected by adrenaline. All of them lunged in the direction of Liu Lang’s force.

“Ah…” “Ah…”

Wails were heard as soon as the fierce battle started. A war like this was the cruelest. It was much crueler compared to the battles between sects.  

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