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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1864

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Witnessing the death of their Sect Master and Ancient Ancestor wrung their hearts to the very core. The gloomy atmosphere in the sky made their hearts shudder. Ever since the establishment of their sect, this was definitely the first time the sect had suffered such massive losses, but there was no time to grieve now. Their angry yet horrified eyes were currently fixed at Dragon Shisan, fearing that he would massacre them.

With his strength, if he really wanted to start a massacre now, they were afraid that the entire Yellow Spring Sect would be annihilated, just like what happened to Corpse Yin Sect.

But after killing Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, Dragon Shisan stowed away his iron staff and swaggered off. He didn’t try to kill any more of them.

He didn’t put Yellow Spring Sect in his eyes, even if they were kept alive they wouldn’t pose a threat to him. His main purpose of coming here today was to kill Old Ancestor Yellow Spring in revenge for what the old man had done to him. Since the conflict between him and the Immortal Court was already big enough, he didn’t wish to create another conflict. After all, Yellow Spring Sect wasn’t the same as Corpse Yin Sect. There might be half-step Sovereign experts from Yellow Spring Sect who were cultivating in the Immortal Court.

Although those who had entered the Immortal Court rarely cared about the affairs of their sect, they might not be as indifferent if they found out that their sect had been annihilated.

It wasn’t because Dragon Shisan was afraid. It was because he now had a different identity. He had become the son-in-law of Exquisite Paradise. The fate of Exquisite Paradise was already tied to his. He could put himself in danger at will but he couldn’t risk the safety of Exquisite Paradise.

The death of the Sect Master and Ancient Ancestor was a major loss to Yellow Spring Sect. It was afraid that it would take a while for the sect to regain their  foothold in Eastern Profound Domain.

“I feel pity for Yellow Spring Sect.” Han Yan shook his head and sighed.

“They have only themselves to blame. Monkey is already merciful enough not to annihilate them.” Jiang Chen said. He didn’t have any sympathy for Yellow Spring Sect. Being the enemy, such punishment was regarded as very light. If Dragon Shisan had chosen to exterminate all of them, the entire Yellow Spring Sect would be leveled by his iron staff.

Even those who were in the Immortal Court couldn’t do anything about it because there was a rule in the Immortal Court stating that experts who had entered the Immortal Court, especially those who had the reached half-step Sovereign realm, were no longer allowed to interfere in the affairs of other sects.

Even if they returned, the sect was already gone for good. It made no difference to the matter.

“How tragic! Yellow Spring Sect has just fallen to the bottom just like that. I’m afraid all of them will have to stay quietly in this mountain range for a long time.”

“They are considered lucky that they weren’t annihilated. Anyhow, offending Dragon Shisan will only bring tragedy to oneself.”

“Let’s go. Let’s give them some space and time to grieve.”


This was a world where strength was revered, and the reality was forever cruel. 

As more and more people left, Yellow Spring Sect became quiet once again, but none of them could settle down. Silently, they picked up the remaining body parts of their Sect Master and Ancient Ancestor. Although their hearts were filled with fury and murderous intent, nobody mentioned anything about vengeance.

Some people wouldn’t even have the chance to have their revenge, or even the chance to see the brilliance of hope once more.

The Supreme Elder had ordered that all elders and disciples weren’t allowed to leave Yellow Spring Sect within a year. It was the period which they would be recuperating.

That night, in celebration of the wedding, a group of people drank to their hearts’ content around the table until midnight. To them, it wasn’t easy at all to gather and have drinks together. The only pity was that Big Yellow wasn’t with them. It would’ve been perfect if he was here now.

Over the next three days, Eastern Profound Domain was peaceful. The influence of Wu Ningzhu and the Golden Clan seemed to have deterred the Immortal Court from sending more experts after Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen knew that things weren’t as simple as it looked. The Immortal Court would never let him go. It was just that they were unlikely to make any blatant moves anymore. They might deal with him in a different way, a more stealthy way, like how Wang Xuanfeng had tried to assassinate him before.

There were still more than twenty days to go before the promised date. Instead of leaving, he stayed in Genius Prefecture and went into seclusion to cultivate the dragon transformation skill, and stabilize his cultivation base and foundation. He had acquired a lot of benefits and improved his cultivation base during the trip in Monarch Mountain. So he needed some time to digest all of them.

Yan Chenyu and he were having their seclusion in the thirty-third level of the pagoda. The temporal rule here made it most suitable for cultivating and recuperation. It was a perfect place for her to heal her injuries.

Three days later, the silence in Eastern Profound Domain was broken once more. Early in the morning, Yang Bufan hurried to Jiang Chen’s residence. 

Sensing that someone was approaching, Jiang Chen led Yan Chenyu out of the pagoda at once. Three months had passed in the pagoda within these three days. The injuries of Yan Chenyu were almost fully healed and her strength had improved a little.

“King Fan, what’s going on?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Little Chen, Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty launched an attack on the border of our empire yesterday. Overnight, we have lost more than a dozen cities. Their forces are advancing towards the center of the empire,” said Yang Bufan.

“It seems these two empires have been planning this attack for a long time,” said Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, I don’t think it’s that simple. Everyone in the Ethereal Immortal Domain knew about Dragon Shisan running to Yellow Spring Sect and killing Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and the Ancient Ancestor, including Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. Knowing our relationship with monkey, they shouldn’t have done anything that would harm us in the presence of monkey, let alone attacking our empire.” Yang Bufan continued.

“You’re right. That’s to say that these two empires are probably backed by someone strong, which made them brave enough to wage war on us,” said Jiang Chen. 

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