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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1860

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“I just wanted to tell Little Chen that I’m safe that’s why I came out this time. I never thought that a Great Sovereign from the Immortal Court was going to harm Little Chen. Fortunately, I arrived on time. I was also relieved to see Sister Xiao Yu. As the Golden Clan is about to return to the Immortal World and I inherited the will of Empress Xiao Yao, I must do some things for the Golden Clan. When I appear again, it will be the day of the Golden Clan’s reappearance. I believe that Little Chen’s cultivation base is going to reach an unimaginable level the next time I see you again.”

Wu Ningzhu said with a smile. Despite her indescribable reluctance, it was her responsibility and obligation to help the Golden Clan in returning to this world. It was the will of Empress Xiao Yao.

“Ai! Even monkey has gotten married. I was thinking of taking you two to see my father, so that he can organize a wedding for us. Now, it seems it will have to be postponed again.”

Jiang Chen sighed. The relationship between the three of them was beyond description. He had always wanted to give the two girls a proper status, and comfort his father. The fact that Dragon Shisan had gotten married today made him a little envious.

However, it seemed impossible given the current circumstances. He knew when would Wu Ningzhu return after this.

“When the things in the Immortal World have settled down, you can’t run away even if you want to.” Wu Ningzhu said with a smile, then vanished in a flash.

Wu Ningzhu’s appearance was very brief but her influence was tremendous. Even the Great Sovereign from the Immortal Court felt compelled to retreat. Today, Jiang Chen had understood what the ancient disaster was like, known about the existence of the Sovereign Domain and the levels within the Sovereign realm.

“Brother Chen, Great Sovereign is just a kind of appellation. As a matter of fact, Yuan Xiaolei shouldn’t be called a Great Sovereign but an Immortal Sovereign. All along, everyone has thought that an Immortal Sovereign is a Great Sovereign. They didn’t know that only figures such as the Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian can be named Great Sovereign. But this doesn’t matter very much anyway. The most important thing is the strength of the expert.” Yan Chenyu spoke.

“En, Great Sovereign and Immortal Sovereign are merely titles. That year, when I had become the world’s greatest saint in Saint Origin World, what fate had I met in the end? Although the Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian have been famous figures, they have gone missing for so long. We just have to do what we ought to do. Let’s go Xiao Yu. Let’s see how Monkey’s wedding is going.”

Jiang Chen flew towards the wedding scene, with one hand pulling Yan Chenyu’s. In any case, today was Dragon Shisan’s great day. It was somewhat reasonable that Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu had hidden here privately.

The atmosphere on the martial arena was totally free of any tension and full of joy. The wedding ceremony had just ended. Of course, they didn’t forget to serve tea to Venerable Ling Long after that. It was one of the basic etiquettes.

“Haha! Monkey, it’s time to go into the bridal room.”

“Yes, yes. Monk is going to go and prepare the ‘pleasure’ room for you.”

“Get lost you people. Remember your own identity. You shouldn’t have said those words in such an occasion even though you are an indecent monk.”


Han Yan and the rest began to shout at Dragon Shisan. And Tyrant’s action was out of the ordinary. He had shown his true nature by declaring to go into the bridal room with the couple. 

“I can wait for the bridal room. Besides, Master Monkey is in a good mood right now. I’m going to do some great things to celebrate our wedding,” said Dragon Shisan all of a sudden.

“What are you going to do?” Lan Lingji had a good understanding of Dragon Shisan, she knew something big was about to occur.


After uttering this word, Dragon Shisan shot towards the sky in a ray of light.

“What the hell? He’s a newly-wed. How can he leave before the guests?”

“What is more important than the bridal room? If I were him, I wouldn’t let any matter stop in my way.”

“Revenge? Who is he going to get revenge from?”

“Yellow Spring Sect. He seems to be heading in the direction of Yellow Spring Sect.”


No one had thought that Dragon Shisan would go and settle his old scores at this crucial moment. Some of them had already discerned his intention. The direction he was heading to would lead him to Yellow Spring Sect.

“I know now. That day, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and Old Man Corpse Yin had joined forces to kill him. Later, Old Man Corpse Yin and Corpse Yin Sect was eradicated by Jiang Chen with the heavenly tribulation, whereas Yellow Spring Sect is still safe and sound. Now that Dragon Shisan’s cultivation base have improved drastically as compared to his former self, and has the strength to kill even Qi Jin, he won’t put Yellow Spring Sect in his eyes. Which explained why he is heading for Yellow Spring Sect now to retaliate.”

“He’s going to kill Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and use his head as a wedding gift.”

“That means something big is about to take place. Let’s head over and find out.”


Sensing Dragon Shisan’s intention, numerous experts flew towards the direction of Yellow Spring Sect. Everyone in the domain knew the grudges between Dragon Shisan and Yellow Spring Sect. In the past, when he was jointly attacked by Old Ancestor Yellow Spring and Old Man Corpse Yin, no one expected him to live. And according to his style of conduct, he would surely have his revenge. As Old Man Corpse Yin had already been eliminated by Jiang Chen, he naturally have to avenge himself on Old Ancestor Yellow Spring.

“This bastard does have his character.” Han Yan shook his head.

“Seems like something major is going to happen again. Let’s go over there and have a look.” Jiang Chen smiled, and followed the crowd of people.

Yellow Spring Sect!

It was located on an enormous Yellow Spring mountain range which gave people the feeling of chilliness and gloominess. After staying in this place for a long time, one would feel as though one was living in hell. In any case, one couldn’t deny the strength of Yellow Spring Sect. The fact that it was one of the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain indicated how strong the sect was. There were mighty late Immortal Venerables and even experts from the Immortal Court in the sect.

But today, even the old ancestor of the sect wouldn’t be able to fight Dragon Shisan as he was merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable.

The surface of Yellow Spring Sect seemed pretty serene. A few disciples guarding the mountain gate looked bored and were chatting lazily. To them, guarding the gate was the most meaningless thing to do, because their sect was one of the most powerful sects in the domain. As long as the person had a normal brain, he wouldn’t cause trouble in Yellow Spring Sect because that was akin to courting death.

However, these disciples probably never even dreamed that the real calamity was approaching their sect.

A youth in baggy red robe suddenly appeared in front of the gates of Yellow Spring Sect like a ghostly figure. He was merely 9 meters away from those guards. 

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