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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1855

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Yuan Xiaolei had deeply contemplated the words he just uttered. Although the opponent had the legendary identity that would earn the respect of everyone in the world, the Immortal World today was no longer the Immortal World of the past. The generation of Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian had passed long ago. A lot of things had followed after that. The Immortal World had undergone numerous changes. However, if Yan Chenyu returned to her peak state just like in the past, the Immortal Court would be forced to submit to her.

Unfortunately, her cultivation base hadn’t fully recovered. Her biggest reliance was merely the Immortal Burying Coffin.

In addition, with her current cultivation base, she wouldn’t be able to exert all the power of the Immortal Burying Coffin. Hence, after a moment of contemplation, Yuan Xiaolei felt that the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin wasn’t a huge deterrent to the Immortal Court.

“Really? Then you should try and see. I would also like to see if you can withstand the Immortal Burying Coffin in a real fight.”

Bone-stinging cold qi rushed out from Yan Chenyu’s body. As long as she was here, she wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt Jiang Chen.

“Humph! Empress Nine Yin, don’t you go too far. A life-or-death battle won’t do you any good. If you and I really started a fight here, Exquisite Paradise will be destroyed. Besides, with your present cultivation base, you won’t be able to display the full power of the Immortal Burying Coffin. You won’t be able to kill me, but the waves from our fight will surely kill many people. Moreover, if I’m determined to take Jiang Chen away, it won’t be a difficult task for me to capture him during the battle.”

Yuan Xiaolei harrumphed coldly. It seemed he wasn’t going to leave without achieving his objective. Although he didn’t intend to confront Empress Nine Yin, he wouldn’t hesitate to fight her if she stopped him.

Yan Chenyu frowned, her eyes blazing with fury. Despite her reluctance to admit it, what Yuan Xiaolei said was true. Yuan Xiaolei, was after all, a First Grade Great Sovereign, a true Sovereign. Yan Chenyu didn’t fear starting a fierce battle against Yuan Xiaolei and she was confident to stay undefeated, however, it also wasn’t hard for Yuan Xiaolei to get past her defense and capture Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan during the battle. After all, he had mastered the law of Immortal Sovereign. Considering that she was still an Immortal Venerable and had suffered injuries, the gap between them wasn’t insignificant.

More importantly, having a fierce battle here would deal immeasurable damage to Exquisite Paradise. Yan Chenyu knew it very well even if Yuan Xiaolei didn’t mention it.

The scene had become incredibly tense. It seemed a battle was on the verge of erupting. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were instantly placed in a dangerous situation.

Jiang Chen also furrowed his brows. He had never expected that Yuan Xiaolei was so determined to capture him. Not even the identity of Empress Nine Yin could deter him.

But at any rate, he and Dragon Shisan couldn’t allow themselves to be captured by Yuan Xiaolei and be brought back to the Immortal Court. Once they entered the Immortal Court, their death was certain. When push comes to shove, they could only flee.

However, once they had been targeted by a Great Sovereign, there was nowhere they could run to in this world.


A powerful cold qi rushed out from Yan Chenyu’s body. 

“Brother Chen is the most important person in my life. No one is permitted to hurt him. I’ll ensure Brother Chen’s safety even if it means destroying the whole world.” 

Yan Chenyu spoke in a cold and resolute tone that shivered people’s soul. Her devotion to love was touching.

At this time, every man began to admire Jiang Chen, how blissful their lives would be if they could have such a woman in their life.

“Empress Nine Yin, don’t you get deluded. Like I said, you’re are not enough to hinder me unless you recover your true powers.”

Yuan Xiaolei raised his qi. It seemed that a battle was unavoidable. The people below were feeling nervous as the consequences was definitely unimaginable if a battle really broke out in the sky above Exquisite Paradise. Even if these two supreme experts created an independent battlefield in the sky, the loss that Exquisite Paradise would suffer would still be inestimable.

*Hong Long……*

Just as the battle was on the verge of breaking out, a loud vibration sounded again from a far distance in the sky. The sound was as loud as the nine heavenly thunder.

The void began to heat up. Then everyone saw a patch of fire appear in the sky above Exquisite Paradise.

At the center of the sea of fire was a massive illusory image of a Golden Crow Divine Bird, fluttering its majestic wings. The Golden Crow twisted its body and turned into a beautiful girl, wearing a fiery red long dress and had an excellent figure, standing on a fiery cloud.

Mighty qi spread across the void. She looked as beautiful as Yan Chenyu, though there was a difference in their appearance. One looked as cold as a snow lotus while the other looked fiery and enchanting.

“Sister Ning!”

When they saw who the person was, many of them exclaimed. Jiang Chen, Yan Chenyu, Dragon Shisan, Han Yan, Tyrant and Yang Bufan’s eyes all sparkled with excitement. During their time in Golden Horizon, she had vanished after obtaining the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao. None of them expected to meet her here. Judging by her qi, they were afraid that she had already reached the half-step Sovereign realm. It seemed like she had fully integrated with the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao and had become a true descendant of the Golden Clan, which was a joyous news to all of them.

Yuan Xiaolei’s face changed once more. Too many incidents had happened today. Mystical figures were appearing one after another. One was the Empress Nine Yin who controlled the Immortal Burying Coffin. The other was a young half-step Sovereign. Although she was a half-step Sovereign, her strength didn’t seem weaker than his.

“If Empress Nine Yin’s deterrence isn’t enough, how about adding the descendant of Empress Xiao Yao into it? If that isn’t enough, how about adding the deterrent of the Golden Clan?”

Wu Ningzhu’s fiery red eyes were staring at Yuan Xiaolei. Her voice sounded like the voice of a God. Each word she spoke bore supreme qi. Empress Xiao Yao Qin was once an unparalleled Great Sovereign that was even more famous than Empress Nine Yin. She was one of the symbols of her generation. 

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