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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1852

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Jiang Chen didn’t ask further about the Sovereign realm. Like Yan Chenyu said, one would naturally gain an understanding about it once one reached that cultivation base. So it was pointless for him to know anything further.

In addition, now didn’t seem like the right time for a chat. A Great Sovereign had just emerged; the whole situation had become tense. There was bound to be an end today.

The power and influence of a Great Sovereign was undoubtedly very great, but with Yan Chenyu being here, a First Grade Great Sovereign wouldn’t be able to set off any storm. Jiang Chen was well aware of Yan Chenyu’s means. After integrating with the body of Empress Nine Yin and obtaining the Nine Yin Profound Heart, she was powerful enough to kill a half-step Sovereign and fight a First Grade Great Sovereign. Even though her injuries wasn’t fully healed yet, the formidable Immortal Burying Coffin made it an easy task to deal with a First Grade Great Sovereign.

“Elder Yuan, I didn’t know that this has alarmed you as well.”

Li Wangye immediately went towards the elder and bowed deeply. Although he had a high position in the Immortal Court, it was far from the position of a Great Sovereign. He wouldn’t dare act rashly in front of a Great Sovereign.

“En, I just happened to pass by.”

The elder nodded in response to Li Wangye’s bow. He didn’t reproach Li Wangye for losing to a girl. Sometimes, things like victory and defeat was beyond one’s control. Strength was mostly the main factor. No one wanted to lose. Besides, Li Wangye was a famous figure.

“He’s Yuan Xiaolei. I have seen this man before when I was following Old Ancestor Yang Junglong. That time, he wasn’t a Great Sovereign yet. I reckon that he has just made the breakthrough not long ago.”

The Old Emperor of Great Qian Empire spoke. He recognized the elder at first glance. Even though Yuan Xiaolei had advanced to the Sovereign realm just recently, the fact remains that he’s still a true Sovereign. Once one stepped into the Sovereign realm, he already reached a supreme state that could never be underestimated.

“Elder Yuan, I have brought disgrace upon the Immortal Court…”

Li Wangye’s head drooped. He was feeling incredibly depressed. He, a man with great reputation, had been defeated by a junior. This was, without a doubt, a huge disgrace in his life.

“Success and failure go hand in hand. Let me see how unusual this girl is.”

Yuan Xiaolei waved, gesturing Li Wangye to step down. He took two steps forward, standing not far away from Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu, constantly studying Yan Chenyu with narrowed eyes. The more he scrutinized Yan Chenyu, the more serious his face became.

“What a peculiar girl! She’s clearly only a late Immortal Venerable, but her body contained a trace of Great Sovereign’s foundation. The origin of Great Sovereign in her body is even stronger than mine. No wonder Li Wangye isn’t a match for her. It seems she really isn’t as simple as she look.”

Yuan Xiaolei maintained his composed look, but in his heart, he was clearly astounded. Although Yan Chenyu seemed incredibly divine, she was only a late Immortal Venerable. There was nothing that could offset that kind of gap in cultivation base. So he wasn’t really worried. Plus, he possessed the strength of a First Grade Great Sovereign, thus he wouldn’t put any experts below the Sovereign realm in his eyes.

“The Immortal Court is really shameless. Even a Great Sovereign has come. It seems the Immortal Court is short of talents,” said Jiang Chen sarcastically.

“Not only are they shameless, but also lack dignity. I suppose it’s our honor that a Great Sovereign from the Immortal Court is coming here personally to settle the score,” Dragon Shisan added. 

The sarcastic remarks from the duo made Yuan Xiaolei somewhat awkward.

Although their remarks were unpleasant to hear, they were the truth. Given the status of Yuan Xiaolei, it was undoubtedly shameful that he had to deal with them personally. 

The spectators were all shaking their heads and sighed. After all, in their opinion, a Great Sovereign was a supreme and god-like existence that would never care about the affairs of the Immortal Domain. It was definitely Yuan Xiaolei’s first time dealing with a few juniors personally.

Yuan Xiaolei’s face darkened incomparably. This time, he had only appeared because he happened to see Li Wangye being defeated by Yan Chenyu.

As Qi Jin had been killed and Li Wangye’s life was at the mercy of the girl, he felt compelled to show up, otherwise the Immortal Court might be disgraced even further. And since he was here, he had to do something even though it would put his reputation in jeopardy.

“You are that Jiang Chen who has risen to fame in Golden Horizon, aren’t you? A very talented young man, you are, however you have chosen the path of death the moment you decided to oppose the Immortal Court. You could have had a good future. Unfortunately, you destroyed it yourself. And also, there’s you, Dragon Shisan. Now that I’m here, I’m not going to return empty-handed. As long as you two follow me back obediently to receive the punishment of the Immortal Court, you may still have a chance to live,” said Yuan Xiaolei. 

What he was doing now was defending the dignity of the Immortal Court. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were no doubt the monstrous kind of the young generation, but no matter how monstrous they were, they hadn’t reached the extent where they could threaten the Immortal Court. The massacre they carried out on the geniuses of the Immortal Court was unprecedented and had severely violated the majesty of the Immortal Court. Since the establishment of the Immortal Court, no one had ever dared to ignore their dignity because such an act was similar to courting death. In any case, the Immortal Court had to capture these two and punish them. Only then could the Immortal Court continue to maintain order in the Immortal Domain.

“Haha! Old man, are you talking nonsense here? Don’t think of me as a fool. The grudges between me and the Immortal Court can never be resolved. So, you guys will never let me go. If I go with you, I’m surely not going to live. Don’t you think that it’s a little shameless for a dignified Great Sovereign like you to disturb the wedding of others? If I were you, I would have departed long ago so that people won’t starting gossiping about me.”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. Even though the old man was a Great Sovereign, as long as he was an enemy, and as long as he wanted his life, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be polite to him. 


As soon as Jiang Chen finished speaking, a powerful fury instantly surged out from Yuan Xiaolei’s body. As a mighty Great Sovereign, he was respected by people wherever he went. No one had ever been so disrespectful to him.  

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