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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1847

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Jiang Chen and his brothers didn’t show any reaction because the outcome was already within their expectation. Qi Jin couldn’t have been an opponent of Dragon Shisan.

Blood seemed to be seeping out of Qi Jin’s eyes as he stared at Dragon Shisan.

“No, this is impossible.”

Qi Jin couldn’t accept the reality. He had never lost in his life. He was the most outstanding even amongst the young generation in the Immortal Court. Not only was he greatly respected by people, but also recognized by the higher-ups. His life was full of glory and brilliance, but today, everything had changed.

Dragon Shisan’s existence had made him understand the taste of defeat. To someone who had been used to being regarded as high and mighty, such an experience was too unpleasant to bear.


With a twist of his body, Dragon Shisan appeared in front of Qi Jin, holding an iron staff in his hand, pointing it at the skull of Qi Jin. Cold killing intent emitted from the staff.

“You want to kill me?”

Qi Jin could feel the murderous intent from Dragon Shisan, which slightly shocked him. In his opinion, even if he lost the battle, Dragon Shisan wouldn’t dare to kill him, because killing him was equivalent to destroying the last chance of reconciliation with the Immortal Court.

“You are asking nonsense. I have already killed your people more than once. You think you are much nobler compared to those who died in my hands?” Dragon Shisan laughed sneeringly. There was a kind of confidence in the world that was akin to brain damage.

“Dragon Shisan, you think you can kill me? Even if I’m not your opponent, you can’t stop me from leaving.” Qi Jin spoke coolly, still sounding confident.

“I have no idea where you have gotten that confidence from. I will give you a chance to run now. I would like to see if you can really escape from me.”

Despite the flat tone used by Dragon Shisan, everyone could distinctly sense his will to kill Qi Jin.

Dragon Shisan’s intent to kill was considered normal. After all, Qi Jin had come today to kill him. In that case, he didn’t need to be polite. He didn’t need a second reason to kill someone who wanted to kill him. As he said, this wasn’t his first time killing a genius of Immortal Court. The grudge between him and the Immortal Court had long been created and was already irreconcilable. This was evident from Qi Jin’s determination to kill him.

Everyone knew that if Qi Jin was defeated today, there would be someone stronger that would come to deal with Dragon Shisan in the future. As such, whether Dragon Shisan killed Qi Jin or not, it wouldn’t change what would happen next.

If that was the case, what’s the use of leaving Qi Jin alive? That was no different than leaving a threat behind.


Qi Jin let out a cold harrumph and disappeared into the interior of the void in a flash.

Unfortunately, as soon as he fled, Dragon Shisan acted. His tremendous qi had shaken Qi Jin out of the void.

“How can you be so fast?”

Qi Jin’s facial expression darkened even more. He suddenly felt that fleeing had become an extravagant hope.

“Qi Jin, if you are at your peak, I may not be able to stop you from leaving, but with your current condition, I won’t allow you to escape, or else I’ll lose all my face in front of my friends and brothers.”

The iron staff in Dragon Shisan’s hand shone brightly. He would never give Qi Jin any chance to escape.

The resoluteness of Dragon Shisan drew fear out of Qi Jin. He could feel a hint of death from the iron staff, something he had never felt before. He had never thought that death would be so close to him.

Therefore, he began to feel afraid. No one wanted to die, especially when one was already close to death. That kind of feeling became extremely scary and unsettling.

“Dragon Shisan, you dare to kill me?! The Immortal Court will never let you live,” said Qi Jin through gritted teeth.

“The Immortal Court will not let me live either even if I don’t kill you.” Dragon Shisan shook his head.

“Dragon Shisan, as long as you don’t kill me today, I, Qi Jin, will never put you to trouble again in the future.”

Qi Jin begged pleadingly. He didn’t want to die. He was very proud of what he had today. The glory and achievements he had were beyond ordinary. He still had a very bright future. Death was too terrifying and unfamiliar to him.

“You should have already thought that this will be your end the moment you stepped into Exquisite Paradise. After killing you, I’ll continue with my wedding ceremony.”

Without a second word, he lifted the iron staff and thrust it at Qi Jin. This strike had locked all the qi of Qi Jin, giving him no room to dodge. Even if Qi Jin expended all of his might, he still wouldn’t be able to resist this attack.

“Hold it right there!”

At this moment, a yell rang out from a far distance. It consisted of supreme energy and pressure. Even in such a distance, the sound still made people’s ears buzz. It was imaginable how powerful this incomer was.

A silhouette appeared in the sky above Exquisite Paradise. He seemed to be in his forties, wore a black robe, and with a majestic face. His incomparably strong qi indicated that he was a mighty half-step Sovereign.

Qi Jin, who was about to be killed, saw hope once more. He knew this middle-aged man was here to save him. Dragon Shisan definitely wouldn’t dare to kill him in front of this black-robed man.

Unfortunately, Dragon Shisan didn’t stop his attack. He didn’t even pay any attention to the incomer. The iron staff went straight into Qi Jin’s skull.


A wail was issued from Qi Jin’s mouth. His head was smashed to pieces by the strike. Blood sprinkling from above. He died instantly.


The scene set off a wave of commotion. No one had thought that Dragon Shisan would be this brutal. He had ignored the half-step Sovereign and killed Qi Jin.


A wave of fury rushed out from the half-step Sovereign’s body all of a sudden. His face was burning with anger.

“Dragon Shisan, how dare you kill a genius of Immortal Court in front of me?! It seems you really have a death wish!”

The middle-aged man clamoured. He wasn’t a stranger, but Li Wangye, the half-step Sovereign expert from the Immortal Court. The one who had lost the upper hand fighting Xiao Wangqing on Genius Prefecture back then. Today, he had come here with his own purpose, and happened to see that Dragon Shisan was about to kill Qi Jin. He naturally had to stop Dragon Shisan, but to his astonishment, Dragon Shisan didn’t even glance at him and killed Qi Jin straightaway. This made him, a half-step Sovereign, lose all his face in front of so many people. 

Qi Jin’s death was definitely a huge loss to the Immortal Court. 

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