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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1843

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Dragon Shisan’s light had drowned his comrades, enshrouding the entire Genius Prefecture. Even the Emperor and the Old Emperor couldn’t withstand it. Dragon Shisan’s current strength was already sufficient to fight peerless Venerables. Any ordinary late Immortal Venerables would instantly be killed by him.

In other words, Dragon Shisan had reached an extent where he could hardly find a worthy opponent in Eastern Profound Domain. The benefit brought by the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was just too great.

Countless people in Genius Prefecture were thrilled to see that. They were all grateful to him for confronting the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape the day before to buy time for Great Qian Empire. Otherwise, Great Qian Empire would have been annihilated by the Devil Ape by the time Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu arrived. It wouldn’t be of any help even if Yan Chenyu killed the devil after that because the damage done to the empire was irreparable.

No one would forget Dragon Shisan’s contribution to the empire and the scene of him facing the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape despite his injuries. Seeing that he had fully recovered and made great progress in his cultivation delighted every one of them.

Furthermore, the stronger Dragon Shisan, the more beneficial it was to Great Qian Empire. Although Dragon Shisan wasn’t a disciple of the empire, his connection with Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan made him a close ally of the empire.

Soon all of their qi diminished, and they gathered together once more. When they saw the improvement in each other, they couldn’t help but smile.

“Monkey, your improvement is ridiculous. Besides, you have already become a famous figure in the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain.” Han Yan said in a mocking tone.

“That’s of course. Master Monkey’s name will always be famous. I heard the one named Qi Jin wanted to challenge me. If he really dares to come, Master Monkey will beat him up so badly that he’ll turn into a pile of dung.”

Dragon Shisan was extremely arrogant, but he had the right to be. Given his late Immortal Venerable cultivation base, not even late Immortal Venerable geniuses from the Immortal Court was a match for him.

Jiang Chen smiled. Dragon Shisan’s fame was about to surpass his, which was a good thing. As soon as the matters here were settled, he could go to the Immortal Court in Fengchi Immortal Domain to help Nangong Wentian.

“By the way, I have forgotten to tell you all something. I have news of Ah Nan.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Han Yan and Tyrant. The rest of them might not know who Nangong Wentian was, but those who came from Saint Origin World knew Nangong Wentian pretty well. He was one of their life-and-death brothers that they had really missed.

“Really? Could it be that Ah Nan is in Fengchi Immortal Domain?”

Han Yan hastened to ask. The news of Nangong Wentian seemed to perk him and Tyrant up.

“That’s right. That bastard has an extraordinary status now. He’s the reincarnation of Heaven Sovereign, the Lord of an Immortal Court.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and spoke. He could hardly believe this if he hadn’t confirmed it personally.

“What? The Lord of Immortal Court? It can’t be. How can that bastard be so good?”

Han Yan was almost shocked by the news. Tyrant also showed incomparable astonishment. They wouldn’t believe it if this didn’t come from the mouth of Jiang Chen, but at the same time, they felt quite delighted that their brother had earned such a big identity.

“Amazing. Little Chen. Since Ah Nan is the reincarnation of Heaven Sovereign and the Lord of Immortal Court, why should we be afraid of the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain?” said Tyrant.

“Ah Nan is no doubt the reincarnation of Heaven Sovereign, but he isn’t doing very well now. Someone else is controlling the Immortal Court. Someone who doesn’t want him to return alive. So a month later, I will go to Fengchi Immortal Domain once again, and figure out ways to enter the Immortal Court and help him,” said Jiang Chen. 

Immediately, he told them how he had encountered Han Feng in Monarch Mountain and all the things he knew about Nangong Wentian.

Upon hearing this, Han Yan and Tyrant frowned, seeming to be slightly worried. They weren’t fools, they could naturally imagine the predicament Nangong Wentian was in right now. The Immortal Court was the highest existence in every Immortal Domain. Because of this, the place became hard to survive. The Immortal Court had changed its master after Heaven Sovereign passed away. Even if Heaven Sovereign returned, someone didn’t welcome his return there. Nangong Wentian wouldn’t be able to reverse the situation despite his strong cultivation base. Which was why he had sought Jiang Chen for help.

“It seems Ah Nan’s situation isn’t good. But when you successfully enter the Immortal Court, you will certainly be a great help to him.”

Han Yan said. Jiang Chen was the only one in the world that impressed him the most. All along, there was nothing that Jiang Chen couldn’t do. This was also why Nangong Wentian had asked Han Feng to look for Jiang Chen.

The Immortal Court was just too big. It absolutely wasn’t easy to dominate this world compared to Saint Origin World. Although their strength had improved tremendously, that also meant their enemies would be even stronger. Furthermore, they still had a very long path to walk.

Just as this moment, an old woman with a crutch suddenly descended from the sky and landed in Jiang Chen’s courtyard. She looked around at Dragon Shisan and Lan Lingji and heaved a sigh of relief.

“What are you and Young Master Dragon doing, saintess? Today is your wedding day. Venerable has asked me to bring you all there. Many guests already have arrived.” The old woman spoke urgently.

“Ai! I have totally forgotten about this. Go now!”

Jiang Chen patted his forehead. The delight of seeing everyone’s advancement made him forget that today was an incomparably important day. Exquisite Paradise had prepared everything, waiting for this pair of new couple whilst the two were still having fun here. Venerable Ling Long didn’t know what to do if these two didn’t show up.

Without delay, all of them flew towards the direction of Exquisite Paradise with the old woman in the lead. Fortunately, all of them had strong cultivation base and incredible speed. Despite the distance between Great Qian Empire and Exquisite Paradise, they arrived at their destination in just a matter of a few breaths.

In Exquisite Paradise!

They could already feel the festive atmosphere from thousands of miles away. The top of all buildings was decorated with vibrant coloured streamers. Many disciples and elders were occupied with their tasks and seemed to be joyous as today was the big wedding day of their saintess. 

The guests included the people from Celestial Flower Valley and the higher-ups of Great Qian Empire who seemed to have arrived here earlier than Jiang Chen and his friends. 

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