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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1837

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Despite having circulated his divination technique to the maximum, he still couldn’t find any problem in his divination. The Old Emperor, who was next to him, seemed extremely anxious. All of his comrades were looking at him with eagerness.

“What’s going on?” The Old Emperor couldn’t help but ask.

“This isn’t right. Our empire’s luck hasn’t ran out yet. There will be a miracle. I have spent my whole life studying divination. Although I’m unable to predict the future, I haven’t made a mistake in this type of divination.”

Even at this point, the elder reaffirmed his belief. Just like he said, he had spent all his life in divination and his cultivation base has already reached the terrifying late Immortal Venerable realm; no one would believe it if he couldn’t even divine something.

It was just that they didn’t know when would the miracle happen?

At first, everyone thought that Dragon Shisan was the miracle, and then Tyrant. But both of them had been heavily injured by the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape and were now close to death. If they were going to die, then where was the miracle?

Or is there some problem with the divination?


The Devil Ape had gone wild in the sky. Fortunately, a layer of defence had been deployed earlier by the Immortal Venerables of Great Qian Empire, otherwise, only God knows how many would die during these rumbling waves.

Even so, the faces of some disciples with low cultivation bases darkened. Their soul must have suffered a certain degree of injury.

“I’m going to eat you all!”

The Devil Ape’s eyes went red as his enormous mouth opened all of a sudden to engulf boundless qi waves. This was the innate ability of a Heaven Devouring Devil Ape. A truly powerful Heaven Devouring Devil Ape could even devour the heavens and the earth. The ape was already completely mad. Then, he rushed at Dragon Shisan and Tyrant while keeping his mouth open. Tyrant was the first to be affected by the massive suction force.

Tyrant couldn’t control his body and was flying involuntarily towards the maw. Upon seeing this, Dragon Shisan soared hastily and stood in front of Tyrant.

The sight of Dragon Shisan stirred the Devil Ape once more, however he sensibly closed his mouth. He could eat anything in this world, except one, the Battle Saint Ape.

His bloodline could digest all things but not the Battle Saint Ape. If he were to swallow Dragon Shisan, he would eventually be engulfed by the bloodline of the Battle Saint Ape and become the nourishment of Dragon Shisan instead.

“Haha! Eat me if you can, Devil Ape.”

Dragon Shisan laughed aloud. He knew that the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape wouldn’t dare eat him. He even looked forward to the Devil Ape eating him, because if that really happened, the Devil Ape would be devoured by him ultimately.

The Devil Ape wasn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t try to swallow Dragon Shisan. 

If Dragon Shisan was really swallowed by the Devil Ape, his cultivation base would improve by leaps and bounds, possibly advancing to the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm from half-step Immortal Venerable realm.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be an easy thing to swallow the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape. After all, the difference in their strength was just too great. Unless the Devil Ape was crazy enough to swallow him, or else it would just be wishful thinking.

Therefore, a miracle had to appear, otherwise, Dragon Shisan’s life would surely be in danger.

“I won’t eat you, but I will kill you!” The Devil Ape bellowed, then launched his sharp claws at Dragon Shisan.


Dragon Shisan still couldn’t avoid it despite his quick reaction. The claws had firmly clawed on his shoulder. Not even his solid physique could withstand such an impact. An arm of his was instantly crushed by the claws. Blood gushed out. Tyrant, who was behind Dragon Shisan, was sent flying away once more. Almost losing his consciousness, he stood in the sky shakily and precariously.

“Brother Shisan!”


Lan Lingji and Han Yan called out their names in alarm. The scene suddenly became incredibly tensed. The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was too powerful. Both Dragon Shisan and Tyrant had been seriously injured. With their current condition, they were in no position to receive any strike from the Devil Ape. The next thing that would happen would be the Devil Ape killing Dragon Shisan and eating Tyrant.

“Miracle, miracle, miracle……”

The elder kept calculating with his fingers. He firmly believe that such low-level mistakes would certainly not appear in his divination. This was something that involved the fate of Great Qian Empire and the lives of Dragon Shisan and Tyrant. 

“Goddamn Battle Saint Ape, go to hell now!”

The Devil Ape really hated Dragon Shisan to the very core. The suppression of the bloodline made him suffer horrendously. After killing Dragon Shisan, no one else in this world would be able to suppress him anymore.


The Devil Ape struck out his giant palm once more. A palm large enough to cover a portion of the sky was hurtled at Dragon Shisan.


At this critical moment, an ice arrow pierced through the sky. Every place it passed was frozen. The sound emitting from the arrow was piercing. The light shone from it was dazzling.

*Hong Long……*

The ice arrow hit the huge palm of the Devil Ape accurately, creating a hole in it. Blood was spewing out madly. The Devil Ape let out a howl and retreated a couple of dozen meters.

“Who is it?!” The Devil Ape glared at the sky.

“The miracle has come.”

The elder who had been calculating non-stop revealed a look of delight and almost dropped tears. The miracle had arrived at last. He didn’t know who had come to rescue them, but he knew that the rescuer must have a connection with Great Qian Empire.

Numerous people perked up all of a sudden from their despaired looks.

Dragon Shisan and Tyrant exchanged a glance and saw astonishment in each other’s eyes. They could sense that the mysterious person practiced cold attribute cultivation technique, however they didn’t seem to know such an expert in their circle of friends.

Everyone looked at the sky and saw two figures. They was a male and a female, both wore clothes as white as snow, looking like an angel couple. The male was exceptionally good-looking and overbearing. The female was cold and dignified as though she was the most beautiful angel that would put all the girls in the world to shame.

They were a wonderful match.

“Little Chen, Xiao Yu!”

Han Yan and Tyrant called out to them with surprise. At the most critical moment, Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu had finally arrived. 

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