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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1836

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The people of Great Qian Empire saw a glimmer of hope once more. None of them thought that this young monk would be so powerful. They knew that this was because of the divine powers of the stone monument, however. Without the monument, it was impossible for the monk to suppress a half-step Sovereign devil.

As a matter of fact, Tyrant rarely used the monument because he still couldn’t display its full power. Right now, he was only relying on the suppressive effect it had on the Devil Ape. Looking at it from another angle, it was just like the bloodline of Saint Ape.

The suppression from Dragon Shisan’s bloodline had reduced the combat strength of the Devil Ape to 10 percent. The appearance of the monument had suppressed another portion of it. Under these suppressions, Tyrant and Dragon Shisan might have a chance of stopping the Devil Ape.

*Hong Long……*

Dragon Shisan cast the Battle Saint Technique to the maximum. There were terrifying golden qi waves everywhere. The space that the monument created had enveloped the Devil Ape entirely. Tyrant was standing at a far distance, constantly muttering incantations. The monument was flying in a circle. Inside the circle, a fierce fight had broken out between Dragon Shisan and the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Incessant roars of anger were issued from the Devil Ape. This battle had too many restraints. The monument had suppressed half of his combat strength and the bloodline of the Saint Ape had stifled 90% of it, which left him with only twentieth of his strength. He was supposed to be slaughtering in the field as soon as he broke out of his confinement. He had never thought that he would be in such predicament. 

Despite the fact that the Devil Ape could only exert a twentieth of his strength, Dragon Shisan was still no match for the Devil Ape, however it was also not an easy task for the Devil Ape to kill Dragon Shisan. After all, Dragon Shisan couldn’t be wounded so easily as he had mastered the Life Symbol Art.

Although the Devil Ape still had the upper hand, the battle made him feel extremely uncomfortable. It was the same feeling as an adult being forced to fight with the strength of an infant. Being constantly suppressed had also stifled the power in his soul. If it was another person who was in his shoes right now, that person would certainly feel as frustrated as he was.

“Great! We are finally able to keep this violent ape occupied.”

“I never thought that this young monk would have the means to restrain the power of the Devil Ape. I wonder what divine item that monument is.”

“Don’t celebrate too early. The Devil Ape can’t be dealt so easily. They only managed to keep him entangled in the fight.”


Despite their optimism, none of them seemed relaxed, because the joint effort of Tyrant and Dragon Shisan only managed to keep the Devil Ape busy. The Devil Ape was after all, a half-step Sovereign with heaven-defying means. He’s a disaster to Great Qian Empire unless he was gotten rid of.

“Old Emperor, what do you think we should do now?” Yang Yu asked.

“Dragon Shisan and the young monk are buying us time. We have no time to waste. Immediately get the disciples of Genius Prefecture out of here,” said the Old Emperor.

“No. As the Emperor of Great Qian Empire, I absolutely can’t leave when this crisis is happening in the empire. I think Old Emperor should leave instead.” Yang Yu shook his head.

“Emperor, Old Emperor, we have sworn to live and die with the empire. The majesty of the empire will cease to exist if we leave now.”

“That’s right. We won’t go. We can’t afford to lose the dignity of the empire.”

“Emperor, this old man has just made some divination that our empire isn’t out of luck yet. I’m afraid there will be another unexpected event today.”


None of the elders were willing to leave. An elder in daoist robe suddenly spoke grimly. He had the same cultivation base as the Old Emperor, a late Immortal Venerable expert. He had spent his whole life studying divination. His ability to divine was even better than Tianji Zi.

Of course, his divination technique was still inferior to Jiang Chen’s Great Divination Art. Nevertheless, he was still able to divine something out. Indistinctly, he divined that some miracle would appear.


A hint of surprise flashed past the Old Emperor’s eyes. He strongly believed in this elder’s divination. Besides, the timely emergence of Dragon Shisan and Tyrant was the hint of a turnaround. Without their interference, Genius Prefecture would have been levelled by now.

It was absolutely great news knowing that Great Qian Empire’s wasn’t out of luck yet.

The battle between Dragon Shisan and the Devil Ape was getting fiercer. The Devil Ape was gradually getting into its frenzied mode. Every move he made was a deadly strike. Even Dragon Shisan, who had mastered the Life Symbol Art, had suffered some injuries.

The scene made everyone feel extremely tensed.


The Devil Ape let out roars unceasingly. The black devil qi on his body that had been suppressed was suddenly showing signs of rising.

“You two ignorant brats have completely infuriated me. I’ll make you pay a very hefty price!”

The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape bellowed. The hair on his body erected like steel needles. His eyes turned blood-red. His body grew to around 60 meters in height. The brutal qi emanated from him couldn’t be suppressed by the monument anymore.

“Not good. This bastard is going ballistic.” Dragon Shisan knew that they were at their wits’ end. The gap between them and a half-step Sovereign was just too great.

*Hong Long……*

Violent energy rushed out from the Devil Ape’s body, like torrents. Under the impact of such energy, Dragon Shisan and Tyrant were blown away like a leaf in the ocean.


They both suffered unprecedented injuries and almost lost their ability to fight.

Owing to Tyrant having been injured, the monument stopped circulating and returned into his body.

This meant that the joint effort of the two had failed. The Devil Ape had gone ballistic. Nothing could stop him now.


The Devil Ape roared incessantly. The devil waves once again spread out from his body. After being restrained for so long, it seemed as though he was going to explode.

“It’s over. They failed to hold him.”

The sight of this scene plunged everyone back to despair. The elder who was good at divination also knitted his brows, his fingers calculating, trying to find out what had gone wrong.  

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