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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1829

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Jiang Zhenhai was crystal clear about the reason Jiang Chen let him stay here. It was for the sake of his own safety. With his present strength, he would only be a liability if he followed his son He didn’t wish to see Jiang Chen split his attention just to take care of him.

After bidding goodbye to Jiang Zhenhai, Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu headed back for Ethereal Immortal Domain. Their speed was extremely fast, a lot faster compared to the time when Jiang Chen travelled to Fengchi Immortal Domain for the first time.

Soon, the both of them flew out of the zone of Fengchi Immortal Domain. They were traveling in the interior of the void where the turbulent current couldn’t hinder them in the slightest.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, something exploded ahead of them before a giant hand materialized. Confining more than a thousand miles of the sky, it hurtled towards Jiang Chen as though Jiang Chen was its main target.

This was a simple strike, however it bore unparalleled killing intent. It was imaginable that the attacker wanted to kill Jiang Chen with this single strike.

Jiang Chen’s facial expression remained unchanged. He didn’t care to guess why the person wanted to kill him as there had been too many in the Immortal World who wanted him dead.


Yan Chenyu harrumphed coldly and waved out a stream of icy light, instantly shattering the enormous palm. As the saying went, a starved camel was still bigger than a horse. Although Yan Chenyu had suffered heavy injuries, she could still fight ordinary half-step Sovereigns. If she used the Immortal Burying Coffin, she could kill any half-step Sovereign with ease. Furthermore, the attacker’s cultivation base was below half-step Sovereign realm despite its thick murderous intent.

Furthermore, Yan Chenyu’s condition was recovering at a speed even faster than Nanbei Chao because of the Nine Yin Profound Heart and Ice God’s Heart.

“Who is it? Show yourself.” Jiang Chen shouted at the void.

“Jiang Chen, I have found you at last. I would like to see how you can run this time.”

A rough voice sounded. Then, a sturdy middle-aged man walked into their line of sight. There were waves swirling around his body and the qi emitted from him was formidable.

Jiang Chen looked at the man, with a face full of cold killing intent. The man wasn’t a stranger to him. It was Venerable Xuanfeng, Wang Xuanfeng, a peerless Venerable that had one of his legs stepped into the half-step Sovereign realm. He was supposed to be on par with Xiao Wangqing some time ago until Xiao Wangqing advanced to half-step Sovereign realm. 

“Wang Xuanfeng,” Jiang Chen called out his name flatly.

“That’s right. It’s me, Jiang Chen. I have been looking for you.”

Wang Xuanfeng spoke coldly, not attempting to hide his intent to kill. He had been dejected that he wasn’t able to kill Jiang Chen that day because of Xiao Wangqing’s interference.

“You people of Immortal Court are truly brazen. Are you not afraid of Senior Xiao retaliating against you?” said Jiang Chen in a plain tone.

“Retaliate? Hehe! No one will know how you died and the one who killed you. Moreover, you have too high opinion of Xiao Wangqing. In front of the Immortal Court, Xiao Wangqing, despite being a half-step Sovereign, is merely an ant, and you must die for offending and violating the dignity of the Immortal Court. You should feel lucky that you would die under my hands.”

Wang Xuanfeng spoke fiercely. That day, Li Wangye and Xiao Wangqing had reached an agreement, making impossible for all the higher ups of the Immortal Court to attack Jiang Chen. The unfortunate thing was that Jiang Chen was still alive after that and had been growing stronger, causing the Immortal Court to lose more of their geniuses. In order to stop Jiang Chen’s growth, Li Wangye had decided to kill Jiang Chen secretly. Which was why he had sent Wang Xuanfeng to track down Jiang Chen. As soon as Wang Xuanfeng found Jiang Chen, he would eliminate the threat.

However, it was already too late for Li Wangye to find Jiang Chen and the timing wasn’t right either. His action to kill Jiang Chen now was no different than seeking death. If he knew that Empress Nine Yin was standing by Jiang Chen’s side, it was afraid that he wouldn’t even dare to cast a second glance before leaving.

“Wang Xuanfeng. Ignorance is a very scary thing. Our brain is really useful but you seem to have forgotten to bring that out.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Since Wang Xuanfeng had confronted him today, he absolutely wouldn’t be lenient to him. He would never leave a second chance to his enemy, especially those who wanted him dead.

“It’s not a good thing to be too arrogant, young man. Although you have improved a lot during this period of time, you are still as weak as an insect in front of me.”

Wang Xuanfeng spoke loftily. What he said was right. Although Jiang Chen had advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm and had the strength to fight late Immortal Venerables, there was still a gap between him and peerless Venerables like Wang Xuanfeng. In a real battle, Jiang Chen surely wasn’t a match for Wang Xuanfeng, but there was no need for him to fight this peerless Venerable now; he didn’t even need to flee.

“Really? In my opinion, you are the insect.”

Yan Chenyu spoke. She wouldn’t allow anyone to insult Jiang Chen. These few sentences alone were already enough for her to sentence Wang Xuanfeng to death.

“Who are you?”

Only now did Wang Xuanfeng notice the girl beside Jiang Chen because the qi exuded from Yan Chenyu made his spirit tremble. His countenance changed instantly. Only now did he remember that his palm was destroyed by a ray of ice light which seemed to have come from this girl.

“Someone you can’t afford to offend.”

Yan Chenyu spoke curtly, then pointed her finger at Wang Xuanfeng. An ice arrow shot out from it so fast that Wang Xuanfeng almost had no time to react.

“Not good.”

Wang Xuanfeng was alarmed, realizing that he had encountered a true expert today. Without further ado, he resisted the attack with all his might.

*Hong Long……*

Wang Xuanfeng’s defence was instantly pierced through by the ice arrow, sending him a few dozen meters away, causing him to spurt out blood.

“Impossible. How is this possible? Who is she? Why do I sense the qi of a Great Sovereign and an indescribable pressure from her?”

Wang Xuanfeng was dumbfounded. It was totally out of his expectation. He had investigated the background of Jiang Chen. There was no expert that could back Jiang Chen beside Xiao Wangqing. Today, a mysterious girl had appeared beside him all of a sudden and was even stronger than Xiao Wangqing.

Without hesitation, Wang Xuanfeng wheeled around and fled immediately. He knew very well that he wouldn’t have the chance to kill Jiang Chen in the presence of this girl. He might lose his life if he stayed any longer and continued to fight. 

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