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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1828

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Jiang Chen had come to the Ethereal Immortal Domain to find Jiang Zhenhai, but didn’t expect that it would take such a long time. He had never thought that so many things would happen here. Currently, the situation in the Ethereal Immortal Domain was his deepest concern.

However, his trip to Fengchi Immortal Domain was fruitful. Not only had he saved his father, but he also found Yan Chenyu and obtained news about Nangong Wentian. More importantly, his cultivation base had made two advancements and the pagoda had reached the fiftieth level. Their benefits and luck were beyond his imagination.

Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were heading towards the direction of Fengluo Sect. Jiang Chen told the origin of his friendship with Fengluo Sect to Yan Chenyu. In his opinion, Fengluo Sect was similar to Great Qian Empire in the Ethereal Immortal Domain. They were a group of truthful people. As Fengluo Sect was greatly indebted to him and he had even saved the lives of Fenghua Zi and others while they were in Monarch Mountain, Fengluo Sect had become as good as his second home.

Fenghua Zi and the rest of the experts had already returned to Fengluo Sect after the Monarch Mountain collapsed. The incidents in Monarch Mountain had set off a wave across the entire Fengchi Immortal Domain. Many people were discussing about the factors that caused the mountain to crumble. They were also wondering about the source of the destructive force, however none of them knew exactly what happened inside.

Seeing Jiang Chen returning from the Monarch Mountain, Fenghua Zi immediately welcomed him. He knew that Jiang Chen would come back as Jiang Chen’s dad was here. In order to express their gratitude to their saviour, Fenghua Zi and his subordinates came personally to greet Jiang Chen before taking any rest.

“Brother Jiang, are you alright?”

Fenghua Zi asked with concern. Feeling the incredible qi emitted from Jiang Chen, he discovered that Jiang Chen had advanced from early Immortal Emperor realm to late Immortal Emperor realm. Such terrifying speed of growth was really too shocking. This only showed that Jiang Chen had gotten huge benefits from the Monarch Mountain.

“I’m alright.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Brother Jiang, this is?”

Fenghua Zi looked over at Yan Chenyu. Not only had he felt extreme beauty from this girl, but also the high and mighty, inviolable and cold aura she emitted. Even he, the Sect Master, couldn’t help showing his respect to her, and that startled him. He had very keen senses. Intuition told him that this girl was far from ordinary. It also seemed that this girl’s cultivation base was above his.

“She’s my wife, Yan Chenyu.” Jiang Chen chuckled with delight, seeming to be pleased with this sort of introduction.

“Haha! Hello, Miss Yan.”

Fenghua Zi let out a hearty laughter and secretly raised his thumbs up for Jiang Chen. A man’s life wouldn’t be in vain if he was accompanied by such a woman.

Yan Chenyu nodded and remained silent.

“Sect Master, I’m going to see my father now, then I’ll depart, however my father will stay here temporarily. I hope Sect Master can take care of him,” said Jiang Chen. 

He had decided to let Jiang Zhenhai stay in Fengluo Sect for the time being. Now that Ethereal Immortal Domain was in chaos, all of his enemies would surely come looking for him the moment he returned. So, compared to Ethereal Immortal Domain, Fengluo Sect was the safest place. No matter how serious the chaos in Ethereal Immortal Domain was, it couldn’t possibly spread to Fengchi Immortal Domain.

This was also the reason Jiang Chen made an agreement with Han Feng that he would come back to Fengchi Immortal Domain a month later and participate in the selection contest held by the Immortal Court. At that time, he might need to disguise himself as a disciple of Fengluo Sect.

“Don’t worry, brother Jiang. Just go and settle your own matters first. Your father will always be the guest of honour in my place.”

Fenghua Zi spoke reassuringly and felt grateful that Jiang Zhenhai would be staying in his place. Even an idiot could see how much potential Jiang Chen have. It would be a great thing if they could establish a good connection with Jiang Chen. They had been presented by a good chance when Jiang Chen asked them to take care of his father. 

The fact that Jiang Chen was willing to let his father stay here indicated that he didn’t view Fenghua Zi as an outsider and trusted Fengluo Sect. In that case, Fenghua Zi naturally wouldn’t disappoint Jiang Chen.

“Many thanks then.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Fenghua Zi, and then led Yan Chenyu to where Jiang Zhenhai lived.

It was the cultivation place of the former Great Elder, Shen Ao. It was absolutely a first-class environment. Jiang Zhenhai wasn’t idle. During this period of time, he had been practicing hard. The previous events he had encountered made him aware of the magnitude of the world, of the importance of strength. He didn’t want to become a burden to his son. As such, he had placed all of his focus on cultivation, striving for greater improvement. 

Jiang Zhenhai sat cross-legged on a huge rock at the centre of the courtyard. Thick immortal qi was entering his body from the top of his head. When he noticed that someone was approaching, he immediately stopped cultivating and opened his eyes. Although he didn’t have a high cultivation base, his perceptive ability was sharp compared to ordinary people. At least, he could sense it if someone was approaching him.

When he saw Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu, he was so delighted that he leapt to his feet abruptly.

“Yu Er!”

The appearance of Yan Chenyu almost made him cry. She was one of the close family members that he missed dearly. Now that they could reunite once more, there was no reason for him to feel unhappy.


Yan Chenyu bowed deeply to Jiang Zhenhai. As the reincarnation of Empress, there weren’t many people in this world that could receive a bow from her. Jiang Zhenhai was just one of the few.

“Good! Haha! Good!” Jiang Zhenhai didn’t know what to say besides uttering ‘good’.

“Father, Xiao Yu and I will go back to Ethereal Immortal Domain. You can stay here and cultivate during this period of time. One month later, I’ll come back. You’ll be safe living here.”

Jiang Chen spoke. Now that he only had a month’s time, every minute counted. Besides, there was a far distance between Fengchi Immortal Domain and Ethereal Immortal Domain. He had no time to waste.

A hint of dejection flashed past Jiang Zhenhai’s eyes when he heard that Jiang Chen was departing again, but he nodded.

“Chen Er, go ahead and settle your own matters. I’ll be fine here.”

Jiang Zhenhai was naturally reluctant to be separated with his son, but he knew that his son was a dragon amongst men and was bound to be extraordinary. His son was the greatest pride in his life and he would never interfere in whatever Jiang Chen was going to do. 

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