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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1826

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The spatial zone was shaking so hard it felt as though it was in danger of crumbling. The void had been ripped to patches. The impact of Wisdom King Fist and Profound Yin Palm was beyond people’s imagination. Han Feng’s facial expression turned unusually unpleasant. Seeing the sky and earth almost collapsing before him made him feel helpless for the first time.

As a matter of fact, a half-step Sovereign that lived in the Immortal Court wasn’t amongst the highest authority.

“What’s going on? Why am I feeling that the whole space is moving? It feels as though an impact has been made in the depths of the space.”

“That’s right. It feels like some supreme experts are having a battle. Should we go and check it out?”

“I think we better not in case we get ourselves killed. Experts that can create this level of upheaval are beyond our imagination. We should just continue to search for treasures.”


The collision in the deep layers had aroused the attention of countless people in the remains, all of whom were guessing what was happening. Most of them began to fly towards the source of the impact, but most of them didn’t follow as they knew that there were all sorts of dangers in the remains. Keeping themselves alive was the most important thing. It would be better if they could obtain some treasures, but even if they couldn’t, they shouldn’t put their lives in danger.

One should never get too close to the battle between supreme experts or else, he or she would lose their life. As for those who had weaker strength, any residual waves from the battle could easily kill them, which would make their death in vain.

In the depths of the space, Nanbei Chao and Yan Chenyu were still fighting fiercely. One of them was born with the Nine Yin physique and supported by the heart of Ice God. The other had integrated with the Sovereign body and cultivated the Monarch Heaven Art. The power erupting from them was unimaginable. Even Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh at their abilities. Nanbei Chao had gotten really strong this time. Even though Jiang Chen had already advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm now, he would easily be killed before he could even make a move. He wouldn’t be able to escape even if he used the Great Void Technique. The only thing he could rely on in this scenario was the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. However, Nanbei Chao’s Eye of Heaven allowed him to see through everything. Just like what happened in the Golden Horizon, he couldn’t escape from Nanbei Chao’s senses even though he had hidden himself in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. So the only outcome of confronting Nanbei Chao now was tragedy.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were blazing like a torch. Nanbei Chao’s continuous growth had made him somewhat stressed and worried. He was almost sure that it was impossible for Yan Chenyu to kill Nanbei Chao. He must advance as soon as possible so that he could shorten the gap between him and Nanbei Chao.

“Divine Body of Great Sovereign. Crush everything.”

Nanbei Chao seemed infuriated. His body enlarged once more, turning into an ancient giant. This was his most powerful technique. His Eye of Heaven sparkled continuously. This time, he didn’t cast out any technique but lunged at Yan Chenyu directly with his giant body. He was like an enormous golden mountain rushing forward with all its might. The force of this momentum was beyond comprehension. Every place he passed in the void cracked and burst. It was caused by the impact of the energy.

“The Ice God’s Physique. Nine Yin Rivers.”

Yan Chenyu also didn’t hold back. She also used her strongest technique. Her body began to change, transforming into a large ice sculpture, the sculpture of a fairy.

The fairy moved. Nine icy cold rivers launched out from her, emitting limitless freezing qi. They were the Nine Yin Rivers formed by the Nine Yin Profound Heart, incomparably terrifying.

The Monarch Physique smashed hard against the Nine Yin Physique. This was the pinnacle move of the two. Victory and defeat would be decided after this collision.

*Hong Long……*

The impact felt as though two planets had collided against each other. Ice chips rained from above. Golden light lit up the entire space. Destructive qi could be felt all over the place. The void began to crumble as the space started to split.


Jiang Chen and Han Feng’s facial expression changed greatly, however they still reacted pretty quickly. Immediately, they turned into two flashes of light and vanished out of sight. The spot where they were at collapsed into ruins right after they vanished.

*Hong Long……*

The sound of explosions continued. The spatial zone was going to collapse as well. Devastating energy raged from Nanbei Chao and Yan Chenyu across the entire spatial zone.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Several Immortal Venerables had just reached the depths of the spatial zone when the independent spatial zone collapsed. Immense energy burst out from inside. Despite their quick response, they were still hit by the massive energy, causing them to wail shrilly. Some of them with weak cultivation base had their bodies crushed on the spot. Even the late Immortal Venerable old-ancestor-rank experts had suffered severe injuries, spurting out blood that contained bits of their internal organs continuously.


Someone screamed. Although they didn’t know what was going on ahead, the dangerous qi was a clear indication for them to run.

Sometimes, one had to pay a price for watching the show. Most of them had been attracted by the unusual movement here, but none of them had expected it to be the end of their lives.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

Not just them, everyone in the remains was shaken. Even some of those who were far away and had weak cultivation base suffered a shock in their innermost souls, causing them to cough out an unusual amount of blood. 

“What just happened? Could Great Sovereigns be fighting?”

“The impact is too great and destructive. What exactly is going on here?”

“No good. The spatial zone is crumbling. This place is going to be in ruins soon. We must leave now.”

“Go-go-go! Or else we’ll be too late!”


For a moment, everyone panicked and the whole spatial zone was in chaos. The last collision between Yan Chenyu and Nanbei Chao had shattered the deep layers of the space which was the pillar that supported the entire remains.

This was a perilous situation. At this point, everyone lost interests in the treasures. No one knew what had happened because not even the Immortal Venerables could survive the depths of the space.


Countless shadows were heading for the exit, afraid that they would be slower than the others. Nothing was more important than keeping themselves alive at this moment as nothing was scarier than death.

The space became chaotic. Mist and dust had obscured the view of the place. Such a powerful collision wasn’t any weaker compared to the battle between Great Sovereigns in the past. 

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