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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1822

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Jiang Chen’s actions had once again set off a tempestuous wave. Everyone had their mouths wide open, including the half-step Sovereign elder, whose face seemed full of disbelief when he saw Jiang Chen’s calm face.

“My god! This young man is overly terrifying. He’s able to kill a late Immortal Venerable with a single strike even though he’s only a late Immortal Emperor. How is that possible?”

“He’s truly a terrifying figure. Even though the elder was severely injured by the half-step Sovereign expert, the fact remained that he’s still a late Immortal Venerable. As the saying goes, a starved camel is still bigger than a horse. It’s impossible for an Immortal Venerable to be killed by an Immortal Emperor no matter how weak he has become. Plus, did you all notice that the elder didn’t even have the chance to resist before he died? The speed of that youth is just too fast.”

“Unbelievable. The animosity that erupted from him just now is even greater than a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable. Which explains why the severely injured late Immortal Venerable was killed by him. Moreover, having the ability to destroy the seals of the Great Sovereign, his power obviously can’t be judged by common sense.”

“Sure enough, the foresight of Heaven Sovereign is sharp and precise. Even those unparalleled geniuses in the Immortal Court are no match for this youth. Additionally, he’s decisive and merciless. Even though I have already shown mercy to that Immortal Venerable, he still took his life anyway. Only men with such ferociousness can truly rise in this world.”


Everyone had lost their calm once more. The half-step Sovereign elder was staring at Jiang Chen with delight. His overall impression of Jiang Chen had changed. He even began to believe the words Heaven Sovereign had said: “This white-robed youth was the only one that could really help me in my predicament.”

After killing that elder, Jiang Chen returned to where he originally stood, clasped his fists at the half-step Sovereign and spoke. “Thanks for helping.”

Jiang Chen was a man of shrewdness. He expressed his gratitude to the man who took the initiative to help him. More importantly, he didn’t sense any trace of hostility or greed in this elder.

Jiang Chen possessed very keen senses. He would know it if this half-step Sovereign had an ulterior motive. Similarly, he could also sense the sincerity in a person’s heart.

“You are Jiang Chen?” The grey-robed elder asked with a smile.


Jiang Chen nodded, unsurprised by the fact that the elder knew his name. As Nanbei Chao had shouted his name more than once during their conversation earlier, it was only common that they knew his name by now.

“I’m Han Feng of the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain. May I have a word with little brother?” Han Feng’s expression changed suddenly, appearing wary.


Jiang Chen was stunned, and couldn’t help but frown and thoroughly examine the elder once more. He was sure that he hadn’t seen this Han Feng before and certainly didn’t know him. He only knew one half-step Sovereign expert in the Immortal World, Xiao Wangqing. Furthermore, this elder claimed to be from the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain. He was crystal clear that he never had any dealings with the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain.

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn’t refuse him, Han Feng waved out a stream of light that enshrouded both of them, forming a layer of protective barrier that completely isolated them from outside, obscuring anything that was happening within the independent zone.

“Elder Han, you and I don’t seem to know each other, do we?” Jiang Chen asked, he still couldn’t sense any sign of malice from the elder.

This was also why he was willing to stand here. He would like to listen to what the other party had to say. The elder did seem as though he had some secret to share with Jiang Chen.

“Little Brother, to be frank with you, Heaven Sovereign has entrusted me with the task of finding a person who can transform into a dragon. I had never thought that I would meet the person I’m looking for here. Besides, little brother’s abilities made me lost in astonishment. Heaven Sovereign does have a good foresight.”

Han Feng spoke. Knowing that Jiang Chen was a very astute man, it was best to be straightforward with this youth so that he could lower the guard of Jiang Chen.

“Who’s Heaven Sovereign? I don’t think I know him.” Jiang Chen asked doubtfully. 

The fact that the person was called Heaven Sovereign was enough to indicate his power. At least, he must be a true Sovereign, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to command a half-step Sovereign.

“Heaven Sovereign is the lord of our Immortal Court. He has only returned to the Immortal Court recently. By the way, he said that you will understand everything when you see this.”

Han Feng spoke, then took out an item. A huge glittering ruler appeared before Jiang Chen, whose facial expression changed dramatically the moment he saw it.

“Million Stars Ruler.”

Jiang Chen nearly yelped. He was very familiar with this ruler. It was the combat weapon of Nangong Wentian. He had heard it from others in Saint Origin World that his father and Nangong Wentian had ascended to this world. Amongst the two of them, Nangong Wentian had made his ascension earlier. Jiang Chen was going to look for Nangong Wentian as well after finding his father, but he didn’t expect to see his brother’s weapon here.

Sure enough, Jiang Chen recognized the Million Stars Ruler, which made Han Feng heave a sigh of relief.

“Why are you holding the Million Stars Ruler? What does Ah Nan have to do with Heaven Sovereign?”

Jiang Chen asked hastily, feeling stirred as there had been no news about Nangong Wentian, as though he had gone missing.

“Brother Jiang, Nangong Wentian is our Heaven Sovereign,” said Han Feng.


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and staggered, he almost fell to the ground. Nangong Wentian is the Heaven Sovereign? What nonsense!

But immediately, Jiang Chen nodded secretly. Back when Nangong Wentian practiced the Phenomenal Boundless Technique, Jiang Chen had felt that it was an extraordinary technique that could cultivate some sort of ancient force, however he didn’t think that Nangong Wentian had such an unordinary origin. He was actually the reincarnation of Heaven Sovereign.

Jiang Chen suddenly felt that he was very lucky. Every person by his side was becoming more and more mystical. Big Yellow was most likely the reincarnation of Demon Sovereign; Yan Chenyu was the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin; Wu Ningzhu had acquired the inheritance of Empress Qin and Nangong Wentian was the reincarnation of Heaven Sovereign. 

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