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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1821

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Nanbei Chao gently opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Chen disdainfully. “Jiang Chen, your actions are truly ridiculous. If my line of defence can be broken by you so easily, then all the prestige of Great Sovereign Batian will just be in vain.”

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes once more, returning to meditative state.

Jiang Chen gently rubbed the blood on the corners of his mouth, then stowed the Heavenly Saint Sword and returned to his usual form. Although he wanted very much to deal some damage to Nanbei Chao or at least disrupt his mind, he was a wise person. Knowing his own limitations, he wouldn’t make a scratch on Nanbei Chao even if he expended all of his power. Just like what Nanbei Chao had said, if the terrifying line of defence could be so easily cut open, then it shouldn’t belong to Great Sovereign Batian’s.

At the same time, Jiang Chen was astonished by the power of a Great Sovereign. With his current cultivation base and dragon form, he could even kill intermediate Immortal Venerables with a full-fledged attack. He could even fight any average late Immortal Venerable.

Nevertheless, his power still wasn’t able to crush the defence of a Great Sovereign. This only showed how terrifying a Great Sovereign really was, worthy of being called the pinnacle existence in the Heavens and Earth. One could never fully understand its true terror without reaching that realm, however.

“Once Nanbei Chao succeeds, the consequences will be unimaginable. It will be the end of the world for all the cultivators in this entire spatial zone. I can only pray that Xiao Yu will awaken sooner, there’s only her who can deal with Nanbei Chao now,” muttered Jiang Chen. 

He was afraid that no one else was a match for Nanbei Chao, not even the half-step Sovereign except for Yan Chenyu. 

Nanbei Chao’s current cultivation base was already at the Immortal Venerable realm. After integrating with the Sovereign body, even if he wasn’t able to reach the pinnacle state yet, his cultivation base would at least advance to the level that was on par with other peerless Venerables. Counting the fact that he’s a reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, he understood the laws of Sovereign realm pretty well and could easily kill half-step Sovereign experts even if he wasn’t one yet.

In addition, he would surely wield the Monarch Sword, a peerless Sovereign Weapon. No one would be able to fight against that. Even Xiao Wangqing would die under that sword.

Jiang Chen retreated from the zone. He could only wait for now, hoping that Yan Chenyu would wake up before Nanbei Chao completed the integration. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.


Just at this time, a late Immortal Venerable elder came to Jiang Chen’s front, face wearing a hideous smile and he spoke, “Kid, hand over the treasure that you used to absorb all the magma and I will spare your life.”

Jiang Chen darted that elder a glance, his face indifferent. People as such could show up at any time. The appearance of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda must have aroused their notice and greed. This was considered normal as this is a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

“Old geezer, you’d better think twice about the things that you are about to do,” said Jiang Chen coldly. 

He wasn’t in a good mood now. If it was before, he would most likely flee if he encountered a late Immortal Venerable, but now, he wouldn’t put such an opponent in his eyes. Furthermore, this elder didn’t have a stable cultivation base because he had just advanced to late Immortal Venerable realm. Jiang Chen could fight him with ease. 

“Humph! What an arrogant kid! The reason you were able to stay alive in the zone of Great Sovereign and absorb the energy of magma is certainly because you possess a treasure. Know this: an innocent man could get into trouble because of his wealth. As long as you hand it over, I will not kill you.”

The elder harrumphed coldly. Considering his strong cultivation base, he had decided to oppress Jiang Chen. In fact, he even intended to seize the Nine Yin Profound Heart from Jiang Chen as well before this, but Jiang Chen had unexpectedly given the heart to the Immortal Burying Coffin, leaving him with nothing but the mysterious treasure of Jiang Chen.

He hadn’t gotten a proper treasure since he entered this place. Now that he had seen one, he naturally wouldn’t miss it.


Suddenly, a slap hit the face of the elder, sending him a few dozen meters away from the scene. Stars appeared in his vision, a few teeth and blood spurted out from his mouth.


The elder was burning with fury and cursed, but he didn’t finish it after recognizing who the attacker was.

A grey-robed elder appeared in front of Jiang Chen. He was precisely the one who slapped the other elder. He was the only half-step Sovereign amongst the lot.

“How dare you rob in my presence?”

The elder said in a cold tone, emitting the pressure of a half-step Sovereign which forced the injured elder to fall to his knees with a puff.

“Please forgive me, Sir. Please forgive me, Sir.”

The elder was scared to death. No matter how greedy he was, he still feared death. Offending a half-step Sovereign was equivalent to seeking death.

“Get lost.”

The grey-robed elder bellowed. Terrifying sound waves blew the elder 300 meters away. He spurted out more blood. 

“Thank you for sparing my life.”

As amnesty was granted, he quickly climbed to his feet and flew towards a direction. He was a person with reason. He certainly wouldn’t be able to seize anything in front of a half-step Sovereign. No matter how much he coveted the treasure of Jiang Chen, competing with a half-step Sovereign for the treasure was no different than courting death.

“Humph! Thinking of fleeing?”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. He never gave his enemy any chances. The Immortal Venerable wanted to rob him and even wanted to take his life. He would never be lenient to this kind of people.


Jiang Chen’s speed was extremely fast. He had transformed into his dragon form and caught up with the fleeing elder using the Great Void Technique in an instant. After drawing out his sword, he pierced it through the skull of the elder with a whoosh.

“You, you……”

The elder glowered at Jiang Chen, feeling the vital force slowly leaving his body. Even in his dream, he had never imagined himself dying in the hands of an Immortal Emperor.

*Pu Chi!*

Jiang Chen pulled the sword with an indifferent expression, without darting the elder a glance, and then returned to his normal appearance. If the elder was at his peak condition, he would be powerful enough to resist Jiang Chen’s attack, but since he had been severely injured by the half-step Sovereign, he was no match for Jiang Chen. It was only natural that he was killed by Jiang Chen in an instant. 

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