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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1819

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Right now, the cultivators outside the ocean of magma started to notice that the magma was shrinking in size. 

“What’s going on? The magma seems to be reducing at a rapid speed. The energy in it is decreasing as well.”

“How could this happen? This is the zone created by Great Sovereign Batian. Within the magma contained numerous seals of Great Sovereign Batian. What kind of existence could bypass the seals of a Great Sovereign and absorb its energy?”

“It has to be that kid or related to that kid. No doubt, he’s overly mystical. It seems like he must have possessed some sort of a powerful trump card before venturing into the ocean all by himself. Not only is he able to stay alive, but also absorb the energy of the magma. That’s too terrifying.”

“Where did he come from? You won’t find such a monstrous genius even in the Immortal Court.”


Nobody could remain calm anymore. The current scene was even more astounding compared to when Jiang Chen was found alive above the altar. The shock they felt was indescribable.

“What a heaven-defying existence! No wonder Heaven Sovereign said that only this man could help him. When he comes out from the altar, I’ll reveal my identity to him and invite him to the Immortal Court.”

The elder was stirred. He hadn’t been this excited for a long time. His eyes sparkled as though he had seen infinite hope.

On the other hand, Nanbei Chao was sitting next to the throne, using all of his might to integrate himself with the Sovereign body, while Jiang Chen was frenziedly absorbing the energy of the magma using the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Now that he had encountered such a rare opportunity, Jiang Chen definitely wouldn’t let it go. 

A large number of Immortal Meta Stones were being consumed by him. Luckily, he had gotten a mass amount of resources from Yu Family. Or else, he would’ve been in trouble this time.

“The amount of energy I need to consume while advancing to late Immortal Emperor realm is too significant. The remaining stones won’t be sufficient to support my breakthrough to half-step Immortal Venerable realm. I must find ways to obtain more Immortal Meta Stones after getting out of here.”

Jiang Chen muttered. The dragon transformation skill was like a bottomless hole, a cultivation that required massive consumption, however Jiang Chen had always been mentally prepared for it, and it wasn’t hard to get those Immortal Meta Stones.

He needed to accumulate an enormous amount of Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones after advancing because the higher his cultivation realm, the more Immortal Meta Stones he needed.

*Ka Cha……*

As tremendous Immortal Meta Stones were being refined and absorbed, the barrier to the late Immortal Emperor realm broke with a clatter. The number of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body reached 1 400 000. The space in his Qi Sea was expanded to its maximum, looking like a boundless ocean densely filled with the images of dragons; roars of dragons rolled. Each dragon mark was soaring freely like a true dragon. The whole scene seemed extremely magnificent.

1 400 000 dragon marks was the threshold of late Immortal Emperor realm. At this moment, Jiang Chen had successfully advanced to this realm, and the condensation of the forty-ninth level of the pagoda was almost completed.

Furthermore, this definitely wasn’t the limit. As the energy absorbed from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was the purest kind, constant absorption wouldn’t cause any problem, and it could even strengthen his foundation. At this rate, the number of dragon marks in his body would surely reach around 1420 000 when all the magma was sucked clean, and then the fiftieth level of the pagoda would be formed.

Soon, the ocean had been reduced by more than half. Numerous seals crumbled on its own after losing the support of the magma. As these seals were crafted out using the magma, they couldn’t remain intact as soon as the support of the magma was gone.

“Half of them shattered. Such a scene is just too startling. I certainly won’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

“I wonder what kind of heaven-defying technique allowed that kid to devour the things left by the Great Sovereign.”

“It seems like all the energy in the entire space will be entirely absorbed. The reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian is too busy integrating with the Sovereign body to care about this.”


The scene was becoming more and more unbelievable to them. It made their breathing become difficult and their eyes wide.

The Immortal Burying Coffin and the Monarch Sword were still tightly entangled with their battle, but now, it wasn’t the Monarch Sword that stopped the Immortal Burying Coffin, but the other way round. As the Nine Yin Profound Heart had already been taken, Nanbei Chao ordered the Monarch Sword to kill Jiang Chen. Naturally, the Immortal Burying Coffin wouldn’t stand idly by and give the sword any chance to get close to Jiang Chen.

The roars reverberated unceasingly. The things that Jiang Chen did were always earth-shattering. The door of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was growing bigger and bigger and the absorption speed was getting faster and faster. It was apparent that the pagoda would leave nothing behind for Nanbei Chao.

The dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea were still rising. The forty-ninth level of the pagoda was already completed. The doors of the fiftieth level were opened.

Jiang Chen knew that the secret of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was divided into three stages. The first stage would be unlocked at the thirty-third level. The second would be at the sixty-sixth level and the final stage would be revealed at the ninety-ninth level. When the thirty-third level of the pagoda was fully condensed, it had given Jiang Chen a huge surprise – the temporal rule of thirty-times. It was an excellent place for cultivation.

He now looked forward to the secret lying in the sixtieth level. He estimated that the benefits there must be greater than the first stage.

Soon, all of the magma were absorbed by the pagoda. Just as what he had expected, the fiftieth level of the pagoda was completed and the dragon marks in his Qi Sea exceeded 1 420 000, making his cultivation base of late Immortal Emperor realm stabilized.

The zone that was thick with magma was now full of flying ashes. The terrifying whirlpool had vanished as well and the seals had all disintegrated, although the fiery red altar, Nanbei Chao, and the throne still existed. Nanbei Chao had shut his eyes tight as if unaware of the things that were happening around him.

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