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    Magic Gems Gourmet (WN)

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    The surrounding wall of wind was still as violent and indestructible. Even though all the gale beasts had been eradicated, it still remained sealed. As it had already fused with Great Sovereign Batian’s restrictive spell, it wouldn’t be easy for them to walk out of this confinement.

    This was why Fenghua Zi and the rest still seemed concerned.

    Of course, they didn’t know that the effect of the Eternal Immortal Wind on the gale beasts was just similar to the formidable hurricane—it could effortlessly break the barrier of the hurricane. Plus, the combination of the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art allowed Jiang Chen to easily find the flaws of the restrictive spell.

    Jiang Chen stood there and circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art to the extreme. Waves like piercing blades surged out of his body, forming a dragon-shaped storm, and rushed towards one direction.

    *Hong Long……*

    With a rumble, a crater was burst open by Jiang Chen on the originally unbreakable wall of hurricane. Even the thick restrictive spell had collapsed. Jiang Chen hadn’t picked the spot randomly. It was the weak spot of the restrictive spell he discovered using the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art. 

    “Why aren’t you all going out? The hurricane and restrictive spell will be restored on its own. You won’t be able to get out of here if you delay any further.”

    Jiang Chen clamoured at the petrified lot, and then sped towards the exit in a ray of light.

    Fenghua Zi and the rest recovered from their shock. Before they could feel excited about the situation, they all hurtled towards the hurricane, through the opening at their maximum speed. It was like a dream to them. There was supposedly zero chance of survival and they had already given up hope to live, but unexpectedly, they had been rescued in the end. The feeling they were having right now was beyond the understanding of average people.

    Outside the hurricane formation, the three cultivators of Fengluo Sect were pacing on the ground, seeming extremely unnerved. When they saw Jiang Chen and the others emerge from the wall of wind, delight filled their faces as they hurried forward to greet them.

    “Are you all alright, Sect Master?”

    The elder asked tearfully. Warm tears welled up in his eyes when he saw that Fenghua Zi was intact. This only showed how much the cultivators of Fengluo Sect revered and cared about Fenghua Zi.

    “I’m fine. We’re lucky to have brother Jiang, otherwise I’m afraid all of us will die within the hurricane.”

    Fenghua Zi couldn’t conceal his emotions. He strode towards Jiang Chen, the rest of the cultivators at his heels.

    “Brother Jiang, Fengluo Sect is deeply indebted to you,” said Fenghua Zi, and then bowed to Jiang Chen. The others followed suit. They were afraid that there was only Jiang Chen across the world who could make the master of Fengluo Sect bow.

    Under normal circumstances, even if the sect master was willing to bow to a person, his subordinates would be reluctant to. After all, it represented the face and dignity of Fengluo Sect.

    But now, all of them seemed free of reluctance. They would never forget the things that happened in the hurricane formation for the rest of their lives.

    In addition to their gratitude to Jiang Chen, what they felt more was shock. They were astounded that the barrier of the hurricane formation, which all of them had rendered helpless even though they had joined forces, was so easily broken by Jiang Chen. They knew that only a few people in the world had such ability.

    Moreover, every one of them had a pair of piercing eyes. In spite of Jiang Chen being only an Immortal Emperor, his future achievements were beyond imagination and measure. To put in bluntly, this white-robed youth was absolutely the most heaven-defying genius they had ever met. There was no one amongst the young generation of Fengluo Sect who was as talented as Jiang Chen, because even their number one genius, Shen Yifei, died tragically in Jiang Chen’s hands. 

    “There’s no need to be overly polite, Sect Master. I don’t regard all of you as outsiders.” Jiang Chen hastened to help Fenghua Zi up his feet. 

    Jiang Chen’s remark instantly boosted his relationship with Fengluo Sect. What he said made everyone around feel incomparably comfortable.

    “Brother Jiang, if you need anything in the future, our sect will not hesitate to help.”

    Fenghua Zi was patting his chest when he spoke. The others nodded approvingly. By now, they had all viewed Jiang Chen as one of them and also their saviour.

    Of all the kindness that this world have, only the kindness of saving a life or lives couldn’t be repaid.

    There was only one outcome to one’s life, live or die. To the cultivators of Fengluo Sect, Jiang Chen had given them the chance to live. How could they ever repay such kindness? 

    “Now that you are out of danger, I’m going to take my leave. The remains of the Great Sovereign is filled with danger. You have to be extra careful at all times.”

    Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Fenghua Zi, and then vanished like a ghost. He was now racing against the clock. He must find the centermost of the spatial zone as fast as possible, to stop Nanbei Chao. There was no time to engage with the people of Fengluo Sect. His top priority was Nanbei Chao, who was potentially the most dangerous.

    “Sect Master, we have owed brother Jiang yet another great kindness this time.”

    An elder couldn’t help but remark, looking at where Jiang Chen had disappeared.

    “En, if there’s anything Jiang Chen needs from us in the future, we must do all we can to help him. Alright. Don’t forget brother Jiang’s reminder. Let’s be more careful wherever we go,” said Fenghua Zi.

    “Yes, Sect Master.”

    The rest of them nodded in agreement. The near-death experience naturally made them cherish life even more. They certainly would have to be very careful in the future.

    In the following time, Jiang Chen was travelling through different places in the spatial zone, killing numerous evil creatures and puppets. The condensation of the pagoda had already advanced to the forty-eighth level, but Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was still stuck at the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. Also, there seemed to be no signs of breaking through.

    He didn’t dwell on this matter as he knew it wasn’t the time yet. When it was the time to advance, he would naturally advance. Next, Jiang Chen used the Great Divination Art to predict the things that would happen in the near future, and began venturing into the deepest layers of the spatial zone. The secret of Great Sovereign Batian, Empress Nine Yin and the Immortal Burying Coffin had been bugging him. 

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