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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1810

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The Eternal Immortal Wind might not be the most powerful wind, but in this spatial zone, it was the highest of all because it represented the existence of Great Sovereign Batian. It explained why Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao were able to obtain the qi essences so easily.

Jiang Chen was standing at a distance ahead, spreading out the Great Soul Derivation Technique and circulating the Great Divination Art. He was able to find those hidden gale beasts within the hurricane. These beasts were formed purely out of wind energy and were extremely strong, and thus, highly nourishing for the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

There were encounters everywhere in the remains of the Great Sovereign. Jiang Chen had gotten tremendous benefits not long after he entered. The qi essence was the first of them. These gale beasts would be the second.

Fenghua Zi and the rest were staring at Jiang Chen, completely transfixed, their eyes revealed doubts and disbelief. After all, they had deeply experienced the scariness of the gale beasts. They had lost hope in finding a way out of this hurricane.

However, Jiang Chen’s confidence had given them some hope. And Jiang Chen’s performance in Fengluo Sect had been excellent. They were sure that a figure like him was destined to be extraordinary.


Roars rang out once more from the spinning gale. This time, up to three powerful gale beasts rushed out from different directions towards the same target – Jiang Chen.

“Be careful Brother Jiang!”

Fenghua Zi hastily warned. Each of the three beasts had a combat strength of an Immortal Venerable. With all three of them combined, their strength would be even more terrifying.

“Humph! Eternal Immortal Wind.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold harrumph. The violent wind hurtled out in an instant, turning into waves of wind that looked even scarier than the hurricane.

The instant the Eternal Immortal Wind emerged, the brutal qi vanished all of a sudden from the gale beasts, and they were now looking at the immortal wind with a face filled with horror then becoming meek.

The rest of them were stunned. They had never seen such a situation before. Having engaged in intense fights with those gale beasts for the past half an hour, they deeply knew how scary and cruel those creatures were. It was truly the first time this sort of thing happened, however they were also smart enough to realize that this was due to the waves of wind cast out by Jiang Chen.

They could also feel that the rank of Jiang Chen’s immortal wind was a lot stronger compared to the hurricane. There was an intrinsic difference between them. The gale beast respected or even feared the immortal wind subconsciously.

*Chi La!*

Tearing sounds were heard as the beasts were ripped apart by the immortal wind. Their crystal bodies were unable to escape and were sucked away by Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The energy from the three beasts caused the pagoda to erupt a strong buzzing sound. The forty-fifth level was fully formed in an instant and level forty-sixth was beginning to condense.

“What a pure wind energy! I would like to see how many gale beasts are in here. The more the better.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He couldn’t conceal his excitement. He was afraid that he was the only one in the entire spatial zone who longed to see more gale beasts in the hurricane formation.

“Amazing! Those gale beasts are killed by Brother Jiang.”

“That’s right. They are completely destroyed by him, disintegrating for good.”

“The real horror is that those gale beasts stopped in their tracks when brother Jiang launched his attack. It seems like they were suppressed. That’s too powerful!”

The people of Fengluo Sect couldn’t remain calm. To them, this was so unbelievable that they wouldn’t have believed it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

Of course, apart from shock, Jiang Chen’s actions had also brought them excitement and the hope to survive.

With the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art combined, this hurricane formation was no longer a mystery to Jiang Chen. He could distinctly see every gale beast in the hurricane. He counted that there were thirty or so within the hurricane, plenty of which possessed the combat strength similar to an Immortal Venerable expert. The formation of the forty-sixth level of the pagoda would be completed after absorbing all of these beasts.

“Come out now!”

Jiang Chen clamoured, casting out the violent immortal wind once more. Each wave of wind hurtled into the hurricane like a sharp sword.


Roars sounded incessantly. Those mighty gale beasts dashed out from where they were hiding, and without an exception, all of them were killed by Jiang Chen’s immortal wind the instant they appeared. Under the suppression of the immortal wind, they were at Jiang Chen’s mercy.

“My goodness!”

“This is too unreal. Brother Jiang’s means is beyond imagination. He’s able to actively draw the gale beasts out. Did you all notice that those gale beasts didn’t even try to put up resistance when facing brother Jiang’s immortal wind? It’s like they have encountered something they revered in the past.”

“Incredible! At this rate, it won’t take long for brother Jiang to eliminate all the gale beasts here. After that, we may have a chance to leave the hurricane.”


The cultivators of Fengluo Sect finally knew what a miracle was. Even Fenghua Zi’s jaw was left wide open. Only those who had personally experienced the terror of the gale beasts knew how exceptional Jiang Chen was.

In just a few minutes, all the gale beasts in the hurricane were refined and absorbed by Jiang Chen. The whole process was effortless. The forty-sixth level of the pagoda had been fully condensed, and a portion of the forty-seventh level had been condensed. Such benefits were simply unbelievable to Jiang Chen.

The improvement of the pagoda was not the only benefit. The number of dragon marks in his body had also increased, pushing his cultivation to the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor. 

“Sect master, I have already eliminated all the gale beasts here. Now, we just have to destroy the barrier of the hurricane to create an opening for us to get out of here,” said Jiang Chen.

“Alright. Sure enough, brother Jiang is exceptionally powerful. I’m truly impressed, but the barrier of the hurricane has integrated with the restrictive spell left behind by Great Sovereign Batian. It won’t be easy to break it.”

Fenghua Zi displayed a face of delight, but still felt powerless in breaking the barrier of the hurricane. 

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