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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1809

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Rumbles were constantly issuing from the hurricane. The wall of wind that surrounded them was as strong as steel. No one could tell how many gale beasts existed inside of the hurricane, and on top of that, all of which were invincible. The existence of the hurricane and formation had given birth to these ferocious creatures. 

Despair blossomed in their hearts, especially those who had been seriously wounded. They couldn’t see any more hope in their surroundings. They had already tried different kind of methods under the lead of their sect master, but still failed to find the way out of their predicament.

“Sect Master, we are the ones who put you in this trouble. If it hadn’t been for us, you wouldn’t have been trapped in this hurricane.”

“Yes, Sect Master. Fengluo Sect can lose us, but not you. If something were to happen to you, it will make us all guilty. Even after we die, we won’t be able to forgive ourselves.”


At this point, the cultivators of Fengluo Sect were no longer afraid. When a person was in absolute despair, he or she couldn’t feel fear anymore. However, they all felt sorry for Fenghua Zi, but were also proud to have him as their sect master as he had courageously thrown himself into danger just to save them.

If Fenghua Zi hadn’t rushed into the hurricane in time, there would’ve been less than three of them who could stand here and speak.

However, Fenghua Zi was now in peril because of them. They knew too well how important Fenghua Zi was to Fengluo Sect. If anything were to happen to him, they wouldn’t be able to rest in peace even if they died.

“It’s no big deal dying with you all.”

Fenghua Zi’s qi shook. As the sect master, he must always bind the safety of his people to his, and it was certainly not easy for him, a high and mighty figure, to act in this way.

“Why are you all looking so downhearted? Aren’t you all still alive?”

At this moment, a voice was heard from within the gale. The next moment, Jiang Chen, who was wearing a white robe, emerged in their line of sight. He stepped past the hurricane leisurely, totally unconcerned by the blade-like wind around, his face wearing a smile. All of them couldn’t help but admire this kind of demeanour.

“Brother Jiang Chen!”

They were dumbfounded by the arrival of Jiang Chen. Even Fenghua Zi didn’t expect that Jiang Chen would appear in this place knowing how dangerous this hurricane was. Venturing into this spinning gale was equivalent to digging one’s own grave.

“Since I have met you all, I, Jiang Chen, naturally can’t stand idly by and watch you all die in here,” Jiang Chen spoke. 

He had distinctly heard what they said, which increased the good impression he had for Fenghua Zi. A man who cherished relationship and loyalty would never be loathed.

“Brother Jiang, you really shouldn’t have come here. As this place belongs to Great Sovereign Batian, I’m unable to break the hurricane. There’s nothing else I can do about it.”

Fenghua Zi said with a sigh and tone of self-blame. In his opinion, Jiang Chen had just made the most unwise choice – coming here to die with them.

“Don’t worry, Sect Master. Since I dare to come in, I have ways to deal with the hurricane.” Jiang Chen spoke confidently.


A violent roar suddenly sounded from behind. A whirlwind swept out from the violent hurricane. Then, an enormous gale beast was zooming towards Jiang Chen at extreme speed.

“Be careful brother.”

Fenghua Zi’s facial expression changed dramatically. This was Jiang Chen’s first time coming here, so he didn’t know about the existence of the gale beasts. The consequences of receiving a direct attack from this beast was inconceivable.

However, the facts proved that it was unnecessary for Fenghua Zi and the rest to be worried, because Jiang Chen also reacted quickly. The gale beast only managed to rip apart the afterimage of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen then stood next to Fenghua Zi then turned to look at where the gale beast had vanished.

“What a terrifying speed!”

Everyone was utterly startled, knowing that they would have been severely wounded or killed in that situation. This alone had earned their respect for Jiang Chen.

This had also made them recall how easily Jiang Chen dodged the attacks of Shen Ao during the battle in Fengluo Sect. That was to say, Jiang Chen’s speed was uniquely fast.

“Brother, they are gale beasts. They were born out of the gale and formation. They are the scariest things here, always hiding in the hurricane. We are unable to find their tracks. Moreover, their sneak-attacks were extremely fast and powerful, almost impossible to guard against. What’s more terrifying is that these gale beasts have developed a crystal body. As long as their crystal bodies weren’t destroyed, even if they are killed, they can be resurrected again in the hurricane,” said Fenghua Zi, explaining the situation to Jiang Chen. 

During this period of time, despite being the sect master, these gale beasts had given him loads of hardship.

“So that’s how it is.”

Jiang Chen gained a deeper understanding about these creatures, but didn’t seem very surprised, because he had seen this type of creatures more than once. Ice Demon King was one of them that was difficult to be killed due to the environment, but they weren’t invincible.

“Brother Jiang Chen, do you have any ways to deal with them?”

Fenghua Zi looked at Jiang Chen. He could feel that Jiang Chen’s qi was much stronger compared to when they first came in. Jiang Chen had made an advancement. Although he was still an Immortal Emperor, Fenghua Zi wouldn’t dare to underestimate Jiang Chen in the slightest. He still regarded Jiang Chen as one of his peers.

Also, he was certain that Jiang Chen must have his own means before venturing into this place.

“Of course. Those gale beasts are nothing.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a hint of a smile. He was feeling delighted that the gale beasts had attacked him just now as he had already seen through the actual form of the beast. This type of beast was formed out of the energy of wind and had a crystal-like body of its own, like the demon spirits. He naturally had his own ways in dealing with them. He didn’t need flames or the dragon transformation skill; he only needed the Eternal Immortal Wind.

The Eternal Immortal Wind was a supreme existence created by Great Sovereign Batian. In terms of rank, this hurricane was too cheap in front of the Eternal Immortal Wind. The same went to those gale beasts. More importantly, the Eternal Immortal Wind contained the traces of Great Sovereign Batian. The qi of origin emitted from it could suppress any sort of gale in this space. It could even obtain the recognition of the formation. 

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