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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1808

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Jiang Chen’s words made their hearts sink even deeper. They knew that Jiang Chen absolutely wasn’t lying to them. The hurricane might even be more terrifying compared to what Jiang Chen had described. After all, it was left by Great Sovereign Batian, a supreme existence with power that no one was able to measure.

Furthermore, Fenghua Zi hadn’t come out after a long period of time. This basically proved that Jiang Chen was telling the truth.

If even the old ancestor could be trapped to death in the hurricane, who else could save their sect master and the rest? If they lost their sect master, Fengluo Sect would be doomed to annihilation; their enemies would certainly attack them.

These dreadful thoughts  made the three of them shudder.

“What should we do? We are certainly finished this time. It’s over for Fengluo Sect.”

“Even the old ancestor can’t deal with it. Who else could save them? Our sect has just been relieved of the crisis caused by Shen Ao and his son, but now we’re encountering this disastrous gale. It seems like we are always dogged with misfortune.” The two disciples revealed faces of despondence.

“Shut up, both of you!”

The elder rebuked. As a half-step Immortal Venerable elder, he could at least maintain the basic level of composure in front of the two young disciples. 

Suddenly, the elder’s eyes perked up when he noticed the calmness on Jiang Chen’s face and eyes, then he asked hastily, “Brother Jiang Chen, do you have a way to deal with this?”

It was a tentative question, but his tone was filled with anticipation as he could feel confidence from Jiang Chen, and indifference. 

“Despite the terror of the hurricane, it can’t hinder me. There are flaws even in the most powerful and horrifying formation. As long as you can find where the flaw is, you can break it,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

“Does that mean Brother Jiang is able to break the hurricane formation?” The elder asked doubtfully.

“I’ll give it a try.”

With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen flew towards the hurricane. When he got close to it, he was swept into the storm and disappeared out of sight.

“Brother Jiang!”

The elder called out to him but to no avail. Given that the chances of survival in the hurricane was near zero, he was touched by Jiang Chen’s action. He himself was a loyal elder, but still, he didn’t have the guts to go in. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was an outsider, who should have ignored this and went to other places in search of treasures, however he still dashed ahead regardless of the danger to save the people of Fengluo Sect. No ordinary people could have such heroic quality.

Apart from gratitude, he also saw a glimmer of hope. In his opinion, Jiang Chen wasn’t a reckless person, but a meticulous person instead. This could be seen clearly from the way he resolved the matter regarding Shen Ao. Since Jiang Chen dared to dash into the violent formation, he believed that Jiang Chen must be confident enough to break it. Although he had no idea what made Jiang Chen so confident, he firmly believed that Jiang Chen was a miraculous man, and that assuring eyes of Jiang Chen calmed his nerves temporarily.

“Elder, Jiang Chen is merely an Immortal Emperor. Isn’t he seeking death by venturing into the hurricane just like this?” One of the disciples spoke.

“What do you know? Brother Jiang is different from ordinary people. I believe that he must have his own method to break the hurricane formation. Only an idiot will rush into his own death. Does he look like an idiot to you? Do you think someone who had the guts to break into Fengluo Sect alone and got rid of the Great Elder with his intelligence is an idiot?” The elder glared at the disciple.

The disciple went silent, because he suddenly felt that he was speaking like an idiot. Although Jiang Chen was as young as them, they knew that Jiang Chen was totally incomparable to them. Since Jiang Chen had made the move, it meant that Jiang Chen must have his own reasons. One of them was that he was truly too powerful.

The only thing the three could do now was to wait with anticipation.

Inside the hurricane formation, there was a total of nine people from Fengluo Sect including Fenghua Zi, all of whom were sticking in a circle, each of them wore a grim face, and some had suffered light and heavy injuries. They were surrounded by the impenetrable wall of wind. It was so dense and thick that it was impossible to find an exit.

It was undoubtedly dangerous to enter such a formation. The wind around the hurricane was unpredictable. Even if you managed to find the weak spot, it would just disappear as soon as you made the move. It was like an enchanted formation that was designed to trap people until they die.

Besides trapping, there were also attacks from the wind from time to time. Each wave of attack was horrifying. Each blade of wind was extremely sharp. Even a mighty Venerable could be wounded by it due to carelessness.

Despair began to surface on their unpleasant faces. The fact that the sect master couldn’t break the barrier of the gale dashed their last trace of hope.


All of a sudden, a thunderous roar rang out. A creature that was a few dozen meters tall rushed out of nowhere. It seemed incomparably ferocious, shaped just like the wind. It was the scariest thing in the hurricane formation. It had no fixed moves and was completely integrated with the gale. There was no way you of knowing which direction the creature would attack. All of their injuries were caused by this creature.

“Be careful!” Fenghua Zi shouted. 

The boost from the gale and formation had pushed its combat strength to Immortal Venerable realm. Taking into account the conducive environment, it was able to strike swiftly. Ordinary Immortal Venerable would find it difficult to block its attack.

Fenghua Zi slashed the creature in half accurately with his combat sword, however it turned into waves of gale right after and vanished into the hurricane.

“Sect Master, these gale beasts are too terrifying. They are invincible.” An early Immortal Venerable elder spoke.

“They are the creatures left behind by Great Sovereign Batian, incomparably horrifying. We must be extra careful. As long as we persevere, we’ll be able to find a way out,” consoled Fenghua Zi. 

As a matter of fact, he too was short of solutions, but as the sect master, he must display the fundamental composure and confidence, otherwise, the last line of defence of his companions’ hearts would collapse.  

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