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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1807

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Another two hours passed. Jiang Chen came to a halt after collecting some of the qi essences. At the present moment, he no longer needed to look for more qi essence, because most of them had been taken by him and Nanbei Chao.

The remaining ones weren’t worth looking for. He still had matters to attend to.

“Great Sovereign Batian must have also left behind other treasures in other parts of the spatial zone. In addition, there are surely countless evil creatures in such place, which is a good chance for my pagoda to obtain some nourishment.”

Jiang Chen had set his next objective. Apart from his own cultivation base, the development of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was also crucial. Currently, only 45 levels of the pagoda were condensed. There was still a long way from completion.

Moreover, the further the pagoda developed, the higher the difficulty and the energy required would be terrifyingly greater. Normally, it wasn’t easy to find a huge number of evil spirits to nourish the pagoda, so he would certainly never miss every chance he stumbled on to advance the pagoda. He was crystal clear of how important the secrets of the pagoda was to him. It would be his biggest secret and reliance. Sooner or later, the pagoda would bring him an unexpected surprise.

The whole spatial zone was like a world of its own with different spaces overlapping one another. One could easily slip into it due to carelessness. The variegated miniature spatial zones within roared. Waves of storms swept across the sky above. From time to time, people could hear the creepy howls of unknown creatures.

At this moment, at the centremost of the spatial zone was a formidable hurricane, wreaking havoc on everything around. It was violent and sounded as thunderous as nine heavenly thunder.

*Hong Long……*

It was like the king of hurricanes. An average tornado was less than a tenth of its power. The qi of death emitted from the hurricane connected the earth and the sky, looking like a dragon with endless length; sand and stones were blown into the air.

It spun incredibly fast. Every wave in it was as sharp as a blade. Piercing sounds were heard as it cut through the void. It was hard to imagine how dangerous it would be if one was sucked into the deepest part of the hurricane.

In addition, the hurricane seemed to have integrated with the spiritual formation of the Heavens and Earth. It was difficult or even impossible for a Venerable to get out of it.

Presently, standing outside of the hurricane were three people. Two of them were youth and one was an elder. The three of them were staring nervously at the spinning waves, faces full of dread.

“Elder, what should we do now? Sect Master has already been in the hurricane for half an hour, and the hurricane is getting worse and worse.” A youth asked.

“Yes, elder. Could Sect Master be trapped in it?” Another youth said urgently.

“This hurricane is overly terrifying. It has integrated with the enchantment formation deployed by Great Sovereign Batian. Once one was trapped inside, it will be very hard for one to get out of it. Although Sect Master is an intermediate Immortal Venerable, I’m afraid it won’t be easy for him to break free from the wind.” The elder also knitted his eyebrows, his eyes brimming with infinite worries.

Despite their lack of understanding of the hurricane, they could see that it was a very powerful force of nature. There’s no good outcome being trapped in the hurricane. Their sect master was a very good example.

“What should we do now? I wonder where the old ancestor is at right now.”

“If something were to happen to Sect Master, Fengluo Sect will surely be in danger.”

The two young disciples couldn’t remain calm.

“Alright. Both of you, keep quiet.”

The elder reprimanded. He also seemed perturbed, but there was nothing he could do as he was only a half-step Immortal Venerable. If he ventured into the hurricane, not only would he be of no help, but would also become a nuisance to his sect master instead.

At this moment, a line of crack appeared all of a sudden in the void nearby. A figure in white robe emerged from it. The emergence of this newcomer had naturally aroused the senses of the three, but when they recognized who the person was, joy was revealed on their faces, because the newcomer wasn’t a stranger, it was Jiang Chen.

The three of them were disciples of Fengluo Sect. Owing to Jiang Chen having helped Fengluo Sect resolve a potentially lethal threat, everyone in the sect knew about him.

The current Jiang Chen had already returned to his usual form  because the dragon form would only be used if he was in a life-and-death battle.

“Brother Jiang Chen!” The elder greeted excitedly.

Although Jiang Chen didn’t know these people, he recognized their uniform.

“What are the lot of you doing here?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang Chen, quickly think of ways to save our Sect Master, and the elders and disciples of Fengluo Sect.”

The elder spoke urgently and almost cried. He was on the verge of breaking down during this half an hour due to helplessness. Although Jiang Chen didn’t have a very strong cultivation base, Jiang Chen was a man with strange powers. He thought that Jiang Chen might have ways to save them.

Of course, how could Jiang Chen have ways to deal with the hurricane if even the sect master couldn’t do anything about it? But since it was an emergency, seeing an acquaintance was akin to seeing a glimmer of hope.

“What happened?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang Chen, our group has mistakenly entered this spatial zone. At least seven elders and disciples have been trapped in that hurricane formation. Only the three of us got lucky. We then sent a distress signal to Sect Master and he went in there to rescue them. However it has already been half an hour but there’s still no sign from him.”

The elder recounted everything that happened truthfully, hoping that Jiang Chen could really save those who were trapped in the hurricane, particularly their sect master. If anything were to happen to Fenghua Zi, Fengluo Sect would surely suffer an unimaginable loss.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen’s eyes immediately shifted to the hurricane formation, the Great Soul Derivation Technique was cast out. Immense spiritual force rushed across in an instant. The might of this hurricane even made him frown.

“This is a very destructive hurricane. It consists of the profound formation of Great Sovereign Batian. Not just your sect master, even your old ancestor will be trapped to death in it,” said Jiang Chen. 

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