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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1806

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There was no reason for the cultivator not to be delighted. The qi essence of a Great Sovereign was a supreme resource to them. Normally, they wouldn’t even dare to dream about it, let alone getting it. With the qi essence in his hand, complex emotions were churning inside of him. He was only an intermediate Immortal Emperor. Although it was only a strand of the qi essence, if he could fully refine and absorb it, he wouldn’t have any problem advancing to the late Immortal Emperor realm.

The real benefit, however, wasn’t just the advancement, but the holistic change in his physique, the change was akin to being reborn. Given the talent of this cultivator, he wouldn’t have a chance to reach the Venerable realm even if he spent his entire life cultivating, but with the help of the qi essence, it was possible for him to break through to Immortal Venerable realm in the future.

As such, to countless cultivators, any bit of qi essence of a Great Sovereign was invaluable. It represented great fortune and luck.

The sight of the qi essence immediately aroused the admiration in the others’ eyes, or even greed in some of the companions, however this type of greed only lingered for a brief moment. After all, they had already been mentally prepared before coming here. Being alive was their first priority, which explained why they had joined forces. Before that, they had also made it clear that the treasure would belong to whoever got it first. Robbing each other was not allowed, but seizing treasures from another group was permitted.

“It’s really the qi essence of a Great Sovereign. F***! This bastard does have great luck. Can’t believe that he had actually gotten such unparalleled treasure. Ai! Why didn’t I have such luck?”

“Indeed. After refining and absorbing this qi essence, his cultivation base is going to advance to late Immortal Emperor realm. Tremendous change will take place in his body. How admirable!”

“Let’s not envy what he got. This place is the remains of Great Sovereign Batian. The remains of Empress Nine Yin might also be here. I believe there are still loads of qi essence here. As long as we are lucky enough, we may be able to obtain some.”


The few of them envied the cultivator’s luck, but the appearance of the qi essence had also ignited their spirit. It made them feel that it was worth coming here.

Unfortunately, would they be that lucky? It was afraid that it wasn’t the case.


Just as the cultivator was about to keep the qi essence, an invisible qi suddenly rushed out from the void, sweeping away the qi essence from the cultivator’s hand.

“Who is it?”

The cultivator was enraged. A combat sword materialized in his hand and was swung at the void. It was too abominable. Someone had robbed him of his treasure before he could even stow it away safely. How could he accept that?

The transition from gaining to losing was just too fast. In fact, no one would be able to bear it.


A mighty palm protruded out of the void, grabbing the sword and hurling it aside. After that, a golden-robed youth walked out of the void, radiating majestic aura, his eyes as cold as a venomous serpent. The eight of them were scared to death as they knew that they had offended some mighty being.

“Even trash like you dare to seize my things? That is an utter insult to me. You shouldn’t have come into this place as it was disrespectful. Since you have come, I’ll send you to hell now.”

After the incomer finished speaking, he waved out a wave of qi that swept across the group of cultivators. The wave turned into a hurricane of sharp blades, shredding everything apart.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Shrill screams were heard. All of them died instantly. It was supposed to be a fortunate encounter. They were supposed to have infinite possibilities laying ahead of them, but in the next moment, they were dead. It was truly a tragic outcome. 

No one would have thought that they would suddenly encounter such a predicament. After all, they hadn’t offended anyone after entering this place. They didn’t know why they were killed. If the expert had come to seize that strand of qi essence, he could just take it away from the cultivator. Why did he still want to kill them all?

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to find out as they were already dead.

The one that killed them wasn’t a stranger, but Nanbei Chao. That was to say, their luck was worse than ever. Nanbei Chao was an extremely arrogant person. He only cared about himself and his pride. He didn’t put anyone in his eyes apart from himself. In his opinion, these cultivators were low-grade trash that had insulted him by touching his qi essence.

Besides that, he had been nursing a great amount of anger due to the clash with Jiang Chen. It had begun to accumulate since the time in Golden Horizon, and was in danger of bursting out at this moment. It was unfortunate that these people became a tool in venting out his anger. 

“Humph! From now on, no one will be able to stop me from rising. Anyone who opposes me will die.”

Nanbei Chao harrumphed coldly and vanished with a twist of his body. He was, no doubt, a ruthless killer. Of the thousands of people that had entered, a portion of them were destined to be the unlucky ones. In Nanbei Chao’s opinion, everyone who entered the remains already disrespected him. So he wasn’t going to let any one of them live.

The death of these cultivators were just the beginning.

On the other side, Jiang Chen was still gathering the qi essence unceasingly. The number of dragon marks in his body was also soaring continuously – 10 000, 20 000, 30 000, 40 000. 

In just a few hours, 40 000 new dragon marks were formed. The total number of dragon marks in his body has already reached the terrifying amount – 1 390 000, leaving only 10 000 more to reach the late Immortal Emperor realm. 

His present cultivation base was at the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. His current strength was so much greater compared to the time when he had just advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. He was now powerful enough to fight any ordinary intermediate Immortal Venerable expert.

This was the terror of the dragon transformation skill. Under the dragon form, he would be ever victorious.

“The qi essence in my body has already reached the limit. I’ll store the remaining qi essence for others. Currently, there aren’t many qi essences left in here and the rest of them are too scattered to be found. I’ll gather a few more before venturing into other places in search of other benefits.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. Nanbei Chao’s existence had pressured him to act swiftly and efficiently. 

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