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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1804

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Nanbei Chao couldn’t help feeling astounded as what Jiang Chen did had transcended common sense and natural law.

What was natural law, then? It was the conformance to thousands of principles in the world. The qi essence of a Great Sovereign was naturally a good thing, but it had its own master and attribute of its own. Under the sky, there was only Nanbei Chao who had such attribute. Therefore, there was no other person in the world that could absorb this qi essence directly. 

An ordinary cultivator would need to spend huge amount of effort in refining the qi essence until it had the same attribute as the cultivator. This was the conformance to the natural law, but what Jiang Chen did had completely exceeded the natural law.

Then again, the dragon transformation skill itself was a heaven-defying cultivation, or it should be said that it had transcended the scope of the natural law, making it the most supreme existence. As such, the natural law of the world didn’t apply to Jiang Chen.

The dragon transformation skill allowed him to absorb all kinds of energy in the Heavens and Earth, including the qi essence of a Great Sovereign. So there was no difference in his attribute and Nanbei Chao’s during the absorption process.

“Nanbei Chao, nothing is impossible in this world. You thought that you are the monarch at the top of the pyramid, but it will change now that you’ve encountered me. All the nobility you think you have is worthless in front of me.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t let go of the chance to insult Nanbei Chao. This was a blow to Nanbei Chao’s belief of invincibility. The enemy would be weakened by a notch the moment his strong belief was dampened.

It was just that Nanbei Chao’s belief couldn’t be faltered so easily. He was a mighty opponent. He wouldn’t qualify to become Jiang Chen’s mortal enemy if he was affected so easily.

“What a joke, Jiang Chen! I have to admit that you are the rarest genius that I have ever met in the Heavens and Earth, however you can’t suppress my power. The advantages I have in this spatial zone are beyond your imagination.” Nanbei Chao spoke after recovering from his astonishment.

Jiang Chen shook his head secretly. 

Indeed, Nanbei Chao was extremely hard to deal with. The degree of his composure was almost on par with Jiang Chen’s. Normal things couldn’t possibly shake his heart of Monarch. Of course, Jiang Chen really didn’t expect this to deal any blow to Nanbei Chao.

Both of them chose not to converse anymore, knowing that any further conversation was useless and couldn’t deal any harm to the other.

What they needed to do now was to seize every minute and second to advance their cultivation base. As their combat strengths were relatively on par; the one who advance first would definitely land a heavy blow to the other.


Wild waves were surging out of their bodies like tides. Nanbei Chao put all of his focus on breaking through to half-step Immortal Venerable realm while Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was heading towards the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

The number of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body was rising constantly. Very quickly, it had reached 1 350 000, the threshold of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

*Hong Long……*

With a deafening dragon roar and stormy qi waves, Jiang Chen reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. Just as he advanced, Nanbei Chao also made the breakthrough, his qi was rolling like tidal waves.

“Jiang Chen, go to hell now!”

Without another word, Nanbei Chao struck out the Hand of Heaven; his eyes seemed to be piercing through Jiang Chen and his Hand of Heaven seemed as though it wanted to grip everything. It was as huge as a sky barrier. The qi waves emitted from it was enough to destroy an enormous mountain.

In the face of Nanbei Chao’s mighty attack, Jiang Chen did not show any weakness. The Slaughter Dragon Seal was struck out. The combat dragon roared loudly. Its eyes glinted ruthlessly as it collided with the Hand of Heaven once more! The power of this collision was a lot stronger than the previous. After all, both of them had advanced a level.

The turbulent current was completely disrupted. Lines of cracks appeared on the indestructible spatial barrier. Such a massive upheaval had once again drawn the attention of those peerless Venerables.

Despite noticing the abnormal movements, no one dared to enter the turbulent space to find out exactly what was happening. After all, it was too risky. Moreover, in their opinion, it was common that there would be some unbelievable ruckus taking place in the spatial zone left by the ancient Great Sovereign.

The powerful impact had sent Nanbei Chao and Jiang Chen 300 meters away from the battlefield, but judging from their qi, the exchange ended in a draw.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, I’ll spare your life for now. I promise that I won’t let you leave this place alive when I see you next time.”

Nanbei Chao left a malicious message and vanished with a twist of his body.

This time, Jiang Chen didn’t choose to pursue him, because he knew that it was pointless. With his current strength, he could no longer kill Nanbei Chao. He couldn’t deny that Nanbei Chao would surely grow fast in this place and that it would mostly catch him off guard.

“It seems like I must find the center of the remains as soon as possible, and stop Nanbei Chao from getting those treasures, otherwise, he’ll rise to an undefeatable extent.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned grim, knowing that it wouldn’t be easy to find the centermost of the spatial zone. Apart from difficulty, there would also be dangers. Places like this would normally be deployed with different restrictive layers by its master, making the place extremely hard to enter except if you’re Nanbei Chao.

What he needed to do now was to start from the Great Sovereign’s qi essence. Nanbei Chao must also be seizing all the qi essence he could. Even if Jiang Chen couldn’t consume all the qi essence he had taken in, he could store it for later use or for his friends.

By solely relying on the qi essence, it would be enough to push his cultivation base to the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. By then, his combat strength surely would improve once more.

As Nanbei Chao was constantly improving, he had to keep on enhancing himself as well in order to shorten the gap between them. 

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