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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1802

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The Slaughter Dragon flew across the void, appearing above Nanbei Chao’s head in a twinkle. Nanbei Chao was unwilling to submit to it. The Qi of Monarch surged from his body and he struck out the Hand of Heaven.

*Hong Long……*

These two were devastating attacks. Each of which was sufficient to destroy everything, so the power of the impact was beyond imagination. The waves of the battle had spread towards other places in the spatial zone. Perhaps, ordinary experts wouldn’t be able to sense it, but those peerless Venerables could.

“It seems like some experts are battling.”

Someone frowned, his eyes full of astonishment. It was common for battles to take place in the expedition, but if the battle took place within the turbulent space, the nature of the incident would change completely. One should know that this was an atypical spatial zone. The turbulent current in an atypical spatial zone was different from that in the world outside. Once one was lost within the turbulent space, one would probably not be able to get out again. This place wasn’t governed by the law of the world, but by the laws left behind by Great Sovereign Batian. That was to say, Great Sovereign Batian was the absolute ruler of this place. Even a mighty peerless Venerable wouldn’t dare to enter the turbulent space easily. Anyone who was in the spatial zone might still be able to accurately find the exit, but those who were lost in the turbulent current were doomed. Even a peerless Venerable would have to die within.

“Some unlucky bastard must have been sucked into the turbulent space. What a pity.” A peerless Venerable said with a sneering smile. 

Those who were trapped in the turbulent space could only put the blame on their misfortune, as long as one was sane, one absolutely wouldn’t step into the turbulent space voluntarily – that was equivalent to seeking death.


Within the turbulent space, Nanbei Chao failed to resist the Slaughter Dragon Seal. His Hand of Heaven shattered and he suffered a huge shock from the dragon seal, spurting out a big mouthful of blood, his face incomparably pale.

As a matter of fact, Nanbei Chao wasn’t supposed to be this vulnerable. After all, he was two cultivation realms higher compared to Jiang Chen. Given his talent, he should have no problem fighting Jiang Chen to a draw, but due to the injuries caused by the Sun Divine Feather hadn’t been fully healed yet and all his focus was placed on the treasures of his past self, this caused his fighting spirit to drop, he was no match for Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you have truly angered me!”

Nanbei Chao bellowed, his golden hair stood upright like needles. Unprecedented fury rushed out of his body. He, Nanbei Chao, had never been humiliated to such a degree before.

“So what if I have angered you? Given your current state, you are no match for me, and I’m going to kill you while you’re still weak.”

Jiang Chen wore the look of a bully as he condensed the Slaughter Dragon Seal once more. The energy in his body was flowing continuously, it seemed inexhaustible. It allowed him to infinitely use powerful techniques like the Slaughter Dragon Seal.


Nanbei Chao cast out the Eternal Immortal Wind and the Immortal Armour that hadn’t been fully repaired, covering the surface of his body. He had even cast out the Monarch Art. The image of a mighty Monarch appeared above his head, and with immense energy, it was hurled at Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon.

However, Nanbei Chao didn’t use the Eternal Immortal Wind to attack Jiang Chen. Instead, it turned into a serpent-like wind and swept into the deep layers of the space.

*Hong Long……*

Horrifying battle waves spread out once more. The entire space was on the verge of exploding. Nanbei Chao was sent away again. The light from his Immortal Armour dimmed. Blood spewed out from his mouth. His condition was weakening, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of despair on his face. Instead, a hint of delight was seen at the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Chen knitted his brows, feeling that Nanbei Chao was behaving very strangely. Under normal condition, Nanbei Chao would have gone crazy and chosen to flee.

While Jiang Chen was still feeling puzzled, the Eternal Immortal Wind reappeared from somewhere, returning into Nanbei Chao’s body in the form of serpents.

With Jiang Chen’s sharp eyesight, he naturally noticed the huge difference of the wind. Each wind carried a trace of gold qi which seemed like the most valuable existence in the Heavens and Earth. Anyone who saw it couldn’t help having the urge to worship it.

“It’s the essence of Great Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen almost exclaimed. He could already see that Nanbei Chao was absorbing the essence of the Great Sovereign.

Back when Great Sovereign Batian fell here, his qi essence remained. Then, this large amount of essence became invisible substance and drifted off to different places in the spatial zone. It was just that these qi had strongly concealed themselves. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to find it. Only those with great luck could acquire some of these qi essence.

Even Jiang Chen would find it extremely hard to obtain some of these qi. If one didn’t have sufficient luck, it was virtually impossible to acquire any of it.

The qi essence of the Great Sovereign was the source left behind by the Great Sovereign Batian. It was a supreme treasure. To put it bluntly, the qi essence itself was one of the great treasures that could be found here. Thousands of them had entered this place, and any one of them could obtain and absorb it, and the person who obtained it surely hit the jackpot.

This qi essence wasn’t equivalent to the inheritance of the Great Sovereign, but every trace of the qi essence could tremendously widen a cultivator’s span of foundation, causing unbelievable changes to take place in the cultivator’s physique, it was almost casting off one’s old self and taking on a new one. If a mighty Immortal Venerable had absorbed the qi essence, his cultivation base would improve by leaps and bounds, at least one level of advancement.

However, the outcome wouldn’t be favorable to Jiang Chen if it fell into the hands of Nanbei Chao. An ordinary person would need some time to refine and absorb it, but Nanbei Chao was different. Being the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian, the qi essence was relatively similar to his own qi, so there wouldn’t be any backlash if he absorbed it directly.

Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned grim all of a sudden. He finally understood that the Eternal Immortal Wind was left behind by Great Sovereign Batian himself. This explained why Nanbei Chao was able to find the hidden qi essence with the wind and brought it back to his body.

This was too scary. To put it bluntly, Nanbei Chao could find the qi essence anywhere in the spatial zone. Plus, given his familiarity with this place, it wouldn’t be hard for him to search for the things that were hidden in the deep layers of void.

Nanbei Chao would surely advance rapidly in this place. No one would be able to stop him, unless Jiang Chen had the ability to kill Nanbei Chao in one strike, however that was impossible. 

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