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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1800

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Jiang Chen had lost his calm earlier because of the Immortal Burying Coffin, but now he had fully settled after remembering his main purpose of entering the remains. Apparently, the coffin had its own purpose too, and it would be difficult to find its location even if he went in now.

In that case, he might as well shift his focus to Nanbei Chao. No one who entered the remains could escape his perception, so Nanbei Chao wouldn’t be able to enter the remains without a trace if he was amongst those swarming in.

Besides, he concluded that Nanbei Chao would surely appear as Great Sovereign Batian was the previous self of Nanbei Chao. This was Nanbei Chao’s only chance to rise again. With Nanbei Chao’s character, he surely wouldn’t deliberately hide his qi even after he arrived here. After all, he wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would also be here.

As a matter of fact, even if Nanbei Chao concealed his qi, Jiang Chen would have no problem detecting it as the two of them had been very familiar with each other.

“Okay. Take care of yourself.”

Fenghua Zi nodded, then led the experts of Fengluo Sect into the enormous doorway. Although Fenghua Zi was the Sect Master, he wouldn’t interfere in Jiang Chen’s decision, after all he was not a disciple of Fengluo Sect. In Fenghua Zi’s heart, Jiang Chen was an existence on par with him.

The continuous flow of people caused the doorway to rattle. The multi-colors radiating from it seemed to be a doorway leading them to the ancient times. Everyone was overwhelmed by excitement. The appearance of the remains of a Great Sovereign was extremely rare. Even obtaining a tiny bit of benefits in the remains was enough to make an ordinary expert successful in life.

The remains under the Monarch Mountain had been silent for so long, until today; Jiang Chen felt that this must have something to do with the appearance of the Immortal Burying Coffin. One should know that a figure like Great Sovereign Batian could foretell the future with divine accuracy. He must have left his remains for his reincarnation, and it was unlikely that he would cause such a huge movement during the opening of his remains because it would be a huge loss if the treasures inside were taken by strangers.

In other words, the treasures were specially left for Nanbei Chao. The moment Nanbei Chao regained his past memory, he would come searching for it. Besides Nanbei Chao, he was afraid there wasn’t a second person in this world who could open the entrance to the remains. 

Unfortunately, during the battle between Great Sovereign Batian and Empress Nine Yin, she had also left behind some of her items here. Plus, she was the one who found it first, which was why the entrance had been opened.

Thousands of people had entered the enormous doorway within a short period of time. The mountain was now left with Jiang Chen himself. The enormous doorway was beginning to fade. One should know that such an entrance would only stay open for a limited time. Once the time ran out, the door would disappear on its own.

Jiang Chen frowned. Despite all of them having vanished into the doorway, he still couldn’t sense a trace of Nanbei Chao’s qi.

“Impossible. Nanbei Chao has no reason not to show up. He will never miss this opportunity.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He absolutely wouldn’t believe that Nanbei Chao would remain indifferent if his things were taken away by others, unless Nanbei Chao had been eradicated that day, but that was impossible.

Looking at the fading doorway, his eyes turned resolute. He still firmly believed that Nanbei Chao would emerge.

Just as the door was about to fade away, a silhouette appeared like a ghostly figure. When he emerged, he was very close to the doorway. With a twist of his body, he vanished out of sight into the doorway.

“He has finally come.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a smirk. Hastily, he cast out the Great Soul Derivation Technique to lock on the man’s qi and the Great Void Technique, disappearing into the illusory door in the blink of an eye.

Not long after he entered the doorway, the doorway vanished as though it had never been there. The restless mountain had recovered its peace.

There was no doubt about it. The last silhouette that appeared wasn’t a stranger. He was precisely Nanbei Chao. Jiang Chen’s deduction was right. It also confirmed his speculation that Nanbei Chao was the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian.

Within the turbulent space.

Nanbei Chao seemed to have known the path here. He didn’t go where the others had gone to. He headed straight into the turbulent space, towards his own destination. It only showed that he had already recovered his memories and knew where to look for his most important treasure.

He wasn’t afraid of the turbulent space because this huge spatial zone was once left behind by him. Naturally, he was extremely familiar with the environment here.

Feeling that someone was following behind his back, he came to a halt, turned abruptly and saw Jiang Chen pursuing him. The current Jiang Chen was already in his dragon form, his hand holding the terrifying dragon sword.

“Jiang Chen, it’s you again?! Why have you come to Fengchi Immortal Domain?”

The sight of Jiang Chen instantly aroused his fury. He would never forget the incident in Golden Horizon. The insult to his life was gifted by this dragonman. What made him doubtful was that why had Jiang Chen, who was supposed to be in Ethereal Immortal Domain right now, was here.

Why was Jiang Chen present everywhere he went? It gave him the urge to spurt out blood. Sure enough, Jiang Chen was the bane of his life who would always stop him at the most crucial moment. Nanbei Chao couldn’t help gritting his teeth at the thought of this, however his focus wasn’t on Jiang Chen now. As long as he could acquire the treasure that his old self had left behind, he would undergo a world-shaking change. When the time came, killing Jiang Chen would be a piece of cake, as easy as crushing an ant.

“Nanbei Chao, you won’t be getting the things of your past life in my presence. That day in Golden Horizon, you had hunted me, trying to eradicate me and today, it’s my turn,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. 

His spiritual force had already locked on Nanbei Chao’s qi, not giving Nanbei Chao the slightest chance to slip off the range of his senses. He would have to be cautious while confronting Nanbei Chao here as this was equivalent to Nanbei Chao’s homeground, which would give Nanbei Chao plenty of ways to escape from his grip.

What reassured Jiang Chen was Nanbei Chao’s present condition. The current cultivation base of Nanbei Chao was only at the late Immortal Emperor realm. Compared to the last time when he was ‘killed’ in the Golden Horizon, he hadn’t improved. In addition, his qi was in disorder. It only showed that the injuries he suffered from the strike of the Sun Divine Feather hadn’t completely healed.

This was however common. That day, the Sun Divine Feather had destroyed almost the entire body of Nanbei Chao. It was shocking enough that he could recover from that severe condition within such a short period of time. Jiang Chen was afraid that only Nanbei Chao had the ability to achieve such a feat. 

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