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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1799

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“Who’s that man? He’s too rash. I can see that he is only at the Immortal Emperor realm. Touching the Immortal Burying Coffin directly is similar to courting death.”

“No one knows where this youth has come from. There must be something wrong with his brain, or he has lost his senses due to greed. That’s the Immortal Burying Coffin we are talking about. Even a mighty Immortal Venerable won’t dare to possess it. It’s his great luck that he isn’t killed by the weapon of the Great Sovereign.”

“That’s right. That column of light isn’t something he can simply touch. That’s the thing left behind by a Great Sovereign. He, a mere Immortal Emperor, is an absolute insect in front of a Great Sovereign. A wave of qi from the Great Sovereign is already sufficient to shred him into pieces.”

“Young men are always very impulsive. Their temperament does need some honing. It’s fortunate that he isn’t killed and I hope that he can learn a lesson from it.”


Many people began to shake their heads. Most of their faces revealed sneering looks. In their opinion, Jiang Chen’s rash action was no different than seeking death. Everyone knew that the Immortal Burying Coffin was a supreme existence. No one would dare to touch it even if it was right in front of them. And there was the light column above Monarch Mountain which represented the qi of Great Sovereign Batian. It was a blessing that a normal person who touched it was still alive.

“Xiao Yu.”

Jiang Chen spurted out another mouthful of blood, ignoring the sneering eyes around him as he stared unblinkingly at where the coffin had disappeared. He was sure that he had sensed Yan Chenyu in the coffin just now. Unfortunately, the coffin had vanished too quickly, not giving him the chance to take a second look.

Despite knowing that the coffin had entered the remains under the Monarch Mountain in advance, his worries for Yan Chenyu overwhelmed his rationality. He had even ignored the terrifying column of light. Otherwise, given his composure, he wouldn’t have acted so rashly as he had already seen through the power of the light column.

The injury that he suffered right now was enough to prove everything. Fortunately, his strong physique had greatly reduced the damage done to his body during the impact. At least, it wouldn’t be a difficult task for him to recover. 

“Sect Master, Brother Jiang seems very impulsive. This isn’t in line with his character.” The elder next to Fenghua Zi couldn’t help but remark.

“Indeed. I reckon Brother Jiang must have his own reasons for doing so. Luckily, he hasn’t suffered a severe injury.” 

Fenghua Zi sighed with relief. He was the closest to Jiang Chen just now and could clearly feel the sudden change in Jiang Chen’s emotion, and greed absolutely wasn’t the root of it.

*Hong Long……*

That light column suddenly burst into a loud roar. The huge column of light swayed in the sky like a frenzied dragon. Unparalleled qi was emitted from it.

“Step back everyone! The entrance is about to be opened.” A peerless Venerable clamoured.

Hurriedly, everyone moved at least a hundred miles away from the scene. Jiang Chen was the fastest to react. He had already regained his senses and knew that the energy erupting during the opening of the remains would be even more violent than usual, so for the sake of his safety, he should keep a safe distance from it.

The healing speed of the wood spiritual qi was beyond ordinary. Adding the healing ability of the dragon transformation skill and his incredible physique, it took less than two minutes to almost recover his injuries.

Countless blazing eyes were fixed at the sky above. The area within thousands of miles around the Monarch Mountain began to shake, as though a great earthquake was taking place, the rumbling was incessant.

The dragon-like light column danced in the sky, tearing the void into pieces. Such a scene gave people palpitations as it seemed like an apocalyptic sight.

Everybody was stirred as they knew that such changes in the column of light indicated the opening of the entrance. Everyone was filled with anticipation. The remains of a Great Sovereign was incomparable to any treasures they had in the past.

None of them wouldn’t want to startle the world, be high and mighty, glorify their ancestors and leave eternal fame in the world.

And all these required incredible strength. The opening of each expedition was a great chance for them. No one was willing to let this chance go. They certainly wouldn’t refuse to give it a try even if it might cost them their lives. Opportunities always coexisted with dangers. If one could acquire an extraordinary benefit, one would be able to rise to fame.

Despite the slim chance, it was still enough to drive people crazy.

In the world where the strong preyed the weak, you would only be trampled by others if you weren’t diligent enough. 

Waves of qi rolled in the sky. The light column was suddenly receding and gathering at the top of the Monarch Mountain. Very quickly, a huge golden door was condensed by the golden light. Multi-coloured light shone and qi that captivated people radiated from the inside of the doorway.

“The entrance has been opened. Our chance has arrived.”

“Haha! It truly has opened. This is the remains left by Great Sovereign Batian. There must be some unparalleled treasures inside.”

“It’s rumoured that the flesh of the Great Sovereign and the unparalleled Monarch Sword are inside. F***! Won’t one become heaven-defying if one has the chance to get them?”


The crowd was getting anxious. Each silhouette began to rush towards the huge doorway recklessly. It was like a black cavern, 300 meters in size, too big even if one thousand people entered at the same time.

This was what the cultivators had been waiting for. Now that it had come, no one was able to remain calm. They were swarming into the doorway like bees.


In just a matter of a few blinks, few thousand people had vanished into the doorway. All of them were moving into the doorway like a continuous wave. No one could stop the flow, not even a mighty powerhouse. The attraction of the remains of the Great Sovereign made them immune to any sort of orders.

Fenghua Zi approached Jiang Chen and said, “Brother Jiang, are you OK?”

“I’m fine.” Jiang Chen shook his head. His injuries had fully healed.

“The entrance to the remains has been opened. Let’s go in now,” said Fenghua Zi.

“Right. You go in first, Sect Master. I’ll be right behind you.” Jiang Chen nodded, gesturing Fenghua Zi to enter first. He had instead become unhurried to enter the remains. Of course, the reason behind was that he was waiting for someone. 

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