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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1792

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Jiang Chen’s words enlightened Fenghua Zi and the old ancestor. As Fenghua Zi had been overwhelmed by his fury, he could only think of eradicating anyone that was involved, ignoring the most important part of the matter, which would lead to huge losses to the sect.

What Jiang Chen said was right. Now that the Great Elder had been apprehended, maintaining unity was the most important thing. Fenghua Zi didn’t wish to see his disciples being doubtful to one another as this would brew mistrust. Since Shen Ao wouldn’t have the chance to rise anymore, the conspirators also wouldn’t have the power to revolt anymore. If the sect could let bygones be bygones, these people would surely be grateful and remain absolutely loyal to the sect as a result.

In this way, Fengluo Sect would become more united. Those who had secretly plotted against the sect with Shen Ao would naturally be thankful for the kindness and would behave well from now on. This would surely make the sect prosper even more in the future. In other words, this was a blessing in disguise.

Fenghua Zi and the old ancestor were looking at Jiang Chen with gratitude. Regardless of who this young man was, they would treat this youth as the guest of honor from today onwards. If it wasn’t for him, Shen Ao’s plot wouldn’t have been exposed and the future of Fengluo Sect would be inconceivable.

Besides Fenghua Zi and the old ancestor, those who had secretly intended to revolt with Shen Ao felt deeply grateful to Jiang Chen, and almost fell to their knees. The crucial words of Jiang Chen had not only saved their lives but also redeemed their bad reputation.

“Alright. Since Brother Jiang Chen said so, Fengluo Sect won’t investigate any further. In the future, Fengluo Sect will certainly become more prosperous. Shen Ao, you deserve to die for your sin. And it’s a worthy death for you die in my hands,” Fenghua Zi said and then thrust his sword into the cage, piercing through the forehead of Shen Ao, killing the traitor instantly.

Fenghua Zi ended Shen Ao’s life as quickly as possible, fearing that Shen Ao would reveal the names of his accomplices out of desperation. At that time, it would become difficult to let the matter rest. Therefore, he had opted to end the chaos by killing Shen Ao immediately.

Jiang Chen nodded and heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Shen Ao was finally killed. The way Fenghua Zi killed Shen Ao displayed the wisdom and decisiveness of a Sect Master.


After killing Shen Ao, Fenghua Zi raised his sword high in the air. Incredible sword qi converged to form a dragon, spiraling non-stop in the void. It radiated a very strong splendor that startled everyone.

“All of you, listen! This is the outcome of a traitor. I hope that from now on, Fengluo Sect are all of one mind and have a prosperous and thriving future!”

Fenghua Zi’s thunderous voice reverberated in the sky above the mountain range of Fengluo Sect.

“Fengluo Sect are all of one mind and have a prosperous and thriving future!”

“Fengluo Sect are all of one mind and have a prosperous and thriving future!”

“Fengluo Sect are all of one mind and have a prosperous and thriving future!”


Countless disciples and elders of the sect shouted aloud. The passionate air infected everyone like a contagion that cleared away all the doubts and suspicion they had on their comrades. No matter what happened before this, Shen Ao was dead; the chaos was over. What awaited Fengluo Sect was a new and prosperous era. All of them were greatly united.

The turmoil of Fengluo Sect finally subsided. The fact that the old ancestor, who normally didn’t show himself appeared today, proving how severe the matter was. Jiang Chen had undoubtedly become the greatest benefactor of Fengluo Sect. Everyone in the sect felt grateful to him. Those hundreds of disciples who were saved by Jiang Chen couldn’t thank him enough.

Fenghua Zi and the old ancestor approached Jiang Chen, then Fenghua Zi spoke, “Brother Jiang Chen, we are fortunate to have your help today. Otherwise, Fengluo Sect is going to suffer unpredictable losses. There’s no way we can repay your kindness. If Brother Jiang Chen needs any help in the future, let me know. I won’t refuse it no matter what.” Fenghua Zi spoke forthrightly and generously.

“Sect Master has been polite. I’ve only come today because Shen Ao has harmed my father. I have to seek justice on my father’s behalf,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“I wonder where your father is now,” inquired Fenghua Zi.

“Father, you can come out now.”

With a sway of Jiang Chen’s body, Jiang Zhenhai appeared next to him. The incorporeal Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was kept in Jiang Chen’s body. Even the old ancestor wasn’t able to catch a trace of it.

Jiang Zhenhai seemed pretty tensed. As his cultivation base was too weak, he felt very uncomfortable standing in front of an expert like Fenghua Zi. If Jiang Chen hadn’t supported him with his qi, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand firmly. He saw everything that happened previously. He was undeniably proud and honored to have Jiang Chen as his son. He felt even more contented seeing peerless experts as such treating his own son courteously.

“Jiang Zhenhai greets Sect Master.” Jiang Zhenhai clasped his fists at Fenghua Zi.

“There’s no need to be polite, Brother Jiang. It’s your biggest pride that you have such an exceptional son.”

Fenghua Zi greeted back with clasped fists and addressed Jiang Zhenhai as ‘brother’, which made Jiang Zhenhai feel flattered. He had never dreamt that a mighty Immortal Venerable would stand in front of him and speak to him so politely one day. Of course, he wasn’t carried away by that. He was crystal clear that this was all because of his son’s presence. Without Jiang Chen, he was close to nothing.

“Very well. Since Shen Ao has been eliminated, I won’t disturb you guys anymore. I’m leaving now.” Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Fenghua Zi and the old ancestor and turned to leave.

“Wait, Brother Jiang Chen.”

Fenghua Zi called out to Jiang Chen hurriedly. The admiration he had for Jiang Chen grew even more. Initially, he thought that Jiang Chen would at least want something in return for the help he had given to Fengluo Sect and the sect would try their best to satisfy the request of this benefactor.

Beyond his expectation, Jiang Chen wanted no rewards before leaving. It was rare for a youth to have such a disposition.

If Fengluo Sect could produce such a genius like you, it would definitely be the greatest asset of the sect.

“Is there anything else, Sect Master?” said Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang, I see that your father isn’t in good condition. He can stay here to recuperate for some time. I have the greatest alchemist, best herbs and cultivation environment in my sect. I believe that these will be able to help your father. As for the aid Brother Jiang Chen has given to our sect, I won’t feel comfortable if Brother Jiang Chen leave just like this,” offered Fenghua Zi. 

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