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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1791

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At this critical moment, when everyone was in a state of hopelessness, a wave of qi suddenly spread and enshrouded every one of them. That was the qi of a domain. Immediately, the disciples felt a sense of security inside the domain.


The moment before the giant palm hit them, the domain moved, disappearing from the scene. Every one of them had moved more than a dozen miles away from their original location that was then struck by the giant palm, turning it into ruins. 

While still in fear, their eyes shifted to a silhouette – Jiang Chen!

“It was he who saved us!”

Given their level of cultivation base, they could feel the qi of Jiang Chen from the domain that saved them.

That’s right. The saviour naturally was Jiang Chen. By combining the Great Void Technique and the Great Divination Art, he was able to escape at the precise moment, even if he had to bring hundreds of people with him.

“Thank you, Young Master Jiang.”

They clasped their fists towards Jiang Chen. The hostility from before had faded from their eyes as Jiang Chen had saved them from certain death. No matter where Jiang Chen was from or what identity he had, the whole Fengluo Sect already viewed him as their ally. After all, Jiang Chen hadn’t shown any bit of hostility towards them from the beginning until now. Apart from avenging his father’s dignity, he had also provided great help to the sect.

Fenghua Zi and the elders, who were watching the scene attentively, felt grateful to Jiang Chen, and at the same time, astonished by Jiang Chen’s unordinary speed that even a mighty Immortal Venerable couldn’t achieve.

“What a good Jiang Chen! I would like to see how fast you can escape this time!.”

Shen Ao was angered once more. A wave of qi like the black heavenly river was slashed out from his black Immortal Weapon, piercing through the void and slashing at Jiang Chen. The current Shen Ao had totally forgotten about his present situation. All he could think of was killing Jiang Chen.


At this moment, a cold harumph rang out from the void. Simultaneously, a golden palm appeared, grabbing the ray of black light, completely crushing it.

Dressed in plain clothes, an elder was stepping towards them in the air. He seemed to be sixty or seventy years old, but his strong build didn’t make him look any older. The qi of violence in the air was suppressed by the qi emanated from his body.

“Old ancestor.”

Recognizing the elder, Fenghua Zi and the rest of the elders were overjoyed. Fenghua Zi, the Sect Master, was losing control of the situation. If the old ancestor still didn’t appear at this critical juncture, the mad Shen Ao would surely cause immense damage to the sect.

The appearance of the old ancestor made Shen Ao recover from his madness and instantly felt regretful. He should have chosen to flee the instant he was exposed knowing that the old ancestor was still in seclusion, trying to break through the higher realm. As long as the old ancestor was absent, no one would be able to stop him from leaving. The moment he completed the cultivation of his evil art, he would return for revenge.

This was the best plan and what he intended to do at first. Unfortunately, he was completely infuriated when Jiang Chen killed his son, clouding all the judgement he had earlier. It was already too late to leave now. No matter how confident he was in his Bloodlust Devil Art, he wasn’t very certain in confronting the old ancestor, a late Immortal Venerable. The gap between them was unimaginable.

He no longer dared to delay. If he didn’t leave now, he might not have the chance do it anymore.

“Traitor, how dare you escape?!”

The old ancestor bellowed. He appeared in front of Shen Ao like a spectre and struck out an enormous palm that turned into a huge cage, trapping Shen Ao inside. Regardless of how hard Shen Ao attacked the cage, he wasn’t able to break free from the imprisonment.

Upon seeing this, the cultivators of Fengluo Sect let out a sigh of relief. Even the elder who got along quite well with Shen Ao didn’t expect Shen Ao to be so powerful. It was fortunate that the old ancestor had appeared today.

At the same time, they also felt lucky that Jiang Chen had come today. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, Shen Ao’s secrets would remain concealed, and the moment Shen Ao successfully cultivated his Bloodlust Devil art, they were afraid that not even the old ancestor was a match for him. That would surely be a real disaster for Fengluo Sect.

“I beg for mercy, old ancestor. It was all my fault!” Shen Ao fell to his knees and kowtowed continuously to the old ancestor.

“Humph! I hate traitors like you the most. I have kept myself aloof from the matters of the sect, which almost resulted in the destruction of the sect.” The old ancestor harrumphed coldly, eyes full of disgust and fury.

“Kill him, old ancestor. Kill that traitor!”

“We must sentence him to death. What a scum!”


The crowd was in an uproar. Shen Ao’s behaviour had completely aroused everyone’s anger. He was undeniably the first who did such a thing.

“Wait a minute.”

Fenghua Zi spoke, strode forward and turned to the imprisoned Shen Ao. “Shen Ao, I’m afraid that you have a lot of accomplices, right? Say it out now. Consider this as the last thing you can do for Fengluo Sect.”

Fenghua Zi was a very intelligent leader. Knowing that Shen Ao was the Great Elder, he definitely had recruited numerous disciples to conspire against the sect. Otherwise, it would be difficult to entirely rule Fengluo Sect even if the Sect Master and the old ancestor were killed.

As soon as Fenghua Zi’s voice faded, some agitation was detected amongst the crowd. Some even had their facial expression beginning to change slightly.

The elders and disciples exchanged glances with one another vigilantly, seeming to have lost the trust in their comrades. After all, Shen Ao’s influence in the sect was significant.

“Sect Master Feng.” Jiang Chen hurried forward seeing the changes amongst the crowd.

“Brother Jiang Chen, do you have anything to say?” Fenghua Zi smiled. His attitude towards Jiang Chen had changed dramatically.

“Sect Master Feng, we don’t really have to do this. I believe that many of the accomplices were coerced by Shen Ao into taking the wrong steps. Now that Shen Ao is captured, I believe those individuals know very well the consequences of rebelling. Shen Ao will become the greatest deterrence. Under such deterrence, they will certainly remain loyal. From now on, Fengluo Sect will be as united as an iron plate. The execution of the main culprit is enough to warn the others. There’s no need to start a bloodshed in your sect. What do you think?”Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Judging from the agitation he detected in the crowd, there was no doubt that numerous people were on Shen Ao’s side. If all of these people were held responsible, it would be a heavy blow not only to Fengluo Sect’s overall strength, but also their morale. 

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