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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1789

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Jiang Chen stowed the crystal ball with a wave and didn’t speak another word. His face was now wearing a plain smile, he no longer had to say anything. He moved to one side with a flash, acting as though he had become one of the spectators. What would happen next was Fengluo Sect’s business.

His objective had been achieved. Fenghua Zi would never let Shen Ao go. As the Sect Master, he had to account the incident in front of thousands of disciples and elders.

“Damn! The two of them were conspiring against us, and the Great Elder has been cultivating an evil art in secret. They have deceived all of us!”

“They are truly devoid of conscience. Haven’t they forgotten that it was Fengluo Sect that supported, protected and raised them?

“All of us have been deceived by the disguise of his loyalty. It turns out that what’s beneath them is the malicious heart like that of a scorpion’s and serpent’s.”


Every cultivator of Fengluo Sect couldn’t control their emotions. They didn’t believe what Jiang Chen said at first, but now they were utterly convinced and had to thank Jiang Chen instead. If it hadn’t been for him, they wouldn’t have discovered such an imminent threat within their seemingly prosperous sect.

However, this had literally broken the heart of everyone. Compared to those who were angered, more people felt hurt and sad. Some were having difficulty accepting the truth, tears streaming down from their eyes.

The one who felt the saddest was naturally Fenghua Zi, the one who trusted Shen Ao and had given him the position of Great Elder to begin with.

Shen Ao’s current expression was incomparably unpleasant. His last hope had just been extinguished. There was nothing he could say to refute the evidence, however he didn’t feel guilty for what he did. He just felt sorry for himself that he had to die before accomplishing his big plan. The one he hated, the one he wanted to kill the most at this moment was Jiang Chen.

Fenghua Zi’s eyes became so red they seemed to be bleeding. He looked at Shen Ao who was next to him. “I have been treating you like my brother all these years. How can you make me believe that all of these isn’t real?”

His voice was quavering. As a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable figure and the overlord of a super sect, his disposition was beyond ordinary, but currently his mind was in chaos. This blow had certainly affected his emotions. 

“You cold-blooded brute. It’s a great mistake for me to have respected you and gave you all the tasks to manage during all these years. What you did is worse than a beast!”

An early Immortal Venerable elder bellowed, pained and aggrieved.


Shen Ao burst into laughter all of a sudden. Powerful qi waves surged out of his body. The waves contained black particles. Evil scent spread across the void. His eyes became black as though he had turned into another man, the incarnation of evil.

*Hua La……*

Upon seeing this, numerous people retreated. The sight of Shen Ao’s evil powers confirmed the fact that he had been cultivating an evil cultivation. If Jiang Chen hadn’t exposed his plot today, he would eventually succeed and bring unimaginable disaster to Fengluo Sect.

“Bloodlust Devil Art?”

Fenghua Zi’s qi fluctuated. After all, he was the Sect Master of Fengluo Sect. He couldn’t allow himself to be disconcerted, and given his strong disposition, he was able to recover very quickly from the brief pain, fierceness resurfaced on his face. He knew very well that Shen Ao had changed completely, and wanted to kill him. Shen Ao’s objective was to eliminate him and the old ancestor after completing the evil cultivation, ruling the entire Fengluo Sect.

Thus, Shen Ao was now the mortal enemy of Fenglou Sect. In Fenghua Zi, Shen Ao was no longer the Great Elder of Fengluo Sect or the brother he had known for years, but a life-and-death enemy and an evil monster.

“That’s right, Fenghua Zi. It doesn’t matter even if I have failed. I’m afraid you can’t stop me from leaving. Once I successfully cultivated my divine cultivation art, I will return.”

Shen Ao’s voice was loud. After he finished speaking, he zoomed at Jiang Chen’s direction with a flash.

His move was obvious – to leave Fengluo Sect. But before leaving, he needed to save his son with all his might. Even if he couldn’t, he would have to kill Jiang Chen, the one who ruined his plan, to vent the hatred inside of him. He would never be satisfied if he couldn’t eliminate this white-robed youth.

“Be careful, Jiang Chen.”

Fenghua Zi’s facial expression changed dramatically. Initially, he thought that Shen Ao would either attack him or escape, but unexpectedly, Shen Ao lunged at Jiang Chen’s direction. What astonished him was that Shen Ao’s speed was incredibly fast. Even with his reaction, he was still unable to catch up with Shen Ao’s speed.

“Jiang Chen, you will die for hurting my son and ruining my plans!”

Shen Ao abruptly struck out a palm at Jiang Chen. This strike was fierce, but at the same time, weak. It could ensure the death of the opponent and the safety of Shen Yifei.

*Hong Long……*

Shen Ao’s movement speed was just too fast. The huge palm had completely drowned Jiang Chen. The piece of void was completely ripped apart.

The reason Shen Ao dared to strike Jiang Chen even though his plot had been revealed was that he had tremendous confidence in his strength. All these years, he had been cultivating the evil art secretly, which had greatly enhanced his combat strength. Fenghua Zi could no longer suppress him. The only one he feared in Fengluo Sect was the old ancestor. So, as long as the old ancestor didn’t show up, no one in this sect was a match for him.

“Not good!”

Fenghua Zi yelled. The rest were also shocked. The strike of Shen Ao would surely destroy Jiang Chen. In any case, Jiang Chen was considered their benefactor as he had done them a great favor. None of them would feel good if Jiang Chen was killed.

“Shen Ao, it seems like your son’s life doesn’t concern you anymore.”

When everyone thought that Jiang Chen would surely die, Jiang Chen’s voice suddenly sounded from a distance. Countless eyes shifted in that direction and saw Jiang Chen still grasping Shen Yifei, he didn’t even seem remotely injured.


This sight made Shen Ao’s eyes widen. He couldn’t believe that this was real. He knew too well how terrifying his attack was, how easy and effortless it was to kill a puny early Immortal Emperor. However the truth was that Jiang Chen had easily escaped his attack. 

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