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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1787

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“Jiang Chen, if you can’t provide sufficient evidence, don’t blame me for being impolite. The punishment for accusing the Great Elder of our sect is 10000 times of death,” Fenghua Zi spoke coldly. 

All along, he regarded Shen Ao as one of them and truly trusted him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have given Shen Ao the position of Great Elder and spent a great deal of resources to nurture Shen Yifei. If Shen Ao had really plotted against him behind his back, he would certainly feel hurt.

Regarding Jiang Chen, he naturally didn’t hope that the young man could produce the so-called evidence, however if Jiang Chen really did have an evidence, that would become a remarkable contribution to Fengluo Sect.

The scene instantly became tensed. By now, more than a thousand cultivators had gathered around the scene, all of whom were waiting for Jiang Chen to show his evidence. After all, this was a big deal to Fengluo Sect.

“Shen Ao, scared? Your son has already told me everything. Why don’t you say it yourself, so that it won’t be so embarrassing?” Jiang Chen looked at Shen Ao.

“What a joke! I, Shen Ao, have always been a noble and dignified figure. I won’t allow you to slander me, however I would like to see what kind of fake evidence you can provide to prove that I’m guilty.”

Shen Ao spoke coldly. Despite the calm look he was wearing on the surface, anyone with discerning eyes could see that he was feeling nervous inside.

“Alright. In that case, I’m going to announce the things you have done one by one and hope that you will still be able to remain this calm after that.”

Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated as he took a step towards Shen Ao. “Shen Ao, we were supposed to have no grudges. I wouldn’t have cared about your son and your great plot, and harm your son for no good reason, much less come to Fengluo Sect and expose your malicious plot. Unfortunately, you have harmed my father. Due to the fact that you cultivate the Bloodlust Devil Art, you have used the Bloodthirsty Grass as an ingredient in making pills. You have let Shen Yifei conquer Fengli City and demanded Yu Family to concoct the pills and capture people elsewhere to test the effects of the pill. Because Fengluo Sect is a righteous sect and wouldn’t do anything that is devoid of conscience, you can only carry out this kind of actions in secret. Of course, this should’ve been none of my business, unfortunately, my father became one of the pill-testing subjects your people had captured. If I hadn’t arrived in time, my father would have been a dead man by now.”

Jiang Chen’s recount was simple. Everyone on the scene began to get a rough idea of the matter.

Consequently, their gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. If what Jiang Chen said was true, then Shen Ao was truly a hateful person. Fengluo Sect was a well-known righteous sect that was revered by thousands of people. The facts that Shen Ao cultivated an evil art and had even captured people as test subjects was damaging to the reputation of Fengluo Sect.

“You, Jiang Chen, you are nothing but a joke! What evidence do you have?! Even if Fengli City did capture people to test those pills, how can you prove that I’m involved?”

Shen Ao was clearly stirred. What Jiang Chen said really shocked him. This was his biggest secret and only very few people knew about it, but judging from Shen Yifei’s miserable look, he understood that his son must be the one who told Jiang Chen all of these.

“Shen Ao, don’t feel too anxious to look for the evidence because I’m not done yet. Sect Master Feng should know that the Bloodthirsty Grass is a very poisonous herb. It can’t be used to concoct pills. Anyone who consumes the Bloodthirsty Grass will suffer because the grass will absorbed their qi and blood. Coincidentally, Elder Shen’s Bloodlust Devil Art needs this kind of ability. Hence, he had combined the grass with various herbs, hoping to achieve one objective – that is to transfer the absorption ability of the grass to him. Once the pill is successfully concocted, Shen Ao’s evil cultivation will succeed. That will be the day of his rebellion. I’m afraid that at that time, the entire cultivation base of Sect Master Feng will be absorbed by him as well.” Jiang Chen continued while looking at Fenghua Zi. 

After hearing this, Fenghua Zi couldn’t help but shudder despite his composure. If what Jiang Chen said was true, the consequences would definitely be scary.

“It can’t be. Elder Shen is the Great Elder of Fengluo Sect. How could he do such a thing?”

“Impossible. I absolutely won’t believe it, unless Jiang Chen shows us hard evidence.”

“If this is true, it means that our sect is prone to falling into a crisis at any time. How scary!”


The whole scene was in an uproar once more because Jiang Chen’s influence was just too great. The Great Elder and Jiang Chen had no grudges against one another. It made no sense for Jiang Chen to frame him.

“Sect Master, don’t believe the lies of this man. He’s just trying to ruin our relationship. I urge you to kill him immediately so that Fengluo Sect will continue on peacefully.” Shen Ao was getting more and more emotional.

Unfortunately, the more he acted as such, the more Fenghua Zi felt that something was wrong.

Ignoring Shen Ao, he said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, you should know how much impact these words have on our sect. I hope that you can show some solid evidence, otherwise, you will be executed here even if you have a hundred lives.”

“Proof? Shen Yifei is the proof. If you all don’t believe it, you can ask Shen Yifei yourself. You should believe what he say.” Jiang Chen pushed Shen Yifei forward and removed the restrictive spell.

“Tell them everything now, about your father and your great plot,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

Shen Yifei looked at his own father who seemed to be in extreme pain. Immediately, a hint of malice was revealed in his eyes. He turned to Fenghua Zi and shouted, “Sect Master, this Jiang Chen is telling you all nonsense! Everything he said was merely a lie made up by him. Indeed, I have controlled Fengli City, but I didn’t know anything about capturing people to become pill-testing subjects. Yu Family had informed me that their family was in danger. When I arrived at their city, I was defeated and severely injured by him. Fearing that my father and Fengluo Sect would seek him for revenge, he had framed me by the lies he created, wanting to get rid of me and my father using the hands of Sect Master. Therefore, Sect Master should never believe his words.”

Shen Yifei was sobbing pitifully, seeming to have suffered tremendously. He had suddenly changed his mind when he saw his father.

Knowing that he would die eventually, he might as well push the blame to Jiang Chen. As long as he didn’t say the truth, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have a solid evidence to prove that they really plotted a rebellion. At that time, the entire Fengluo Sect would view Jiang Chen as an enemy. Even if he would be sacrificed in the process, he wanted to make Jiang Chen the scapegoat.

One had to admit that Shen Yifei was a ruthless person at the very critical moment. 

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