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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1784

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This was the last fantasy of Shen Yifei. As long as Jiang Chen let him and his father go, they would have the chance to make a comeback in the future. Otherwise, it would be too late once their conspiracy was revealed in Fengluo Sect.

Over the years, his father had been persuading numerous experts secretly to rise in rebellion against Fengluo Sect when the time came, however there were conditions – he and his father must first have the power to dominate Fengluo Sect, which also meant that his father must advance to the late Immortal Venerable realm. Otherwise, those people wouldn’t conspire with them. After all, none of them was an idiot. Without sufficient certainty, nobody would dare to start a rebellion because that was no different than seeking death. No one would treat their own life as a joke, especially those who had a certain position in Fengluo Sect.

“Is that so? It seems like both of you are very rich. Alright. If you can take out 1 billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones, I will consider letting you two go.” Jiang Chen laughed.


Shen Yifei almost choked to death. Jiang Chen did have the nerve to ask for 1 billion Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones. Although his father was the Great Elder of Fengluo Sect, he would never be willing to give away such a fortune unless he was killed. However, Shen Yifei also understood that this was a daylight robbery. Clearly, Jiang Chen didn’t intend to give them any chance to live.

“Jiang Chen, what will you gain by bringing us down? If we work together, we will be able to enjoy our lives in Fengluo Sect in the future. Isn’t that a lot better?” Shen Yifei spoke with reluctance.

“Shen Yifei, I’m not interested in Fengluo Sect or your great plan. We weren’t supposed to have grudges, but you have brought harm to my father, which is the biggest mistake you have made. Perhaps, you and your father will really succeed one day, but you have made a fatal mistake that is beyond redemption. You attached great importance to power and wealth, but I regard my father’s dignity greater than anything. Anyone who has hurt my father’s dignity will have to pay a hefty price. It’s your misfortune that you have encountered me.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a very philosophical way. Each person had their own standards. Power and wealth couldn’t represent everything. Sometimes, the importance of dignity exceeded everything. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, some mistakes would only bring fatality.

There were a lot of mistakes we couldn’t make up for with just a single apology, and not all mistakes could be offset with wealth.

When one made a serious mistake, one wouldn’t have the chance to correct it.

Listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Shen Yifei was in complete despair. Capturing people as pill-testing subjects was the smallest link in his big plan. Who would have thought that this would go wrong? Although this was executed by the people of Yu Family, it was he who directed them to do it, and apparently, Jiang Chen was seeking for the main culprit.

He finally understood that Jiang Chen was a figure that he couldn’t afford to offend.

Although Jiang Chen’s current strength was too weak to deal any harm to Shen Yifei’s father, but his wisdom was exceedingly scary. He was able to see through everything, and was going to use the power Fengluo Sect to get rid of Shen Yifei’s father.  

Knowing that there was no prospect of making a deal with Jiang Chen, he was ready to send a message to his father, so that his father could flee. Unfortunately, under Jiang Chen’s control, he didn’t even have a chance to move, let alone send a message.

Fengchi Immortal Domain was quite comparable to Ethereal Immortal Domain. It was divided into five plates or five domains namely, Eastern Domain, Western Domain, Southern Domain, Northern Domain, and Central Domain. Fengluo Sect was situated at the centre of Fengchi Immortal Domain, the Central Domain. There were a total of eight major powers in this place, Fengluo Sect was one of them. The size of the Central Domain was relatively as large as Eastern Profound Domain. Therefore, it was conceivable how vast Fengluo Sect was.

Furthermore, it was a super sect, destined to be high and mighty in the region. As Shen Yifei was now under the control of Jiang Chen, he obediently led Jiang Chen towards the direction of Fengluo Sect.

Given Jiang Chen’s speed, it was an incomparably easy task for him to get to Fengluo Sect from Fengli City. They had reached the mountain gates of Fengluo Sec within a short period of time.

Like other major powers, Fengluo Sect had chosen to build its sect on an enormous mountain range that was thousands of miles in radius, and beneath it, consisted of dragon veins that could ensure the exuberance of the environment.

Looking at it from a distance, there were layers of fog drifting in the sky above Fengluo Sect, making it look like a paradise. Rows of buildings of different height and the tall towers of the palace piercing through the clouds could be seen across the sect. One could see the majesty of this major power at a glance. This spectacular scene alone was enough to intimidate countless of intermediate and minor powers.

Currently, Fengluo Sect was in peace. Several bored disciples were standing guard at the mountain gate lazily, chit-chatting from time to time.

As a matter of fact, these guards were merely for show. A major power like Fengluo Sect didn’t need disciples to keep a lookout as there weren’t many in the Central Domain who would dare to cause trouble in their sect.

Jiang Chen and Shen Yifei came to the gates of Fengluo Sect. Shen Yifei, who had lost a pair of arms, paled. His pale face wasn’t just caused by the severe injuries, but mainly by dread. The prospect of the incoming event made his soul eager to leap out of his body. 

It was hard to imagine what kind of gaze would welcome him the moment everyone found out that the number one genius had turned into a conspirator. He was afraid that those who normally revered him would abandon him.

“Scared?” Jiang Chen looked over at Shen Yifei.

“Jiang Chen, please spare us.”

Shen Yifei continued to plead. At this point, he couldn’t think of any other ways apart from begging for mercy. Originally, his father, an intermediate Immortal Venerable, was his biggest reliance when he fell into Jiang Chen’s hands, but now he didn’t feel secure at all to rely on his father, because not long after this, his reliance would surely be booted out.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I have come today just to watch a good show. As to whether Fengluo Sect will spare you, I don’t know,” said Jiang Chen, pulling Shen Yifei towards the mountain gate.

“Who is it?”

When the guards saw the two, they shouted, blocking the path ahead.

“I’m Jiang Chen. I have come to pay the Sect Master of Fengluo Sect a visit. Quickly go and inform him as soon as possible.” Jiang Chen said loudly.

“What a joke! Who are you? Only an unimportant person that wants to see the Sect Master. You are really unaware of your own limitations.”

The leader sneered, knowing that their noble Sect Master wouldn’t simply meet anyone.

“Take a look at who this is.” Jiang Chen pushed Shen Yifei to the front.

“This is? Senior Brother Shen! My God! He’s really Senior Brother Shen!”

“Dammit! This bastard has wounded Senior Brother Shen. Both of his arms have been cut off.”

“Quickly inform the higher-ups. Someone has come to our sect to cause trouble.”


When the disciples recognized Shen Yifei, each of their facial expressions changed wildly. They knew Shen Yifei’s cultivation base all too well. If they didn’t look closely, they wouldn’t be able to identify him.

Someone had beaten up the number one genius of Fengluo Sect and has come to Fengluo Sect to cause trouble. Nothing as such had ever taken place in the history of Fengluo Sect.

“The few of you, get lost at once. I have come today to help your sect root out the evils. Only your Sect Master is eligible to speak with me.”

Immense qi fluctuated out from Jiang Chen’s body, sending the disciple away. It was absurd of them to think that they could stop Jiang Chen, who would naturally show his strong side whenever he was at a foreign territory, so that he would attract the attention of someone more powerful.

However, he had only forced them out of the way, instead of harming them. After all, he didn’t come here today to make enemies.

A powerful qi was unleashed from him as he hovered in the air above Fengluo Sect. He stepped into the void, heading directly towards the centre of Fengluo Sect.

Shen Yifei remained ashen-faced and silent in Jiang Chen’s grasp. Previously, Fengluo Sect was home to him; he would’ve probably cried out loudly as though he had seen a glimmer of hope when he was back to his territory, but now, he dreaded returning to this place.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

Powerful silhouettes rushed out from the sect. In just a matter of a few blinks, more than a hundred disciples emerged. Unfortunately, these disciples were too weak to pose a threat to Jiang Chen.

“How dare you break into Fengluo Sect?! Are you courting death?”

“Where did this madman come from? How ignorant!”

“Stop where you are! If you take one more step, you will die.”



Each disciple bellowed. But then, none of them could stand the qi of Jiang Chen. An ocean-like energy rushed out of his body and rushed towards all directions, blowing all the disciples away from him. Each disciple uttered a miserable shriek and was swept away like the leaves were swept away by the gale.   

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