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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1783

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What the f***! 

1 billion?!

The higher ups of Yu Family rolled their eyes frantically and almost spurt out a mouthful of blood. This was what they called daylight robbery. 

Apart from Jiang Chen, they were afraid that no one else would dare to ask for 1 billion worth of fortune.

“You only have five minutes. If you fail to prepare the sum before the time limit, you will all die.”

Jiang Chen repeated his words. Knowing the fact that Yu Family controlled the economy of the entire Fengli City, it wasn’t difficult for them to take out such fortune. Of course, if they didn’t have such amount in their vault, they could only blame their bad luck. This 1 billion was for buying their lives.

“Very well. Wait for me here, Young Master Jiang. I’ll go and get it for you.”

The patriarch rose to his feet and vanished in the blink of an eye, traveling at incredible speed. The elders of Yu Family were sour-faced and sighing under their breath. Yu Family did have this amount of wealth, but that was their entire reserve. They would be entirely broke for a long time when all the fortune was withdrawn.  

Of course, nothing was more important than their lives. Jiang Chen had the reasons to kill them all. In fact, a powerhouse didn’t need a reason to kill someone. One’s wealth could be earned once again even if it was lost, but when one’s life was gone, everything would be gone to boot.

Young Master Shen had been under Jiang Chen’s full control. Both of his arms had been severed, his face brimming with despair. He had already imagined what would happen next. Once their plot was exposed to the public, what awaited them would be death.

He looked at those kneeling cultivators with disgust, and couldn’t help but scold. “A bunch of rubbish. Rubbish! You can’t even do a tiny thing right!”

He now had the urge to cough up blood. Originally, his and his father’s plan had been executed secretly in perfect order. There wasn’t any accident. They had also recruited some loyal followers in Fengluo Sect. As long as his father’s divine art succeeded, they would conquer Fengluo Sect, taking over the massive empire. While the pill experiments were on the brink of success, an unexpectedly fatal accident happened.

Naturally, this made Shen Yifei hate Yu Family. If they hadn’t captured Jiang Zhenhai, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have come, and their plan would be realized.

However, it was too late to say anything now.

“Humph! Shen Yifei, after causing Yu Family to suffer such huge losses and deceiving us into being one of your chess pieces, how dare you put the blame on us? If it hadn’t been for you and your father, our family wouldn’t have sustained today’s sufferings. If we knew that you two were conspiring against a great sect, we wouldn’t have helped you no matter what you say.

The Chief Steward, who had lost an arm, retorted viciously. It was true that it was their fault that they had captured the father of Jiang Chen, but the root of this matter was Shen Yifei. They should blame Shen Yifei for the losses instead.

This was the reality. Friendship that was purely based on benefits was most unreliable. Both parties could turn hostile to each other the next second. Either it was Yu Family or Shen Yifei, both of them had suffered tremendous losses.

Shen Yifei and his father would be finished soon. As for Yu Family, they had suffered major casualties, and their pill store was almost destroyed. So it was imaginable how they feel when they were asked to take out their entire family savings.

“Shen Yifei, Yu Family is no longer afraid of you. Of course, you no longer have the ability to make them fear you,” said Jiang Chen.

Jiang Zhenhai, who was watching from inside the pagoda, sighed. The Immortal World is also a dog eat dog world, but it’s even more brutal compared to Saint Origin World. However, Jiang Chen still remained the person he most proud of. Of the things Jiang Chen had done – almost annihilating a family which was unrivaled to him and in control of the fate of Fengli City and the whole situation, he knew that his son’s future in this world was destined to be unordinary, just like when his son was in Saint Origin World.

Shen Yifei sighed deeply. He never thought that he, the number one genius of Fengluo Sect, who had a bright future ahead of him, would be destroyed by Jiang Chen, scolded by those who were once insects to him. He had to accept the reality that humans are really fickle.

A while later, the patriarch returned in less than five minutes, holding a storage ring, taking it towards Jiang Chen.

“Young Master Jiang, here’s the entire fortune of Yu Family, 1 billion Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones.” The patriarch announced.

With a sweep of Jiang Chen’s divine sense, he discovered that the Immortal Meta Stones were heaped in golden mountains inside the ring. Then, he tossed it into the pagoda without counting it as he knew that Yu Family wouldn’t dare to cheat him at this moment even if they were given a hundred nerves.

Naturally, the patriarch wouldn’t dare deceive Jiang Chen. What a joke! They wouldn’t want to ruin the only hope they had of surviving this ordeal with just a minor mistake. None of them could afford to stand the wrath of Jiang Chen.

“Yu Family can continue to control Fengli City. Run your business well. Never capture people for pill experiments again. Don’t worry about the revenge from this father and son duo because they won’t be given a chance.” After he finished speaking, he vanished along with Shen Yifei.

Seeing that Jiang Chen was finally gone, all the higher-ups lay paralyzed on the ground. During this period of time, they felt as though they were circling hell a few times and almost fell into the gates of death. As for capturing people as subjects, they would never dare to do it again.

With Shen Yifei in Jiang Chen’s control, he wouldn’t have to worry about finding the exact location of Fengluo Sect.

This time, he would break into Fengluo Sect. After all, Shen Yifei’s father was an intermediate Immortal Venerable. In order to feel at ease, he had to get rid of this powerful enemy. He naturally wasn’t a match for such an enemy, but now that he could use the help of Fengluo Sect to get rid of this enemy, how could he refuse it?

“Jiang Chen, can you spare my father? Speak your terms. I can give you however much Immortal Meta Stones you want.”

Along the way, Shen Yifei spoke. Seeing that Jiang Chen demanded Immortal Meta Stones from Yu Family previously, he suddenly had the idea of bribing Jiang Chen using immortal stones. 

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