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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1782

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Shen Yifei’s body shuddered violently. It was indeed an enormous plot. No one else in this world other than him and his father knew about this. Even Yu Family, who had been helping him carry out his plans didn’t know the reason of those pills, however Jiang Chen was able to guess virtually everything with just the pill recipe. He had even uncovered the plot behind it. At this moment, Shen Yifei was feeling truly afraid.

Conspiracy was considered a heinous crime whether in a country or a major power. Once the conspirators’ plan succeeded, they would rise to the peak of power, but if they failed, they would be reviled and die in an unnatural death; their names would reek for thousands of years.

As such, conspiracies were always carried out in secrecy, unless they had sufficient assurances. As for Shen Yifei and his father’s case, they were still far from having enough power and absolutely lack certainty. If their plot was known to people now, what greeted them would surely be a devastating end.


The people around sucked in a breath of cold air. Such a secret was just too big for them to take. If they knew that Shen Yifei and his father was planning to overthrow Fengluo Sect at the very beginning, they wouldn’t dare to be a part of it even if they were given extra nerves. Yu Family would be implicated if the plan failed. Even if it succeeded, given the way the father and son repay their kindness to their benefactor, they wouldn’t be any better from the former. One way or another, they wouldn’t end up well.

By now, since none of them were fools, the cultivators of Yu Family could already see the truth behind all of these. They had been one of the pieces amidst such an enormous plot.   

Jiang Chen bent his body close to Shen Yifei, who was now soaked in sweat, and asked, “Now tell me, what kind of evil cultivation technique is your father practicing?”

“No, it isn’t what you think. We didn’t intend to conspire against the sect. My father didn’t practice any kind of evil cultivation technique. My father was injured and needed the Bloodthirsty Grass to treat his injuries.” Shen Yifei seemed to have regained his senses and denied stoutly.

*Pu Chi!*


Unfortunately, his denial was useless in front of Jiang Chen. It would only bring him more pain. As soon as his words faded, Jiang Chen’s sword swooshed past his shoulder, cutting off his other arm.

“Humph! You may still be able to fool me with other things, but by saying that your father needed the Bloodthirsty Grass to treat his injuries makes you a complete idiot. My patience is limited. I won’t ask the same question for the second time.” Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly and placed his sword on Shen Yifei’s leg.

Shen Yifei was in complete despair. The blow of losing two arms was too much for him, the number one genius of Fengluo Sect, to take. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was a murderous devil that had left a severe trauma in his heart.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you. My father’s cultivation law is named Bloodlust Devil Art. Once he gains the ability of the Bloodthirsty Grass, the cultivation of this art will be completed, having the ability to absorb his opponents’ blood and qi to nourish himself during battles.”

Shen Yifei spoke without delay. He was almost certain that the sword was going to cut off one of his legs if he didn’t answer honestly as Jiang Chen wasn’t joking with him.

“Bloodlust Devil Art? This type of evil cultivation is harmful to others and also to the cultivator who cultivated it. It seems like you two have been driven crazy by greed and desire. In that case, I’m going to do Fengluo Sect a good favour.” Jiang Chen stretched his hand to pat Shen Yifei’s face a few times and spoke with a smile.

It seemed necessary for him to meddle in this matter. Of course, it wasn’t because he wanted to show his kindness to Fengluo Sect. The Immortal World was too big. There were countless of major powers like Fengluo Sect in this world. He wouldn’t have the time to take care of every one of them. He had his own reasons for taking this action.

Firstly, this involved his father’s dignity. They had harmed Jiang Zhenhai, so the main culprit must be discovered, make them pay a high price and eliminate them.

Secondly, it wasn’t a bad thing to build a connection with Fengluo Sect as it could help him build a foothold here. Having offended the major powers and Immortal Courts of the three great Immortal Domains, namely Ethereal Immortal Domain, Radiance Immortal Domain and Mi Luo Immortal Domain, he naturally wouldn’t refuse a chance to lay his foundation in Fengchi Immortal Domain.

Opportunity was intangible. No one could tell when it would come, but one had better grab it well the moment it arrives. Jiang Chen’s original purpose of coming here was to save Jiang Zhenhai. He never thought of setting a foothold here. After all, it was really difficult to do so. However, if there was a chance for him to do so, he naturally wouldn’t let it slip.

“Jiang Chen, you…what do you want from me?” Shen Yifei saw through Jiang Chen’s intention, dread filled his face.

“What do I want from you? Given your cleverness, you should already be able to guess it, right? This will be the end for you and your father. Don’t put the blame on anyone, but yourself for offending me.”

Jiang Chen’s tone suddenly turned icy cold. He grasped Shen Yifei and lifted him off the ground, tore open the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and said to Jiang Zhenhai. “Father, you can go into my pagoda. We’ll pay a visit to Fengluo Sect.”


Without hesitation, Jiang Zhenhai went straight into the pagoda. Jiang Chen was a decisive person that was bound to achieve great things. No matter what Jiang Chen did, he would give his son his unconditional support.

Pulling Shen Yifei along, Jiang Chen soared skywards, ready to head towards the direction of Fengluo Sect, however he halted when his eyes caught the cultivators of Yu Family kneeling on the ground and thought that he couldn’t just let this matter rest so easily.

Their slightly relieved expression changed dramatically once more when they saw Jiang Chen’s gaze. It was too simple for this frenzied devil to annihilate them. 

“Please spare our lives, Young Master Jiang, please spare us, Young Master Jiang……”

Each of them kowtowed non-stop; the Fifth Steward was crying crazily.

“Death penalty is averted, but you can’t avoid punishment. I will give you five minutes’ of time to take out 1 billion Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones, or else, all of you will have to die.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was firm. They would only learn the lesson by making them broke once. 

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