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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1781

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Shen Yifei, who was in a daze, forcefully opened his blood-filled eyes and saw the sharp gaze of Jiang Chen, which gave him a shudder.

Who is this man? How could a mere early Immortal Emperor be so terrifying? Shen Yifei knew that it absolutely wasn’t an accident that he was defeated. He was really powerless under that forceful attack. He might feel better if he was defeated by his opponent’s weapon. Right now, one side of his face was badly mutilated. The only explanation for this was that the opponent was just too strong. He didn’t stand a chance.

The eyes of his enemy felt as if they came from the depths of hell and could take people’s life. It even made his soul tremble. He had never been so afraid, especially when he was in the grasp of Jiang Chen’s hand. He felt as though his soul had been enshrouded by a shadow of death.

“I yield.”

Shen Yifei nodded and admitted defeat. Although he had never submitted to anyone, he was left with no other options today.


Jiang Chen smiled and descended to the square, with Shen Yifei still in his grip. It seemed like Shen Yifei was an intelligent man. His decision would save him loads of flesh suffering.


Jiang Chen hurled Shen Yifei to the ground as if he was a dead dog, who then knelt on the ground facing Jiang Zhenhai, then his eyes shifted towards the group of cultivators from Yu Family. Without further ado, they rushed forth and fell on their knees once more, shivering, not daring to even raise their heads.

The situation now was different from before. Young Master Shen’s condition was even worse than them. Yu Family had lost their final reliance. All their hopes were dashed. Now, they could only hope that Jiang Chen would show them mercy.

“Shen Yifei, do you think that I won’t dare to kill you just because you are the number one genius of Fengluo Sect? How dare you capture my father and force him to test those pills?! You will pay with your life.”

Jiang Chen looked down at Shen Yifei. He didn’t ask about the Bloodthirsty Grass because he discovered that Shen Yifei’s cultivation technique was of the purest yang, which didn’t have the slightest connection to the Bloodthirsty Grass. There might be some other people involved in this matter.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t kill me as that won’t do you any good. My dad is the Great Elder of Fengluo Sect, who’s an intermediate Immortal Venerable. You are no match for him. As long as you kill me, he will immediately sense it. At that time, you won’t survive even if you have a hundred lives.”

Shen Yifei spoke. All the fear caused by Jiang Chen’s oppression was quickly replaced by assurance when he thought of his father.

That was right. As the son of the Great Elder of Fengluo Sect, there was no one who would dare to kill him. Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare even if he was given a hundred guts.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Sure enough, there was someone else involved behind Shen Yifei.


Jiang Chen drew his sword and cut off Shen Yifei’s arm with a swoosh.


“Jiang Chen, how dare you cut off my arm?!”

Shen Yifei responded indignantly. Given his identity, it was simply abominable to have one of his arms cut off by his opponent. This would surely ruin his whole life. His cultivation base might remain stagnant at this level for the rest of his life.

“Don’t you threaten me using the name of your father. It’s no use to me. I have a question for you. You better answer me honestly. Otherwise, I’m going to cut off your other arm and legs, dig out your eyes and severe your tongue. Don’t think that I’m joking with you.” Jiang Chen’s tone was as cold as ice.

Shen Yifei felt a shudder in his soul. Suddenly, he felt that he had made a huge mistake and dared not to meet Jiang Chen’s eyes. This youth was a devil. He knew that his threat wasn’t worth mentioning in front of this opponent. If he didn’t do as his opponent told, he would mostly likely be crippled. 

“Are you ready?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Alright. Go ahead and ask, as long as you don’t kill me. What do you want to know?” Shen Yifei spoke with reluctance.

“Why did you use Bloodthirsty Grass to concoct pills?” asked Jiang Chen.


Shen Yifei frowned. The Bloodthirsty Grass had always been a secret. No one had ever known about it as it was related to a plot.

“You don’t want to answer?” Jiang Chen’s sword trembled, seemingly about to be swung at Shen Yifei’s other arm.

“No, let me speak.” Shen Yifei was scared to death. Hastily, he spoke.

“Don’t waste my time,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

“These pill recipes are given to me by my dad. The Bloodthirsty Grass can help him in his cultivation.”

Shen Yifei continued truthfully as he knew that lying could not escape those pair of sharp eyes.

“Sure enough, it was your dad. It seems your dad is cultivating some sort of unparalleled evil cultivation technique. He wants to transfer the function of absorption of the Bloodthirsty Grass to his body. The moment he succeeds, he will be able to utilize this ability to absorb the blood and qi of others and help him enhance his strength. Am I right?”

Jiang Chen’s expression was growing brighter. He knew that his speculation was not too far from the truth. Something was strange about the Great Elder of Fengluo Sect.

“You, how did you know about it?”

Shen Yifei was looking at Jiang Chen with a doubtful look. It was exactly the objective of his father.

“Humph! The Bloodthirsty Grass can’t be consumed directly, which is why you mixed other herbs with the grass to try to convert the absorption ability of the grass. You all have been testing those pills, but to no avail. Fengluo Sect is a righteous sect, but despite your father being the Great Elder of the sect, he has been cultivating an evil cultivation technique that sucks people’s blood, qi,and essence. This is going against the Heavenly Dao. Which is why you all can only carry out this plan secretly.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. He was able to figure out the plot of the father and son. Although the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could also absorb the blood, qi and essence, it was only used to absorb the devils’ instead of the humans’. This was the intrinsic difference between the pagoda and Shen Yifei’s father.

“You, how do you know so much about it?”

It compounded the shock Shen Yifei felt. This youth was really terrifying. He was able to figure everything out before Shen Yifei said anything important.

“I’m not done yet. I also know that once your pill succeeded, the cultivation of your dad’s evil law will also succeed, allowing your dad’s cultivation base to advance tremendously. After that, you and your father will overthrow the current sect master of Fengluo Sect, so that you two can sit and enjoy the throne of the sect. Am I right?”

Every word that Jiang Chen spoke was overwhelming. Afterwards, Shen Yifei flopped on the ground with a puff, his face completely drenched in sweat. 

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