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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1780

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A smile appeared on Shen Yifei’s face as if he could already see Jiang Chen being killed tragically by his golden light, he believed that there’s no way an early Immortal Emperor could resist his strike. In his opinion, killing Jiang Chen was as simple as crushing an ant.

Jiang Chen remained still. When the fierce light reached him, he struck out a palm, grasped the light and crushed it in his hand.


Everyone exclaimed. Shen Yifei’s smiling face froze in time. He had never thought that the other party would be able to crush his attack so easily. The kill that he had imagined earlier didn’t happen. What happened was that his strike was so weak in front of Jiang Chen. It was without a doubt, an irony.

“The number one genius of Fengluo Sect is too weak.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The word ‘too weak’ was jabbed into Shen Yifei’s heart like a steel needle. That was an insult. As the number one genius of Fengluo Sect, no one had ever dared to insult him. Jiang Chen was absolutely the first.

The rest of Yu Family were dumbstruck once more. Jiang Chen’s power was much more powerful than what they had imagined. They knew too well how powerful Shen Yifei was, but the way Jiang Chen dealt the attack of Shen Yifei was effortless and easy. This was sufficient to show that Jiang Chen was powerful enough to fight Shen Yifei.


A powerful momentum surged out of Shen Yifei’s body like a tidal current, lifting those kneeling cultivators off the ground, and blowing them to the edge of the square. Each of those Immortal Kings spurted out blood, eyes full of dread. They were just too weak compared to an expert like Shen Yifei.

Fortunately, they weren’t the target of Shen Yifei, or else, most of them would have died.

Even so, it still aroused the disgust inside of them. In any case, Yu Family had been working for him and should have earned a certain amount of credit over the years. But today, at this critical moment, not only had he not protected Yu Family, he even disregarded their lives by releasing his powerful qi. This made them feel both sad and angry.

On the other side, under Jiang Chen’s protection, Jiang Zhenhai was still sitting on the rattan chair, completely intact. It was undoubtedly impossible for Shen Yifei to harm Jiang Zhenhai in the presence of Jiang Chen.

“Kid, what’s your name?” Shen Yifei asked coldly and spread open the folding fan, dazzling light emitted from it.

“Jiang Chen.” Jiang Chen replied in a plain tone, totally ignoring the fury of Shen Yifei.

“Jiang Chen, I don’t care who you are or where you are from, you will die today for offending me.”

After he finished speaking, Shen Yifei flew skywards and created an independent battlefield. The pill store was, after all, founded by him and he still needed it. If both of them really started a fight here, the pill store would surely collapse instantly.

“Jiang Chen, if you have the courage, come and face your death.” Shen Yifei’s killing intent rushed out of his body, fracturing the void around.

“Chen Er.”

Jiang Zhenhai looked at Jiang Chen with concern. After all, Shen Yifei seemed too powerful and wasn’t comparable to any of those cultivators of Yu Family. 

“Don’t worry father. Haven’t you known what your son is capable of yet? Just sit here and watch the show.”

Jiang Chen smiled and waved to deploy a restrictive spell around Jiang Zhenhai, which was enough to ensure his safety.

After that, Jiang Chen flew upwards like a stream of light and stood opposite of Shen Yifei.

“Jiang Chen, you will die today. I will make you understand how tragic your fate is after offending me.”

The folding fan in his hand was clattering, terrifying qi waves emanating from it. He was brewing an attack powerful enough to take Jiang Chen down. Only by doing so could he regain the face he lost.


However, the instant his voice dropped, Jiang Chen vanished from the scene. When Jiang Chen reappeared, Jiang Chen was right in front of him.


Before Shen Yifei could react, a loud slap was heard as the palm, containing a terrifying amount of energy, connected with his face, sending him sideways; his half-finished attack dissipated.


Apart from the burning sensation from his face, he also felt dizzy. Then, he spurted out a mouthful of blood.



Shen Yifei felt his head was spinning and began to curse as he was slapped twice even before he knew it.

In fact, this was a pretty normal phenomenon. If Shen Yifei heard about the name of Jiang Chen, he would know the things Jiang Chen did. He wouldn’t even dare stand here shouting like a madman and would probably run as far away from Jiang Chen as possible.

Although he was two levels higher than Jiang Chen, his combat strength couldn’t be compared to Jiang Chen’s. Plus, with the Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen’s speed was unmatched, and could easily crush Shen Yifei.

*Pa…* *Pa…* *Pa…*

Jiang Chen grabbed the folding fan from Shen Yifei’s hand and hurled it away. Then, his palm kept on hitting one side of Shen Yifei’s face like continuous raindrops, until his skin was split open and his flesh was badly battered.

The cultivators of Yu Family were gaping at the scene, completely petrified.

This was their mighty Young Master Shen and the number one genius of Fengluo Sect, but now he was being slapped like a dog in public, the skin of his face was almost vanishing, and a few of his teeth were broken.


The patriarch gulped a mouthful of foam. He had never thought of such a scene. It was too cruel and ruthless. The dignified number one genius of Fengluo Sect was now in a complete daze after being slapped continuously.

Jiang Zhenhai’s jaw dropped, then he burst into laughter, realizing that it was his son again, who would always be a legend no matter where he was.

Jiang Chen halted his palm and grabbed Shen Yifei by the sleeve towards him. “Kid, are you willing to yield now?” 

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