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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1773

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Blood was uncontrollably splashing and spurting onto the faces and bodies of the stewards. 

In just a matter of a few blinks, the ranks of five hundred people died. The originally crowded pill store was only left with a few stewards. Their faces were ashen, their breathing became heavy as they watched the scene.

It was bloody, violent and cruel.

The youth killed without hesitation. At this point, each steward became petrified, no longer displaying the arrogance they had moments ago. Being the higher-ups of Yu Family, they had experienced hundreds of battles and their hands were stained with the blood of their enemies. However, it was their first time seeing someone as cruel as Jiang Chen, who killed all of their underlings because they refused to kneel. This was an outright massacre.

In Jiang Chen’s opinion, enemies could only be deterred by ruthless means. He didn’t intend to let these people go anyway. The pill store had to pay a hefty price for the suffering that Jiang Zhenhai had endured, which was annihilation.

The stewards were shocked to find that this youth wasn’t just powerful, but also bloodthirsty and ruthless. Despite killing so many people, they could not see any emotion coming from the youth’s eyes. That was to say, this youth had killed too many people and had long gotten used to it.

As a matter of fact, this was how it should be as this was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. In ancient times, there were quite a number of powerhouses who were also capable of such magnificent feat every time they were angered. So, it wasn’t something new that Jiang Chen had killed a thousand people for his father.

“Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me!”

The Fifth Steward was scared to death. No longer paying attention to the pain from his broken arm, he crawled and rolled sideways to Jiang Zhenhai and kowtowed continuously.

The ruthlessness that Jiang Chen displayed exceeded his capacity to endure. His innermost soul was now filled with the shadow of Jiang Chen, knowing that this would be the end of the pill store as they had offended someone they shouldn’t offend.

The expression on Jiang Chen’s face remained unchanged after slaughtering these people. He was afraid that there were more than a thousand pill-testing subjects that were captured and died over the years. He didn’t need to show pity to these people, all of them deserved to die.

You can kill the enemies, foes and the evils doers, but not the innocent.

In Jiang Chen’s opinion, none of the people in the pill store was innocent, so they must be killed. By killing them, not only would it bring justice for Jiang Zhenhai, but also avenge the death of those other subjects.

Right now, the entire square was filled with the unpleasant stench of blood. The Second Steward had been cut in half by Jiang Chen, leaving only four stewards alive, two of whom were the Chief Steward and the Fifth Steward whose arm had been severed. The Third and Fourth Steward were petrified despite being intact as all of them had been enshrouded by the possibility of death.

“Kneel and talk,” said Jiang Chen in an icy cold voice. 

If it wasn’t because he wanted to obtain information, he would’ve already killed these people. Of course, he had to reclaim the dignity that his father lost from these people because no one had ever dared to humiliate and enslaved his father before.

*Puff!* *Puff!*

As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice dropped, The Third and Fourth Steward dropped to their knees, the pride they had disappeared completely from their faces. They finally understood why the Fifth Steward fell to his knees immediately. It turned out that there was nothing they could do apart from obeying Jiang Chen’s orders, unless they had a death wish.

The Chief Steward soon knelt after them. He knew that the pill store was finished. He had never seen someone as powerful as this youth. He knew very well that even the number one expert of Yu Family, the patriarch, wouldn’t be a match for this youth. Both of them might even be on two different levels, totally incomparable.

“Kowtow,” said Jiang Chen, in a firm tone.

“It’s our fault, Young Master! It was us who failed to recognize Mt. Tai with our eyes.”

“We’re willing to do anything to make up for the mistakes that we have done. We only hope that Young Master can let us live.”

“Don’t kill us, don’t kill us……”

The Third and Fourth Steward were pleading for their lives non-stop while the Fifth Steward was unceasingly repeating the words “don’t kill me”. The Chief Steward also put away his temper and pounded his head on the ground facing Jiang Zhenhai.

Jiang Zhenhai felt pretty uncomfortable sitting on the rattan chair, seeing the four great experts kowtowing remorsefully before him, who was merely a small figure. 

As the father of Jiang Chen, he was bound to be a significant figure worshipped by numerous great experts, even though it hadn’t been realized yet.

Despite his discomfort, he didn’t have the slightest pity for these people. As an ascendant, he had plenty of experiences and had been used to seeing massacres along the way. Recalling the horrendous death of the other victims and the sufferings he had been through made these people unforgivable even if they were given the death sentence 10,000 times over.

“Chief Steward, let me ask you this, who gave you the pill recipes that contain the ingredient Bloodthirsty Grass?” Jiang Chen asked. 

With his eyesight, he could naturally see that this Chief Steward wasn’t an alchemist, but only the person in charge of this organization, although he initially thought that the Chief Steward was the one who did it.

“Young Master, those pill recipes were given to me by the patriarch, however they were created by Young Master Shen,” the Chief Steward answered truthfully.

“Who is Young Master Shen? Why is he using the Bloodthirsty Grass to concoct pills?” asked Jiang Chen. 

Just as he expected, there was someone greater behind the scene. It seemed like this Young Master Shen was the main culprit behind all of these. This Young Master Shen had to be punished just like anyone who was involved in his father’s matter.

“Young Master Shen is a powerful genius disciple of the Fengluo Sect. He was the reason Yu Family conquered Fengli City. That’s why we had been working for him. As to why he created such pill recipes, I have no idea. Perhaps the patriarch knew the reason behind it,” said the Chief Steward.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon the Third Steward and spoke, “You will return to your family now and inform your patriarch to bring every expert that’s above the Immortal King realm here to kneel. Remember to not think about running away as the entire Fengli City is already under my control. If you dare to flee, I will kill you and annihilate the whole Yu Family. Don’t think I’m kidding, because I only joke with my friends.” 

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