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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1772

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“You, stand over there.” Jiang Chen motioned the Fifth Steward to stand on the other side.

The Fifth Steward was stunned as he hadn’t thought that this bloodthirsty devil would let him go. Immediately, unfounded strength surged in his body as he flew to the Chief Steward’s side.

“What’s going on? Who is this man?” Seeing the Fifth Steward having lost one arm, the Chief Steward couldn’t help but ask.

“Chief-Chief Steward, he’s called Jiang Chen, an expert that came out of nowhere. His father has been captured as a subject for pill-testing, which provoked him into starting a massacre.”

The Fifth Steward could still feel the lingering fear inside of him as he recounted everything that happened just now in a quavering tone. The recollection of Jiang Chen’s horror made him feel insecure even though he had already escaped the evil grasp of Jiang Chen.


The Chief Steward was astonished. Privately, he began to scold those underlings for being so negligent. Why did they offend such a powerful expert? Even if the Yu Family shrug this off, this would still cause a huge damage to the reputation of the pill store. Considering the people that had died today, the store clearly suffered a massive loss.

Perhaps the higher-ups in the Yu Family wouldn’t care about this, but the idea of this was overly terrifying. Fortunately, this was Fengchi Immortal Domain instead of Ethereal Immortal Domain. Otherwise, the Chief Steward would have knelt down begging for Jiang Chen’s forgiveness like a dog.

“Jiang Chen, it was our fault that we captured your father, but the massacre you started in our territory has cost us tremendously. You must pay for our loss.”

The Chief Steward spoke loudly. The others let out a sigh of relief sensing the resoluteness in the Chief Steward’s tone. They knew that the Chief Steward was the Great Elder of Yu Family, and has the strongest cultivation base here – early Immortal Emperor realm, which was only a grade lower than the patriarch of the Yu Family.

Therefore, this young man that came out of nowhere was truly asking for death to fight against the entire Yu Family.

“Pay for your loss? All of you must kneel first before talking to me about repayment.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He then conjured a rattan chair with a wave, placed it in front of him and invited his father to sit on it.

“Father, you can sit here. I’ll make them apologize to you,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“There’s no need for that, Chen Er. I’m already fully satisfied to be able to reunite with you. In my opinion, let’s just let this matter rest. Yu Family isn’t easy to deal with. I heard that they still have very strong supporters backing them.”

Jiang Zhenhai spoke with slight concern. Right now, he was indeed delighted that he was able to meet his son, Jiang Chen, once again. As for the grudges against Yu Family, they should let it go as Jiang Chen had already killed so many of their people.

Of course, he said this mainly for the sake of his son’s safety. After all, Yu Family wasn’t a force to be trifled with. Jiang Chen would be in trouble if he really provoked the entire family.

Still, he had underestimated his own son. If he knew that his son had even offended the three great Immortal Courts, he wouldn’t have such worries.

“Then they will have to disclose their supporters to me. Father, I’ll seek justice for the sufferings you had experienced. Everyone that’s part of this major power must pay a hefty price,” said Jiang Chen coldly. 

There was no other way to solve this matter. Yu Family had harmed the person that they shouldn’t have. The price they had to pay was bound to be great.

Jiang Chen cast his sharp eyes to those people and spoke flatly, “All of you, come and kneel and kowtow before my father.”


As soon as Jiang Chen’s words dropped, the Fifth Steward fell to his knees. He was truly frightened by Jiang Chen’s might and wouldn’t dare show any disobedience towards Jiang Chen’s words.

“Dammit, Old Fifth! Can you not shame yourself? You are a member of Yu Family!”

“Old Fifth, I demand you to stand up now!”

The action of the Fifth Steward made the Second and Third Steward almost spurt out a mouthful of blood. It was a disgrace to Yu Family. 

“Jiang Chen, don’t you get too arrogant! No one in Fengli City has ever dared to ask us to kneel.” Chief Steward bellowed.

“I have no idea where this lawless kid came from. Let me get rid of him.”

The Second Steward’s qi fluctuated. He was a late Immortal King, one of the top experts in Fengli City. With great speed, he lunged at Jiang Chen, a combat sabre appearing in his hand.

Jiang Chen shook his head. “Seeking death.”

He slashed lightly with his sword. The Second Steward, who was originally packed with momentum, was severed in half, blood splashed out, staining the floor red.


At this point, even the Chief Steward couldn’t keep his calm. He stared at the unknown youth with widened eyes. He was afraid that this youth’s power had transcended his imagination. The Second Steward, a late Immortal King, didn’t even have the chance to struggle before being slashed to death. He would never believe this if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

“I will give you all one last chance. Kneel, then speak.” Jiang Chen’s tone became extremely cold.

“Jiang Chen, I hope you know what you are doing. It won’t do you and your father any good by offending Yu Family.” The Chief Steward continued to threaten Jiang Chen with the Yu Family.

“None of you seems to cherish the chance I have given you.”

After speaking, Jiang Chen appeared in front of the Chief Steward with a sway and the sword flashed past. The Chief Steward felt a cold sensation from his arm before feeling intense pain. One of his arms had been severed from his shoulder.

He wanted to resist, but discovered that he couldn’t even move under the pressure of the opponent.

Horror-stricken, cold sweat trickling down his face, he finally knew how scary the youth was. Despite his Immortal Emperor cultivation base, he was as vulnerable as an infant in front of this young man, whom he believed he could kill with just a pinch.

“Since you don’t want to cherish the chance that I’ve given you, then just go to hell now.”

Turbulent waves surged out of Jiang Chen’s body, making him look like a frenzied devil. The powerful waves turned into indestructible sharp blades, rushing towards the people on the other side.


Wails were reverberating in the void incessantly. Under the rush of the blades, everyone collapsed, their bodies dismembered, the ground becoming a pool of blood. 

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