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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1770

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A hint of a smile was revealed on the corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth. He had met too many people like the Fifth Steward, who thought of having strong backers and bragged about them, but failed to know that those so-called backers of his were worse than a fart before Jiang Chen.

One of Jiang Chen’s hands was launched forward. The Fifth Steward felt a tremendous force on his body, making him unable to move, pulling him towards Jiang Chen. Then, another hand of Jiang Chen landed on his shoulder. Even though it seemed to be casual, the Fifth Steward’s arm was ripped off from his shoulder, blood gushing out, the bones inside became visible.


The Fifth Steward howled in pain. An arm of his was detached so easily from his shoulder. He could already feel the terror of Jiang Chen. It felt as though a massive mountain was standing before him while he was as tiny as an ant.

Jiang Zhenhai looked at his son in astonishment. One should know that the Fifth Steward was an Immortal King, but in front of Jiang Chen, he was as weak as an insect. He was delighted in his heart that his son was able to reach such a terrifying extent. Jiang Chen would always be his greatest pride.

“Tell me, who is the one who came up with those recipes?” asked Jiang Chen once more.

The Fifth Steward was horrified. He could already see that this youth was a killing devil who has a very strong cultivation base. In this world where only the strong ones were respected, he had to admit that he was weak sometimes. He had no doubt that if he dared to disobey this youth, he would die immediately just like those guards.

“Those recipes were brought by the Chief Steward, but even I don’t know who came up with those recipes.” He answered truthfully while enduring the pain from his broken arm.

“Listen closely, I’m called Jiang Chen. This is my father. It’s your family’s biggest mistake for taking my father as a test subject. The price that your family has to pay is complete annihilation,” said Jiang Chen in a plain tone.

The word ‘annihilation’ dumbfounded the Fifth Steward. Although the youth’s tone was flat, he definitely wasn’t joking. That was to say, Yu Family would surely disappear from this world just because of capturing one wrong test subject.

The Fifth Steward scolded his guards for bringing such an important person back as a test subject. If he knew that Jiang Zhenhai had such a powerful son, he wouldn’t have let those guard capture this person back then.

“Bring me to the pill store at once,” said Jiang Chen in a composed tone. 

Someone must pay for the harm that was done to his father. The annihilation of a family wasn’t a big deal to Jiang Chen. He wasn’t even afraid of the three great Immortal Courts, let alone a small Yu Family.


The Fifth Steward wheeled around without delay and led the way, followed by Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhenhai who had already recovered a lot at this point. His condition was much better than before; taking big strides was no longer a problem for him. Seeing his son today was like a dream to him. Naturally, his heart was now filled with joy.

The three of them vanished into the exit of the square, leaving the bunch of dazed-looking subjects on the square, who looked at each other, at a loss of what to do. The incident developed too quickly and too suddenly. All of the guards had died in just a matter of a few blinks. Even the Fifth Steward had been captured by the young man. They weren’t prepared for all of these.

“We are free!”

Someone regained his senses and shouted aloud, slowly shaking the others out of their daze. Some of them even began to cry aloud as they didn’t believe that they would be freed one day. Such hope had already been taken away ever since they laid their first step onto this square. The bliss had come so quickly that some of them were having a hard time accepting it.

“Are we really free? Impossible. This can’t be real.”

“It’s real. That youth just now was an incomparably powerful expert, so powerful that none of them was a match for him. I had never thought that middle-aged man had such a powerful son. Yu Family has encountered bad luck this time.”

“Thank you for saving us. I’m going home.”


All of them were unprecedentedly, and excitedly, moving in a disorderly manner. Some of them were even crawling their way out of the square. It had been a very long time since they saw the sunlight outside. There was nothing that could suppress their excitement now.

Further away from the square, under the lead of the Fifth Steward, they arrived at the back doors of the pill store which was connected to the underground. It was a hidden place. Apart from the workers of the pill store, no one else knew of its existence. This was the reason the pill store had been able to maintain its reputation despite all the heartless things they had done.

Jiang Chen was holding a long sword, cold light fluctuating around it. The Fifth Steward was trembling in fear. Every step of his took a great deal of courage. The only thing he could hope for now was the experts in the pill store to take down this terrifying youth, even though he already knew that it would be extremely difficult.

Jiang Chen glanced at the store above, an incredible qi rushed out of his body, forming an invisible seal in the air, wrapping around the entire building. He had  no intention to let anyone leave today. The price they had to pay was bound to be great.

The moment Jiang Chen’s seal was deployed, everyone in the pill store could sense an extremely strong pressure that caused their soul to shake.

“What’s going on? How can there be such a powerful pressure? This must be coming from a peerless expert.”

“The source of the shake seems to be coming from underground.”

“Not good. The entire pill store has been sealed by some sort of powerful seal. Could it be that some peerless expert wants to attack us?”


The originally peaceful pill store was thrown into chaos by the overbearing pressure that made countless people uncomfortable. Most of them were puzzled as they had no idea what was going on.

The main hall at the centre of the store sat all the higher-ups. The one sitting on the seat of honour was an elder that had an early Immortal Emperor cultivation base. He was the Chief Steward of the pill store and also the Great Elder of Yu Family. His status in Fengli City was unreachable to ordinary people.

The sudden appearance of such pressure prompted the remaining stewards onto their feet.

“Some expert has come.”

The Third Steward said in alarm, his face slightly darkening, as he could sense powerful hostility and killing intent originating from the pressure.

“Let’s go and see what’s going on. Someone has deployed a seal in the sky above the pill store. No one has ever dared to be so wild ever since Yu Family conquered Fengli City,” said the Chief Steward, his qi fluctuated as he strode outside. 

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