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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1768

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There were sorrowful cries from time to time in the dead silence of the square. Many of the subjects were very young and they didn’t want to die. Their eyes were brimming with heartfelt despair. At this place, they didn’t even have the chance of killing themselves as they were surrounded by brawny guards. Although the strongest amongst the guards was only a half-step Immortal King, it was enough to control their fate. Due to long hours of being subjected to pill-testing, their blood and qi were almost depleted, which left them with very little strength to resist and fight back.

In a corner of the square was a middle-aged man, curled up. He seemed to be in his forties, his clothes were shabby and torn, and his wounded body was smeared with blood. There was only his eyes that seemed sharp. If Jiang Chen was here, he would certainly be able to recognize who this person was. This middle-aged man was the father that Jiang Chen had been looking for, Jiang Zhenhai.

“Chen Er, I’m afraid that we won’t have the chance to meet again.”

Jiang Zhenhai sighed and spoke in a reluctant tone. He didn’t fear death, but he was unwilling to die just like this. He had cultivated hard for a few hundred years in the world below so that he could ascend to this world one day and reunite with his own son. Unexpectedly, right after his wish was fulfilled, he was plunged into this crisis where meeting Jiang Chen again for the last time had become an extravagant hope.

His heart was filled with anguish. He knew that Jiang Chen was in this world, but this world was just too vast. And given his ability, finding Jiang Chen here was equivalent to seeking a needle in the ocean. It was simply unrealistic. And, adding the fact that he had fallen into this desperate situation, he no longer had any hope of seeing Jiang Chen once again.

After being imprisoned here for a period of time, he understood that death was the only way out. There was no exception. There were people dying here everyday. Another two had died just a moment ago. He had no idea when would death befall unto him.

All he could do now was to wait for his death.

His current cultivation base was at the Heaven Immortal realm. This wasn’t because he was endowed with great talents. This was the result of the pill-testing. Numerous pills created here contained tremendous side effects, but they could force one’s cultivation base to advance, which was far from good. Take Jiang Zhenhai for example, all the potential and blood and qi inside of him had been emptied by the pills. The Heaven Immortal realm he had was superficial. He wouldn’t be able to exert any strength despite his cultivation. Even if he didn’t die, he would never be able to advance anymore, he would be stuck at this level for the rest of his life unless there was a miracle.

Of course, he didn’t spend time imagining about all of these things. After being trapped in this place for so long, no one would think that they could walk out of this place alive because that was simply not realistic. The only thing that made Jiang Zhenhai persevere until now was Jiang Chen. 

This was because he knew that he would only have a chance if he lived. It was the most important condition if he were to meet his son again.

Compared to others, Jiang Zhenhai’s condition was still considered good. Back when Jiang Chen left Saint Origin World, he had left Jiang Zhenhai plenty of good stuff which made Jiang Zhenhai’s foundation stronger and firmer compared to others. Which was why his eyes still seemed bright even at this moment.


Heavy footsteps were heard from outside, followed by the appearance of a middle-aged man who had an incredible qi of Immortal King. A figure of such level must have a high position in the pill organization.

“Fifth Steward, why have you come in person?”

Seeing the arrival of the middle-aged man, several guards immediately rushed forward and greeted him unctuously with a bow. It only showed how unordinary this Fifth Steward was.

“That’s right, Fifth Steward. You can be rest assured with us managing here. Furthermore, today’s pill has already been tested,” one of them said.

“A new pill has just been concocted. Find someone with a stronger body to test the pill,” the Fifth Steward spoke.

Upon hearing this, the guards’ expression turned solemn. According to the past, there would only be one pill-testing per day, because only a single new pill could be produced in a day. They had never expected another pill-testing not long after the previous pill-testing was done. Furthermore, the Fifth Steward had shown up in person. This only showed that the pill concocted was an unusual one.

“Go and find someone with a better physique.”

The leader of the guards spoke to his underlings. What he meant by better physique wasn’t equivalent to a strong physique because he knew that there was virtually no one here who had a strong and healthy physique. What he needed to find was someone with a slightly better physique to test the pill.

The guard looked around. All the subjects were shivering from top to bottom, and didn’t dare to meet his eyes. In the end, his eyes fell upon Jiang Zhenhai.

“You, come here.” He nodded to Jiang Zhenhai.

Jiang Zhenhai raised his head, his eyes sparkled with coldness and hatred.

“Old bastard, don’t you stare at me!”

The guard was instantly angered and strode over to Jiang Zhenhai, then gave Jiang Zhenhai a slap to the face and lifted his leg, ready to trample on the victim’s head.

“That’s enough. Don’t beat him to death.” The leader shouted reproachfully. It wasn’t easy to find a subject that was in good condition compared to the rest. Their efforts would be in vain if the subject was killed just like this.

“Humph! You’re lucky this time.”

The guard harrumphed coldly, clutching Jiang Zhenhai’s collar and pulling him towards the Fifth Steward.

“Heaven Immortal realm. His blood and qi are near depletion. Is there a better one?” The Fifth Steward looked at Jiang Zhenhai and said with a frown.

“Fifth Steward, if this isn’t good enough, we will go and catch one now,” said the leader.

“Forget it. We can’t act in broad daylight. If we are seen by outsiders, it will damage the reputation of our pill store. We’ll just use him then. Let’s not delay anymore,” said the Fifth Steward, turned his palm and a pill emerged. 

The pill was blood-red and radiated an unpleasant smell. Jiang Zhenhai squinted his eyes. Instinct told him that he wasn’t going to last long enough to meet his son if he took this pill.

“I’m not eating this pill!” Jiang Zhenhai bellowed, his eyes blazing.

“You’re not eating? It’s not up to you to decide.”

The leader of the guards grabbed Jiang Zhenhai’s neck and stuffed the pill into Jiang Zhenhai’s mouth and down into his throat. Feeling a sense of suffocation, the pill went down his throat then into his abdomen.


Powerful medicinal force suddenly erupted inside the body of Jiang Zhenhai, turning into spiritual serpents, rushing crazily towards all his limbs. His face contorted as he lay on the ground, howling in pain.

The Fifth Steward fixed his eyes intently on Jiang Zhenhai. Based on the reaction of Jiang Zhenhai, he knew that the pill was once again, a failure. Each of the guards seemed impassive, as they knew that this subject was going to die. They had seen too many of such scenes. 

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