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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1761

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“For goodness sake!” Chu Tian’s eyes darkened; he almost cough out a mouthful of blood, his nose almost contorted. 

Who the f*** was this Dragon Shisan? How dare he ask Chu Tian to get lost? Is he not putting Chu Tian in his eyes at all?

Chu Tian had heard the name Dragon Shisan before and knew that this man was no ordinary figure, however that didn’t give Dragon Shisan the right to humiliate him, who was also an extraordinary genius. No one would be able to take this. If he really did what Dragon Shisan asked and left, he would surely lose all his reputation and face.

“Dragon Shisan, it seems you are pretty arrogant. You should have continued hiding and cherished your hard-won chance of staying alive. But, instead of doing so, you just have to sprung out to take my woman and shouted rude remarks at me. That’s certainly an act of death. Since you have a death wish, I’m going to help you fulfill it by ensuring that you won’t live again this time.”

Chu Tian was really infuriated. His fury surged out at the top of his head. A fist, carrying terrifying qi waves and issuing buzzing sound, was struck at Dragon Shisan at lightning speed.

Dragon Shisan stood with hands behind his back and looked at Chu Tian contemptuously. To him, there was no need to put such an opponent in his eyes. He could easily kill this enemy even if he hadn’t advanced to half-step Immortal Venerable realm. No doubt, Chu Tian was a very powerful genius, but he was still far from enough to fight Dragon Shisan. 

Given Dragon Shisan’s current strength, he could kill even an intermediate Immortal Venerable expert. It was afraid that not even an early Immortal Venerable monstrous genius was a match for him.

Long story short, Chu Tian was no match for Dragon Shisan.

Just as Chu Tian’s fist was about to hit Dragon Shisan’s chest, Dragon Shisan lifted one finger and casually pointed it to the oncoming fist.

*Pu Chi!*

With a sound of ‘pu chi’, Chu Tian’s fist, which was powerful enough to destroy a mountain, was easily pierced through by Dragon Shisan’s finger, blood was gushing out from the hole crazily.

Chu Tian’s sturdy body was shoved towards the edge of the platform; he almost fell from the martial arena. Blood was constantly spurting out from his trembling hand, which was now completely ruined. It was an unprecedented injury.  

“Trash,” Dragon Shisan said disdainfully, sounding extremely proud. As a descendant of the Battle Saint Ape, arrogance was in his nature.


The whole scene was in an uproar. Countless eyes fell upon the battle platform. Their jaws dropped; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. This was their first time seeing Dragon Shisan in action. As for Chu Tian, all of them had witnessed his strength in the previous matches and thought that he was the strongest of all. Also, Chu Tian was a monstrous genius that came from the Immortal Court. His means were beyond ordinary and incomparable to any ordinary geniuses. 

Many people thought that no matter how strong Dragon Shisan was, the most he could do was fight Chu Tian to a draw. Even if he could suppress Chu Tian, he wouldn’t be able to injure Chu Tian easily. But just a moment ago, he had injured Chu Tian with just a finger, making them doubt their own eyes.

“This bastard has already advanced to half-step Immortal Venerable realm. He’s undeniably scary.”

“Apart from Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan is also a huge threat. It’s just that none of us expected him to still be alive. Back in Golden Horizon, he was able to kill a half-step Immortal Venerable genius from the Immortal Court while he was still at the late Immortal Emperor realm. Now that he has advanced, he’s virtually invincible amongst half-step Immortal Venerable. Chu Tian is no match for him.”

“How abominable! I’ve no idea how he has come back to life. Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring clearly killed him back then. Could this be the rebirth that only exists in the legends?”


Everyone was astounded. Dragon Shisan’s might had gone beyond everyone’s imagination.

Of course, Chu Tian was the one who was astounded the most. His face paled as he looked at his nearly-crippled hand. However, it was nothing compared to the psychological blow he received.

“This is impossible.”

He shook his head, unable to accept the truth. Moments ago, he had suppressed all the opponents he faced, finally becoming Venerable Ling Long’s son-in-law. When he was at the peak of his joy, he was plunged to depression all of a sudden. This kind of blow plus the insult of Dragon Shisan infuriated him completely.

“If I were you, I would have left by now to save my life while Master Monkey is still in a good mood,” Dragon Shisan spoke nonchalantly. 

Indeed, he was in a good mood. After all, he had been reborn and had made great progress in his cultivation. If it wasn’t for his tolerance, Chu Tian would be a dead man by now.

Of course, it was Chu Tian’s own business whether he would cherish his chance to live.

“Son of a b***ch! Dragon Shisan, I, Chu Tian, am a high and mighty genius. No one is allowed to humiliate me. By doing so, you are dead! Wheel of Death!”

Chu Tian went berserk, his hair was fluttering frantically as he was plunged into a state of frenzy. With a tremble of his other hand, the terrifying Wheel of Death appeared once more, enhancing his combat strength by twofold.

“Your momentum is pretty good, unfortunately, it’s just a simple trick in front of Master Monkey.”

Dragon Shisan shook his head and looked at the Wheel of Death, wearing no expression on his face.

This had undoubtedly agitated Chu Tian even more. It was an absolute contempt. Losing control over his anger, he bellowed, smashing the Wheel of Death that carried endless destructive force towards Dragon Shisan.

“Humph! Since you are courting death, so be it!”

Dragon Shisan was angered, raised his fist and smashed at the Wheel of Death violently. 

The Wheel of Death was Chu Tian’s most powerful attack . The power of this attack could never be underestimated. No one had ever dared to confront it physically as it was no different than asking for death.

But the spectators were horrified to discover that with a sound of bang, the Wheel of Death was smashed into pieces by Dragon Shisan’s fist even before it could deal any powerful damage.


The Wheel of Death was connected with Chu Tian’s bloodline . The destruction of the Wheel of Death caused a tremendous backlash on his body, causing him to cough out a mouthful of blood and his qi faltered .

At this point, Chu Tian finally understood the scariness of Dragon Shisan. At least, he knew that he was no match for Dragon Shisan now.

“I have already given you two chances. It was you who didn’t cherish it. In that case, go to hell.” Dragon Shisan’s eyes shot out a cold killing intent as he lunged at Chu Tian. 

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