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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1760

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*Hong Long……*

The energy in Dragon Shisan’s body rolled like the tides in the ocean. Before entering deep sleep, his original cultivation base was already at the late Immortal Emperor realm. Now that his soul had been awakened, he advanced to half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Jiang Chen had long expected such a scenario. When Dragon Shisan lost his consciousness, combined with his extraordinary bloodline, he was force-fed with a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk and placed on the Ling Long Jade Rock which allowed him to crazily absorb the Ling Long Jade’s fluid. All of these factors had contributed to his rebirth. It would be a disgrace to his kind if he couldn’t even advance one level given all the resources and abilities he had.

“This bastard is going to be so much more powerful right now. Those geniuses of Immortal Court are in bad luck.”

Jiang Chen laughed happily. 

Being an Immemorial Battle Spirit, Dragon Shisan was a fighting maniac. Now that he advanced to half-step Immortal Venerable realm, not even those early Immortal Venerable geniuses from the Immortal Court was a match for him. Jiang Chen had no doubt about this.

The event would surely become even livelier once Dragon Shisan emerged. In the eyes of the people, Dragon Shisan had long died under the hands of Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring. By emerging on the scene, numerous people would certainly become confuse, making them feel as though they had seen a real ghost.


Dragon Shisan, who was lying on top of the divine rock, opened his eyes abruptly. A golden fiery light with a hint of red issued from his eyes like two sharp blades, cutting the void in half. His Fiery Golden Eyes had been restored when he was still lying on the Ling Long Jade Rock.


Jiang Chen smiled. He felt extremely happy. At last, Dragon Shisan had regained consciousness. When he found out that Dragon Shisan was killed, he almost went berserk. If Dragon Shisan was really killed, he would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

On the martial arena, the final battle was about to begin. Chu Tian leaped onto the battle platform with a twist of his body, then gazed at Lin Yu with his sharp eyes, and spoke, “Lin Yu, don’t delay any longer. Let’s fight.’

Lin Yu knitted his brows tightly. After measuring the gap between both of their states, he spoke in a helpless tone, “I admit defeat.”

Lin Yu’s admission of defeat caused a wave of sigh of disappointment from the crowd who expected an intense battle from the two, however they didn’t have much to blame Lin Yu for giving up the battle. After all, the difference in power between the two of them was just too great. The outcome was already predictable.

Lin Yu was an intelligent man and didn’t act recklessly. Despite his reluctance, he still chose to admit defeat.

“Unfortunately, Lin Yu has given up the battle, making Chu Tian the final contender of the competition. I can’t help admiring Chu Tian’s situation now.”

“It’s the wisest choice to admit defeat, knowing that he’s going to lose anyway in the fight. There’s no need to bring disgrace upon himself.”

“It seems Chu Tian has officially become the son-in-law of Venerable Ling Long. Not only can he bring a beauty back home, but also massive benefits which he may not even have the chance to obtain in his life.”


Countless envious voices rang out. It was the dream of countless men to be the son-in-law of Venerable Ling Long. 


Chu Tian cackled, seeming incomparably delighted. He cupped his fists at Venerable Ling Long and spoke aloud, “Immortal Venerable, I have won the competition. From now on, Limitless Immortal Sect and Exquisite Paradise will be family.”

Looking at the smug look of Chu Tian, Lan Lingji suddenly felt a pang of despair. Her eyes stared at a far distance; she thought to herself: “Could this really be the end?”

“What right does Limitless Immortal Sect have to become family of Exquisite Paradise?”

At this time, an extremely arrogant voice was heard from afar. Everyone turned towards the source of the sound and saw a yellow-robed youth flying his way towards the scene in the void. He had a regal, uncommonly good-looking face, a pair of red dazzling eyes and pepper-and-salt hair, which was his biggest symbol.

“Brother Shisan!”

Lan Lingji wept with joy. Apart from herself, no one could understand her present feeling – seeing light in the gloomiest and darkest path.

All eyes were cast upon Dragon Shisan. Everyone was stirred by the newcomer. 

“Dragon Shisan? Impossible. How can it be him?”

“What happened? Wasn’t Dragon Shisan killed? Am I seeing a ghost here? That day, I witnessed Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring kill him. How could he still be alive?”

“A miracle…this is the greatest miracle that I have ever seen. A man who was supposed to be dead has come back to life.”

“Dammit! This bastard can’t be killed, and he seems to have become even stronger. I would have never believed this if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

“Dragon Shisan is a Battle Saint Ape, a mighty Immemorial Battle Spirit. The bloodline that flows in his body is incomparably powerful. He won’t die so easily, and the fact that he survived the joint attack of Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring is an enormous miracle.”


The crowd was shocked. Almost everyone here knew about the tragic death of Dragon Shisan. It was impossible to survive that kind of condition, but now, the man in question appeared to be very much alive. Not only was he not dead, but he had even become stronger.

The geniuses of Immortal Court hadn’t seen Dragon Shisan before, but they were no stranger to his name. Ever since the incident in Golden Horizon, he became the second most wanted person in the Immortal World. But due to his death, everyone stopped talking about him. Unexpectedly, he was still alive. His appearance here immediately ignited the killing intent of the geniuses of the various major powers.

Venerable Ling Long revealed a smile, and felt relieved that her efforts weren’t in vain. The following development, whether he could get Lan Lingji back from Chu Tian, would fully depend on Dragon Shisan’s capabilities.

Dragon Shisan reached the battle platform, stood opposite of Chu Tian and spoke coldly, “Idiot! Go and look yourself in the mirror before thinking about laying your dirty finger on Lingji. Perhaps you may have a chance to live if you get out of Master Monkey’s sight now.”

Dragon Shisan’s extreme arrogance stunned Chu Tian, he was certain that this bastard was the most arrogant being he had ever met, and the first one who dared to insult him. 

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