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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1756

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Jiang Chen had returned, but Lu Yan hadn’t. This instantly caused an uproar. Some were guessing that Lu Yan had died under Jiang Chen’s hands but most of them dismissed the idea, thinking that it was impossible. After all, the gap of cultivation base between the two of them was just too great. They would rather believe that both of them hadn’t met each other and a battle never took place.

“Jiang Bufu, where’s our Senior Brother Lu Yan?” A disciple of Yellow Spring Sect blocked Jiang Chen’s way and shouted.

“Dead,” said Jiang Chen indifferently.

“Don’t f*** with me! You think I would believe that you killed Senior Brother Lu Yan? You must have fled from him. You didn’t even have the nerve to confront Senior Brother Lu Yan.” 

That disciple felt the urge to cough up blood after hearing the outrageous remark coming from Jiang Bufu.

“Get lost! Don’t block my path.” Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered and he shouted coldly at the disciple.

The disciple felt a shudder in his soul and his body moved aside on its own. Although he was an intermediate Immortal Emperor, his dignity seemed non-existent in front of Jiang Chen. Having witnessed the death of Lu Qi, who was also an intermediate Immortal Emperor, he knew that Jiang Bufu was a brutal killer; he would most likely be killed if he really provoked him, and his death would be for naught.

Jiang Chen ignored the gaze of the public and strode towards the guest zone, returning to his courtyard.

“Let’s go. I think that this Jiang Bufu must have escaped from Lu Yan’s pursuit. Lu Yan is probably still looking for him out there. It won’t take long before he returns.” 

“So it turns out that he’s just a coward.”

Many of them had the same thought. Contempt was brimming in their eyes as they stared at the back of Jiang Chen.

Outside the guest zone, Yang Bufan and the other two couldn’t help but smile when they saw Jiang Chen swaggering towards them. Only they believed that Lu Yan was truly dead.

“Little Chen, why have you changed your appearance?” Yang Bufan spoke through divine sense.

“Do you think I can walk in this manner if I used my original appearance? I’m afraid that the entire Exquisite Paradise will immediately turn into a battlefield. The main purpose of tomorrow’s event is to stimulate the monkey into waking up. I can’t take that opportunity away from him,” Jiang Chen replied. 

He knew pretty well that it was because of him that most of these people attended the general assembly. Many true experts were still in hiding. Those that came from the Immortal Court had come to kill him. If he revealed his true face, he would instantly become the centre of attention. He was afraid that the whole Exquisite Paradise would turn into a battlefield. This wasn’t what he wanted to see, because he knew the motive of this event better than anyone. If it wasn’t for the sake of stimulating Dragon Shisan, Venerable Ling Long wouldn’t have used her saintess as bait.

Night fell very quickly, but the guest zone wasn’t getting any quieter. This was because the female disciples of Exquisite Paradise were emerging constantly in Jiang Chen’s courtyard, also Lu Yan hasn’t returned yet.

“Lu Yan isn’t back yet even though that Jiang Bufu was already back long ago. He should be aware that tomorrow is the selection of son-in-law. If he couldn’t find any trace of Jiang Bufu, he should have returned by now.”

“Could it be? No, that is absolutely impossible. How could Jiang Bufu kill Lu Yan? That’s ridiculous.”

“But why is Lu Yan not back yet? We shouldn’t underestimate that Jiang Bufu. He has killed Lu Qi with ease earlier. This alone is enough for him to gain a foothold in the young generation of geniuses.”


Many people were unable to remain calm. At this point, numerous people began to rethink the word that Jiang Chen had said: ‘Lu Yan was dead’. They began to think that this might be real.

The geniuses of Yellow Spring Sect had already lost their patience, several of them had flown out of Exquisite Paradise to find the traces of Lu Yan. An hour later, they returned without any news of Lu Yan, however they discovered signs of battle in a barren mountain range ten thousand miles away. The estimated time of the battle coincided with the time Jiang Chen and Lu Yan departed.

This wasn’t a trivial matter. All eyes immediately fixed upon Jiang Chen.

“This indicates that a clash might have taken place between Jiang Bufu and Lu Yan. That barren mountain range was crumbled.”

“Lu Yan hasn’t returned yet. Could it be that he was really killed?”

“Did Jiang Bufu really kill Lu Yan? But he’s only an early Immortal Emperor. When did such a monstrous genius appeared in this world? If there was really such a monstrous genius like him, he should have been pretty well-known, but we haven’t seen nor heard about him before. Right now, the only one who can kill a half-step Immortal Venerable genius while being only an early Immortal Emperor is Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen…Jiang Bufu…they are one and the same. Jiang Bufu is Jiang Chen. It has to be him. Dammit! We have been deceived by him.”

“Yes. They must be the same. Such a peerless genius should be unique. Plus, both of them have the same surname and displayed hostility towards the people of Yellow Spring Sect. He has to be Jiang Chen. He wouldn’t have acted so brutally if there were no deep grudges.”


A pandemonium was set off. Most of these geniuses were intelligent people, they could easily figure out the key of the matter. Jiang Bufu was Jiang Chen. That was the only explanation. Otherwise, Lu Yan would’ve never died. Only Jiang Chen could kill a genius like Lu Yan with a cultivation base of early Immortal Emperor realm, because Jiang Chen had killed Tian Yue a few days ago.

The news was spread across the place immediately. Jiang Chen’s appearance would surely set off a huge wave. Geniuses from various major powers acted, including those geniuses that had returned from the Immortal Court. All of them were on par with Lu Yan, there were around thirty of them. If they all joined forces, they would become a force that couldn’t be underestimated, and their power would be beyond imagination. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be a match for them.

However, when they had tightly besieged the courtyard, there wasn’t a sign of Jiang Chen.

“Dammit! That bastard is already gone.”

“Son of a b**ch! He was right under our noses two days ago and we didn’t even realize it. We have just missed the great opportunity of killing him. How infuriating!”

“Don’t worry. I guess that he will appear again in tomorrow’s general assembly. He’s an outlaw now and many powerful geniuses will be present tomorrow. As long as he dares to appear, he will die a graveless death.”


The geniuses were angered and extremely frustrated that they had overlooked Jiang Chen who was right in front of them the whole time. 

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