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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1754

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Hearing Tian Yue’s name, the cold-faced Lu Yan changed suddenly as he looked at Jiang Chen in horror and said in a tone of disbelief, “You’re Jiang Chen?”

At this time, Lu Yan’s suspicion got the better of him, because the opponent said that he had killed Tian Yue. Not long ago, Tian Yue died a tragic death in Jiang Chen’s hands. Everyone in the world knew about this. It wasn’t any sort of secret. Associating this with the divine performance of Jiang Bufu back in Exquisite Paradise, and the scene of him casually killing Lu Qi, Lu Yan was even more convinced that this was Jiang Chen.

“You aren’t stupid after all,” Jiang Chen said. 

With a twist of his body, chaotic energy surged out of his body like a frenzied ocean, and he transformed into his dragon form. In order to deal with Lu Yan, he needed to go all out. The reason he had chosen this place was to not reveal his identity in Exquisite Paradise.

“Come on, show me how strong you are compared to Tian Yue.”

Jiang Chen’s body was full of killing intent, just like a god of slaughter. The qi he emitted made Lu Yan feel incredible pressure.

Lu Yan’s facial expression changed slightly. The sight of Jiang Chen’s dragon form confirmed Jiang Chen’s identity. This transformation technique was the biggest symbol of Jiang Chen.

Lu Yan wouldn’t have thought that he would encounter Jiang Chen so quickly. In truth, he didn’t have much assurance in dealing with Jiang Chen. His heart was pounding continuously. After all, Jiang Chen was the one who had eliminated Tian Yue, the man whom he the capabilities all too well as both of them were cultivating in the Immortal Court.

“What’s wrong? Scared? If you are scared, you can choose to surrender,” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Hearing the word ‘surrender’ ignited the fury inside of Lu Yan. He had never yielded to anyone. This was an utter insult to his personality. He would surely lose all his status if this was heard by others.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, it was only through trickery that you managed to kill Tian Yue. I’m not Tian Yue, your trickery won’t work on me. Since I have encountered you today, I’m going to kill you with all my might.”

Lu Yan harrumphed coldly. In the face of Jiang Chen, the greed inside of him began to stir. The benefits of killing Jiang Chen were tremendous. He would instantly rise to fame.

Furthermore, in Lu Yan’s point of view, the main reason that Jiang Chen was able to kill Tian Yue was Jiang Chen’s secret art that could replicate the Nine Heavenly Astral Slash which thoroughly disrupted the mind of Tian Yue and caused him to be killed. As long as he stayed vigilant, Jiang Chen would never be a match for him.


Lu Yan’s arm trembled and a combat sword materialized. Knowing that Jiang Chen had a secret art that could replicate one’s combat technique, he shouldn’t display his combat technique. Instead, he decided to use his incredible Immortal Weapon to fight Jiang Chen. He had to go all out in order to suppress Jiang Chen, given Jiang Chen’s level of strength.

“Attack now!”

Jiang Chen drew the Heavenly Saint Sword slowly. Roars rang out from the blood-red dragon sword as though it hadn’t been used in battle for a very long time.

Lu Yan acted. In the face of such a powerful opponent, he wouldn’t dare to show any neglect. The combat sword in his hand let out a fierce howl. Carrying the qi of Mount Tai and moving like a venomous serpent, the sword was slashed at Jiang Chen. The void that it passed was severed in half.

On the other side, Jiang Chen also moved. The Heavenly Saint Sword was even scarier. It was swung at Lu Yan’s combat sword with a simple sword style.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to stay entangled with Lu Yan. He wanted to end the battle fast whether Lu Yan use a combat technique or not. Even if Lu Yan did display his combat technique, Jiang Chen wasn’t in the mood to replicate it using the Taijitu. He wasn’t remotely interested in Lu Yan’s technique. What he was interested in was Lu Yan’s life.

*Hong Long……*

The two swords collided. An ear-splitting roar erupted. Despite already creating a battlefield earlier, the mountains within hundreds of miles radius were still destroyed. After all, the destructive force was just too massive.

Both of them didn’t hold back their strength in this sword fight, so a clear comparison could be made – Lu Yan was forced 300 meters away from the battlefield.

“What an abnormal bastard!”

Lu Yan’s face turned grim. Despite being already mentally prepared, he still found it slightly hard to accept that he was forced back by Jiang Chen’s attack. The fact remained that Jiang Chen was merely an early Immortal Emperor.

“Sure enough, the geniuses of Immortal Court is beyond ordinary. If I’ve just advanced to the early Immortal Emperor realm, I’m afraid that I won’t be a match for this Lu Yan.”

Jiang Chen was also slightly startled. A genius like Lu Yan was incomparable to average people. Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base was at the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm, only a step away from intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. He was pretty clear that he was no match for Lu Yan if he had just advanced to the early Immortal Emperor realm.

Of course, given the present situation, his cultivation base was already sufficient to kill Lu Yan.


Jiang Chen moved at an incredible speed. The Heavenly Saint Sword was raised again and swung at Lu Yan. At the same time, he cast the Great Void Technique, appearing above Lu Yan in the blink of an eye.

Lu Yan was shocked. Without hesitation, he swung the combat sword upwards, connecting with Jiang Chen’s sword.

*Hong Long……*

It was another earth-shaking scene. Under such a fierce battle, momentum was undoubtedly the most important element. Due to Jiang Chen having killed Tian Yue before this, it caused Lu Yan’s momentum to be weaker than Jiang Chen since the beginning. Without accident, Lu Yan was sent flying once more.

“Jiang Chen, I acknowledge that you are a peerless genius, but I won’t continue fighting you today. I dare you to appear on the selection of the son-in-law tomorrow. Someone will naturally come to kill you at that time.” Lu Yan left these final words, then turned and left.

He was a smart person. He would never fight an uncertain battle. Realizing that he was no match for Jiang Chen, he chose to escape.

One had to say that this was a very wise choice because it wouldn’t do him any good if he still continued to fight. Even if he exerted all of his strength, he still wouldn’t be able to kill Jiang Chen. He might as well stop wasting his time and energy here. As long as Jiang Chen dared to show up tomorrow, Jiang Chen would be killed. Immortal Venerable geniuses from Immortal Court such as Li Feng of Yellow Spring Sect would be present tomorrow not with the motive of participating in the event, but with the motive of killing Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Lu Yan, since you have come, why choose to leave now?”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud. Using the Great Void Technique, he blocked Lu Yan’s path in a blink. What a joke! It wasn’t easy for him to draw Lu Yan out. If he allowed Lu Yan to return unscathed, his identity would be exposed. 

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