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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1753

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“Humph! Since you are courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Lu Yan harrumphed coldly and then vanished with a sway, heading towards where Jiang Chen had disappeared. As a matter of fact, Lu Yan didn’t really intend to fight Jiang Chen. After all, given his status and strength, it was a disgrace for him to fight an early Immortal Emperor. He wouldn’t gain any face even if he emerged victorious.

His plan was to use his comrades as an excuse to cripple Jiang Chen. Unexpectedly, the emergence of an elder of Exquisite Paradise had given him a scruple. But now that Jiang Bufu himself wanted to fight him, he had to exterminate Jiang Bufu for good. He wanted to let Jiang Bufu know the true meaning of surrender, and that opposing him wouldn’t bring a pleasant outcome.

At the centre of Exquisite Paradise, an old woman, who was standing next to Venerable Ling Long, spoke, “Immortal Venerable, that Young Master Bufu has actually accepted Lu Yan’s challenge, and are now headed for a life-or-death battle outside. Shall we stop them? After all, this Jiang Bufu is a rare genius and has given us tremendous benefits. Since he has made the gesture of making friends with us, we should protect him.”

Everyone staying in Exquisite Paradise now knew about Jiang Bufu. Ever since his arrival, he had brought inestimable benefits to Exquisite Paradise. Not only had he helped a large number of disciples break through their bottleneck, he also gifted them numerous Immortal Weapons. This made it clear that he was treating Exquisite Paradise as his friend. Furthermore, geniuses like him were just too rare. In the elder’s point of view, Exquisite Paradise should cherish such a talent.

Upon hearing this, the corners of Venerable Ling Long’s mouth revealed a slight smile, as if she wasn’t remotely concerned by the battle of the two. She then spoke to the elder with a smile, “Elder Liu, there’s no need to worry. Do you think Lu Yan can kill that Young Master Bufu?”

“Although Young Master Bufu possesses mystical abilities, he is overly arrogant and refuses to obey anyone. Unfortunately, his cultivation base is still too weak. He’s only an early Immortal Emperor. How can he be an opponent of Lu Yan? I’m afraid that not even I can fight a genius like Lu Yan,” Elder Liu replied with a frown. 

In her opinion, Jiang Bufu and Lu Yan were two extremes as the gap between them was just too great. No matter how divine that Jiang Bufu was, he could never be a match for Lu Yan. None of the geniuses that came from the Immortal Court was an easy opponent.

“Lu Yan will die for sure because Jiang Bufu is Jiang Chen,” said Venerable Ling Long casually. 

Others might not know Jiang Bufu’s true identity, but she was crystal clear about it, from the instant Jiang Chen left Dragon Shisan.

“What? Jiang Bufu is Jiang Chen?” The old woman exclaimed, she clearly hadn’t thought of such a possibility.

“Otherwise, why do you think a stranger that came out of nowhere is so nice to our disciples? In addition, do you really think that monstrous geniuses can be found everywhere in the Immortal World? Jiang Chen wants to do Exquisite Paradise some favors, and I’m grateful to him. As for his safety, we don’t have to worry about it. We all already know his means pretty well,” Venerable Ling Long added with a smile.

“If that’s the case, there’s really nothing to worry about. Even that Tian Yue died in Jiang Chen’s hands. Lu Yan won’t be an exception.”

The elder smiled, finding that what Venerable Ling Long said was very reasonable. Jiang Bufu and Jiang Chen had the same surname and unfathomable features. It turned out that they were one person. In that case, she ought not to worry about him but Lu Yan. They knew Jiang Chen’s abilities incredibly well. Putting aside the earth-shattering things he had done in the past, his ability to kill Tian Yue was enough to prove his strength. Although Lu Yan was very powerful, he’s merely on par with Tian Yue and could only die in a fight against Jiang Chen.

Fighting a half-step Immortal Venerable while being an early Immortal Emperor… there was no other person who could do this besides Jiang Chen.

After Jiang Chen and Lu Yan vanished, numerous people had arrived on the scene. They wanted to see how the battle went, whether that Jiang Bufu was killed by Lu Yan. Particularly the people of Yellow Spring Sect, each of their faces was brimming with fury. They were supposed to come to Exquisite Paradise to do something important, unexpectedly, the encounter with Jiang Bufu had made them suffer huge losses. One of their fellow disciples was killed and two were turned into cripples.

Their speed was fast, but Jiang Chen and Lu Yan were faster. When they arrived on the scene, the two were nowhere to be seen, as though they had disappeared in thin air.

“Where did they go? Why isn’t there a trace left behind?”

“Yes. This isn’t right. Could it be that they are planning to have a secret battle?”

“Drop it. There isn’t anything interesting in their battle. The gap between the two of them is just too great. Jiang Bufu’s death is already certain. We’ll just have to wait here. I’m sure that it won’t be long before Lu Yan comes back with the head of Jiang Bufu.”

“I reckon that Jiang Bufu must have fled the scene due to fright, and Lu Yan quickly chased after him, which explains why we can’t find a trace of them.”


Many people were rendered speechless. The two had disappeared all of a sudden that none of them could find their shadows, however they were almost certain that Lu Yan would win the match. There was no doubt about it. There were also people who thought that Jiang Bufu had seized the opportunity to flee. After all, he had killed Yellow Spring Sect’s geniuses. It was only logical for him to run away after offending a major power that one couldn’t afford to offend.

At the present moment, above a certain mountain ten thousand miles away from Exquisite Paradise, Jiang Chen, wearing a white robe, was standing in the sky, facing the approaching Lu Yan.

Lu Yan looked around at the barren land and mountain and said coldly, “I thought that you are running away.”

“What a joke! You aren’t qualified to make me feel threatened yet.” Jiang Chen sneered.

“Jiang Bufu, I really wonder if your brain has a problem. No doubt that you are too arrogant. Could it be that you really think that you can fight me?”

Lu Yan asked eagerly. He was confused, wondering who had given the opponent, who was a mere early Immortal Emperor, the audacity to confront him in a fight.

“Is that so? I wonder if you are stronger compared to Tian Yue. Tian Yue has been killed by me. Do you think you are more powerful than him?” Jiang Chen said plainly.  

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