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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1750

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“So what? He’s going to die anyway. The general assembly will start tomorrow, upon which Senior Brother Li Feng will surely attend. As long as Jiang Chen dares to appear at that time, he’ll die for sure.” Lu Yan wore a cold grin on his face.

“What!? Senior Brother Li Feng will come tomorrow? My God! I heard from others that Senior Brother Li Feng is already a true Immortal Venerable expert! Could it be that Young Master Li Feng is also interested in the saintess of Exquisite Paradise?” one of the disciples said in disbelief. 

Li Feng was a legend in the history of Yellow Spring Sect. He had reached early Immortal Venerable realm at a very young age. That level of genius was incomparable to any average genius.

“What a joke! Senior Brother Li Feng isn’t interested in the saintess. The main reason of his return is to exterminate Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen doesn’t appear tomorrow, Senior Brother Li Feng won’t interfere and I’ll be the one to compete against the other geniuses,” Lu Yan said with a smile. 

His proud face couldn’t help revealing a trace of respect at the mention of Li Feng.

“It also means that the Immortal Venerable geniuses of the other major powers will also attend the general assembly tomorrow. This time, Jiang Chen will surely die. He won’t have a chance to live.”

The geniuses of Yellow Spring Sect wore a sneer on their faces. The thought of Jiang Chen made them grit their teeth and gave them the impulse to rip off all of his flesh.

“Although we all hate Jiang Chen very much, we have to admit that he is truly terrifying. At the moment, he is already a tremendous threat. Only a monstrous genius like Senior Brother Li Feng can eliminate him. Senior Brother Lu Yan, what about this Jiang Bufu? Are we going to let him continue showing off? Putting all things aside, he has already taken away all the limelight and all of our faces,” someone said. 

He didn’t add more fuel about Jiang Chen because they wouldn’t be able to deal with him, but this Jiang Bufu was still within their ability to handle.

“Find an excuse to get rid of him. He’s just a trivial figure anyway,” Lu Yan said disdainfully.

“Okay. Don’t worry, Senior Brother Lu Yan. Leave this to me.”

A youth with a face full of stubble spoke confidently. He was called Lu Qi, an intermediate Immortal Emperor and a rare genius of Yellow Spring Sect. Given his incredible strength, he naturally wouldn’t put Jiang Bufu in his eyes.

There were still about twenty female disciples of Exquisite Paradise visiting Jiang Chen. All of them were Immortal Kings. Each of their faces were brimming with smile, their eyes full of infatuation.

At this moment, three sturdy youth broke into his courtyard and stomped towards the interior of the courtyard, ignoring Yang Bufan, Yang Lang and Shan Cong.

“Dammit! Why are the people of Yellow Spring Sect here?” Yang Lang couldn’t help but curse.

“Isn’t it obvious? They want to pick a fight,” Yang Bufan said with a smile.

“Shall we interfere?” asked Shan Cong.

“An intermediate Immortal Emperor and two early Immortal Emperors. Do you think it’s necessary for us to interfere?” Yang Bufan glanced at Shan Cong.

Shan Cong shrugged and returned to his carefree demeanor. Given the strength of these people, the result was already imaginable. 

Lu Qi strode towards Jiang Chen, with both arms crossed, eyes glaring contemptuously at Jiang Chen, and spoke loudly: “I heard that Young Master has divine abilities that can help people break through the bottleneck. I also happen to be stuck. I wonder if Young Master Bufu can have a look on my condition.”

Lu Qi’s appearance immediately aroused the discontent of the female disciples, but since these disciples were only Immortal Kings, they held their tongue.

Every gesture that Lu Qi made was highly arrogant. It seemed like he was totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes.

“Sexual impotence has caused you to lose the strength of a man, and also caused your vital essence to shrivel up. Your life is finished. Not even the Gods can save you from this chronic illness,” said Jiang Chen flatly.


Hearing Jiang Chen’s words, the female disciples couldn’t help giggling, feeling that this Young Master Bufu was overly mean.

Lu Qi’s facial expression darkened instantaneously. Sexual impotence was a taboo amongst men. Furthermore, this subject was discussed in front of so many females. It was a complete humiliation towards him. He was instantly infuriated.

“Son of a b*tch! How dare you humiliate Senior Brother Lu?! Are you courting death?”

“Jiang Bufu, if you kneel and kowtow before Senior Brother Lu now, perhaps you will obtain Senior Brother Lu’s forgiveness.”

The two disciples beside Lu Qi were also infuriated, seeming ready to attack if Jiang Chen refused to do what they want.

“Humiliation was what you asked for. You aren’t welcome in this courtyard. Get the hell out of here before I get angry.”

Jiang Chen waved impatiently. In the face of the people of Yellow Spring Sect, there was no need for him to be polite with them. He couldn’t even show a slight smile. It was unfortunate that these three bastards had put the wrong person into trouble.

“Seeking death!”

The two early Immortal Emperors snapped. They had never seen such an arrogant person. A brat that came out of nowhere dared to disrespect them openly. They couldn’t stand the humiliation anymore.

Both of them abruptly struck out their huge palms towards the youth sitting on the rattan chair. They had already made up their mind to suppress this youth, and force him to kneel down and kowtow. They would make this youth named Bufu (unyielding) yield.


Before both of their palms touched Jiang Chen, their wrists were grasped by his hands. Without time for astonishment, strength was exerted on both palms. With two sounds of crack, their wrists were broken and twisted.

*Bang! Bang!*

Then, Jiang Chen sent out two kicks at lightning speed to their knees. The unbearable force forced them onto the ground with a puff. Wails were uttered from their mouths. Their broken wrists were still in Jiang Chen’s grasp. They couldn’t break free from his grip. One of their legs was also broken, while the other leg was kneeling on the ground. Their heads were beaded with cold sweat.


The scene instantly set off a wave of shock. The female disciples were staring at the scene in disbelief and with mouth wide open. They had never imagined that this Young Master Bufu was this strong. Everyone knew that these two were Immortal Emperor geniuses. They were extremely difficult to deal with, but now, they were forced to the ground by Jiang Chen with ease. This didn’t mean that the two geniuses were too weak, but the opponent was just too strong.    

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