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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1749

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The name of the deity was quickly spread across Exquisite Paradise. The news even reached the higher-ups of Exquisite Paradise. For a moment, there were discussions about Young Master Bufu or the deity everywhere in Exquisite Paradise.

In the following time, the guest zone was crowded with people, however it had nothing to do with the geniuses from the various major powers as they had come specifically for Young Master Bufu. Apart from Jiang Chen’s courtyard, the rest of the courtyards were silent. Most of the geniuses’ faces turned deathly pale, especially those who came from the Immortal Court. They had come here with the motive to display their capabilities, and to attract the attention of Venerable Ling Long and the saintess. Sadly, all the chances they had had been taken away by that Young Master Bufu.

Jiang Chen’s courtyard was filled with noise. None of the female disciples were willing to miss this great chance. Especially so for those disciples whose cultivation base were stuck at the bottleneck, getting an Immortal Weapon was a minor thing, but getting the guidance of Young Master Bufu was more important than everything else. It was an opportunity granted by the Heavens.

“At long last, I’ve broken through after being trapped at the bottleneck for so long!”

“Me too. Young Master Bufu is a real deity. He has gotten rid of the trouble that has lurked in my body for many years.”

“He’s a great benefactor. I’ll never forget his kindness for the rest of my life.”

Every now and then, there would be a disciple or two who broke through the bottleneck and advanced. At this point, even elders of Immortal Emperor realm had come to seek for advice. Some elders stagnated for a very long time due to their age. They had almost lost hope on advancing any further, but today, after being guided by Jiang Chen, their cultivation base had miraculously advanced. To them, it was definitely something worth crying for.

In the courtyard next to Jiang Chen’s stayed the geniuses of Great Qian Empire. Because of the good connection between Great Qian Empire and Exquisite Paradise, their geniuses were naturally given the first-class treatment and accommodation.

The geniuses who occupied this area were Yang Bufan, Yang Lang and Shan Cong, all of whom were the young elites of Great Qian Empire. Yang Bufan’s status in Great Qian Empire automatically skyrocketed after the death of the Crown Prince and King Ping. Although the Emperor didn’t mention anything about the matter, the citizens were smart enough to know that the next heir of their Empire would be King Fan as there was no longer any suitable candidates amongst the princes that could compete with him. Even geniuses like Yang Lang and Shan Cong had pledged their loyalty to King Fan. In addition, King Fan was backed by Jiang Chen.

Exquisite Paradise’s selection of son-in-law was a major event in Eastern Profound Domain. Naturally, the Great Qian Empire, as one of the eleven major powers, had to send their representatives here. Their geniuses in Immortal Court weren’t summoned because they weren’t involved in the hunt for Jiang Chen. Only the geniuses belonging to the major powers that had grudges against Jiang Chen returned from the Immortal Court.

“King Fan, who exactly is this Jiang Bufu? Don’t you think he’s showing off too much?” Yang Lang asked with interest. 

At the moment, the guest zone looked like a market. The name of Jiang Bufu had been spread across the entire Exquisite Paradise. It was difficult for them to ignore it as they stayed next to Jiang Bufu’s courtyard.

“Jiang Bufu? Early Immortal Emperor? Generous act and sharp eyesight? Why can’t I find another person that matches these criteria other than Jiang Chen?”

Yang Bufan contemplated for a while and thought of this point. There was no early Immortal Emperor that was as powerful as Jiang Chen in the entire Immortal World.

“King Fan, are you thinking that this Jiang Bufu is Jiang Chen?” Shan Cong blinked his eyes and seemed intrigued.

“Who else have such capability except Jiang Chen? Even if that person is equipped with these traits, why would he help Exquisite Paradise for no reason?” Yang Bufan said with a smile.

“What you said is quite right.” Yang Lang nodded.

“How about we pay him a visit and have a look?”

Yang Bufan said and then opened the doors of the courtyard, leading Yang Lang and Shan Cong towards the courtyard of Jiang Chen. There, he saw a white-clad youth sitting nonchalantly on the rattan chair, constantly guiding the female disciples that came to see him. Apart from guiding the needy ones, he also gifted each of them an Immortal Weapon. He truly was generous.

Feeling the three pairs of eyes examining his body non-stop, Jiang Chen looked over at them and gave them a wink.

The three rolled their eyes crazily. Sure enough, he was the bastard!

“It’s really him.”

Yang Lang shook his head. At first, he thought that another great figure had appeared in Eastern Profound Domain, but it turned out that Jiang Bufu was actually Jiang Chen.

However, they weren’t too surprised by it. After all, they had already thought of this possibility earlier.

“Alright. We don’t have to go over there. We’ll just stand here and watch him act.”

Yang Bufan crossed his arms, his face wearing a delightful smile.

Comparing to Yang Bufan and the other two, the geniuses staying in the other courtyards were in a terrible mood. The atmosphere in the guest zone was becoming stifling.

In the courtyard of the geniuses of Yellow Spring Sect.

“Damned that Jiang Bufu! The one that didn’t give Senior brother Lu Yan face! He has taken away all the attention!” A disciple spoke furiously.

“How many disciples of Exquisite Paradise have advanced?” Lu Yan asked.

“Senior Brother, from yesterday until now, more than a hundred of them have advanced under the guidance of Jiang Bufu.”

Someone replied. Solving the bottlenecks of more than a hundred of people in one day was unbelievable.

“We can’t let him continue. The increase of overall strength of Exquisite Paradise’s forces won’t do us any good. If we fail in this selection, our sect won’t be able to establish a connection with Exquisite Paradise. Taking into account that Great Qian Empire is an ally of Exquisite Paradise, there’s a possibility that they will become our enemy in the future. Therefore, the increase in their strength is detrimental to us.” Lu Yan said, cold light glinted from his eyes.

“Senior Brother Lu Yan is right. No one knows where this Jiang Bufu came from. In order to steal all the limelight, he has given Exquisite Paradise tremendous benefits. This isn’t what we wish to see,” someone added.

“It’s more than that. I reckon that we have to get rid of this Jiang Bufu. He has been hostile to us ever since he appeared. Plus, he’s overly capable and has incredible eyesight. I’m afraid that he will become a huge threat if he isn’t eliminated soon.”

“Before, it was Jiang Chen, now it’s Jiang Bufu. Why do those who have the surname Jiang so abnormal?”

The geniuses of Yellow Spring Sect didn’t have any pleasant impression of Jiang Bufu. They couldn’t allow such man to grow further. 

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