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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1747

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Jiang Chen was wearing a smile, placing both of hands behind his back, feeling that it was so good to display his generosity in front of those female disciples who seemed entranced and ready to marry him. More than a hundred Immortal Weapons was indeed a huge sum of fortune, but to him, it was merely a dime.

His actions had naturally drawn the attention of others. Many cultivators had emerged from the guest zone. The expression they displayed wasn’t friendly. They were peerless geniuses of their respective sect. Their purpose of coming here was to succeed in the selection of son-in-law and establish a connection with Exquisite Paradise. Which was why they had gifted the female disciples some presents to display the air of their major power. But unexpectedly, a youth that came out of nowhere had taken all the impression they had built. How could they be able to stand it?

“Where did this bastard come from? I have never seen him before. Why is he so wealthy?”

“That’s right. It seems he’s merely an early Immortal Emperor, but the way he gave away those Immortal Weapons was just like throwing trash. I’m afraid he’s no ordinary person.”

“This bastard really knows how to show off. He has just taken all the attention, however I would like to see how many Immortal Weapons he actually have. There are still plenty of Immortal Kings in Exquisite Paradise. They will definitely come once this news reached them. We’ll see if each of them will get one Immortal Weapon from him.”

“You’re overestimating him. No matter how unordinary an early Immortal Weapon is, he won’t have that many Immortal Weapons. If he really has that amount of fortune, I’ll be willing to call him grandpa.”


Under the lead of Xiao Ning, Jiang Chen was brought to a first-class courtyard. This was a special arrangement from Xue Lian. Only the geniuses of Immortal Court could receive such a treatment. An early Immortal Emperor was by no means qualified to enter the first-class accommodation, but as Jiang Chen had given plenty of benefits to Exquisite Paradise and became well-known after that, it was reasonable that he was allowed into the restricted zone.

Very quickly, the name of the show-off, Jiang Bufu was spread across the entire Exquisite Paradise. It made it impossible for him to keep a low profile when over a hundred disciples of Exquisite Paradise were flaunting the Immortal Weapons they had just received.

“Wow! It’s really a King Grade Immortal Weapon. Don’t tell me that Young Master Jiang Bufu is seriously giving out Immortal Weapons to anyone he sees.”

“That’s true. He’s definitely more generous compared to those geniuses that came from the Immortal Court. However, Young Master Bufu has already entered the guest zone, but he said that he will entertain anyone in Exquisite Paradise who wanted to visit him and give them some benefits.”

“I will surely go. How generous! Sisters, let’s go and check it out together, and see if this Young Master Bufu is really that liberal with his wealth.”


For a moment, groups of female disciples were headings towards a particular direction. Obviously, their destination was Jiang Chen’s accommodation. This time, there were at least forty of them, led by a half-step Immortal Emperor.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was sitting on a rattan chair, crossing his legs and leisurely sunbathing. His hand was holding a translucent goblet made completely out of jade. It’s filled with fine, delicious wine. The door of the courtyard was wide-open, clearly for the sake of those disciples of Exquisite Paradise.

*Hua La……*

Not long after that, a few dozen female disciples rushed in like a swarm of bees.

“Little girl is Song Ying. I have come to greet Young Master Bufu.”

The leader slightly saluted Jiang Chen while her companions were staring with anticipation. Given their huge number, they were eager to know if this young man would really give each of them an Immortal Weapon.

“En, there’s no need to be overly polite, fellow junior sisters. It must be fate that we have met in this place. I, Young Master Bufu, have nothing other than fortune. The wealth that I have is enormous. The Immortal Weapons I possess is beyond count. Anyone present will have a share of it. It’s also my honour that I can gift the beauties of Exquisite Paradise some treasures.”

Jiang Chen continued to flaunt his wealth. With a wave of his hand, clanking sounds were heard when high-grade Immortal Weapons flew out extravagantly. Each Immortal Weapon flew towards the respective female disciple. The weapons shone brightly. Most of these weapons were obtained from Golden Horizon. As the visitors had a very high cultivation base, the grade of the Immortal Weapons naturally wouldn’t be inferior.

The female disciples were stunned, especially the one standing in front, Song Ying. The Immortal Weapon she received was of Emperor grade.

“My Goodness! An Emperor Grade Immortal Weapon!”

“There are so many high-grade Immortal Weapons. He’s such a generous man.”

“Young Master Bufu is truly dashing!”


The female disciples became excited, because the Immortal Weapons Jiang Chen gave them were so much greater compared to what they currently have. This had multiplied the good impression they had for Jiang Chen.

It turned out that such a level of generosity wasn’t just an exaggeration.

“Many thanks, Young Master Bufu.” Song Yin expressed her thanks, her face overflowing with smile.

“Junior Sister Song Ying, I see that your cultivation base has reached the bottleneck. Currently, it’s at the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm, only a step away from Immortal Emperor realm. Your cultivation law is of fire attribute, hence you often have a hot temper. This explosive energy of yours is hindering you from settling down, making it hard to break through the bottleneck.” Jiang Chen looked over at Song Ying and spoke casually.

Upon hearing this, her facial expression changed instantly as she looked at Jiang Chen, surprised that the youth was able to discern her problem with just a glance. Such eyesight was enough to prove that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

“Please show me how to make the breakthrough, Young Master Bufu.”

Song Ying sounded emotional. Hastily, she bowed to Jiang Chen, thinking of the words of Xiao Ning who said that Young Master Bufu had also seen through the bottleneck of Senior Sister Xue Ling with just a glance and corrected her errors.

“Come forward. I’ll help you advance,” said Jiang Chen.

Immediately, Song Ying kept the weapon and strode towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen casually struck out a tongue of flame. This was no ordinary flame. It was a flame that had combined four types of supreme flames. Instantly, it entered Song Ying’s body, rushed out and returned to his hands.

Song Ying’s body trembled. The qi waves in his body began to roll. Waves of flames spread out, forming a sea of fire. That tongue of flame has just helped her break through the bottleneck, allowing the fire energy that had been suppressed inside of her to erupt, advancing to the Immortal Emperor realm.

“Immortal Emperor realm! My god! This Young Master Bufu is just too amazing. Senior Sister Song Ying was stuck at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm for a long time and wasn’t able to achieve any breakthrough. Today, with the guidance of Young Master Bufu, she immediately broke through the bottleneck. It wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

“Awesome! Young Master Bufu is truly a divine figure.”

“My cultivation base is also stuck at the bottleneck. I wonder if I can ask Young Master Bufu for guidance.”


All the female disciples were stirred. 

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