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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1745

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Jiang Chen darted a cold glance to the other party and spoke flatly, “I’m just saying the truth. Why don’t you ask if the pretty girl wants this trivial pill before giving it to her?”

“Brat, do think before you speak. Do you have any idea who are we? Do you know who he is? We are the people of Yellow Spring Sect. He’s a supreme genius from the Immortal Court, Lu Yan. I think you are courting death. Kneel down in front of Senior Brother Lu Yan and kowtow now, and perhaps your life will be spared.”

The man added, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes, however this was normal. After all, Yellow Spring Sect was one of the major powers in Eastern Profound Domain. Each of their disciple was filled with arrogance. How could they put a puny Immortal Emperor in their eyes?

“Whoops! The people of Yellow Spring Sect are truly arrogant, however it’s a pity that I won’t be intimidated by this kind of tactic. A trivial pill will always be a trivial pill. You can’t change that fact. No matter how powerful you people are, this is the territory of Exquisite Paradise. Could it be that you all want to act unruly here?”

Jiang Chen spoke cynically. Seeing the sense of superiority of the disciples’ faces gave him the impulse to slap them, however he didn’t want to expose his identity right now, much less cause a havoc in Exquisite Paradise. After all, the ultimate purpose of the selection of son-in-law was to stimulate Dragon Shisan out of slumber.

On the other side, Xue Lian and the other female disciples had fixed their eyes on Jiang Chen, full of amazement. They had never seen this young man before and had never thought that there was such a figure in Eastern Profound Domain. Although he was also an Immortal Emperor, this kind of cultivation base was considered nothing in this competition. This was the gathering of the best talents in the Immortal World. An early Immortal Emperor certainly wouldn’t be able to compete.

However, this mere Immortal Emperor was bold enough to provoke Yellow Spring Sect openly, even though Lu Yan was amongst the group. If he wasn’t out of his mind, he must have a very powerful backer.

“Brat, I think you are really courting death!” 

The disciple was infuriated, and threw a punch at Jiang Chen at the speed of lightning, but was easily evaded by Jiang Chen.

“Yellow Spring Sect is really uncouth to start a fight in Exquisite Paradise. It seems like you all aren’t putting Exquisite Paradise in your eyes.” Jiang Chen yelled, his voice spreading to a far distance.

Seeing that his strike failed to hit his target, his anger increased, then readied himself to throw another punch, but was stopped by Lu Yan.

“That’s enough.”

Lu Yan called out, slightly knitting his brows, looking at Jiang Chen with a trace of disgust but also with a hint of astonishment. Judging from how easily Jiang Chen avoided the attack, he could tell that Jiang Chen wasn’t an ordinary cultivator.

Of course, this wasn’t enough for him to take Jiang Chen seriously. After all, he’s a half-step Immortal Venerable. The gap between their cultivation base was massive. The reason he called for a stop was that he didn’t want to start a fight in Exquisite Paradise, because it would make Yellow Spring Sect look overly ignorant and arrogant. They had to give face to Exquisite Paradise anyhow.

“Kid, you said that my pill is just something trivial, however I really wonder what items you intend to give to the host.”

Lu Yan spoke with a cold smile. Although the pill he gifted wasn’t invaluable, it was at least an Emperor Pill. After all, the receiver was merely a female disciple of Exquisite Paradise. Giving out an Emperor Pill was already considered a very generous act. He had no doubt about it.

However, a youth who was just an early Immortal Emperor was criticizing him for gifting out such a trash to the host. So now, he really liked to see what kind of gift Jiang Chen was going to give. An Emperor Pill was incomparably valuable to an early Immortal Emperor. He believed that the youth wouldn’t be willing to give such a precious pill if the youth had it.

“That’s right kid! I dare you to gift the same item to the host.”

“Yes. A country bumpkin that sneers at other people! How ridiculous! I dare you to take out an Emperor Pill.”

“I wonder where this puny figure come from. His brain must have been fried.”


The disciples of Yellow Spring Sect began to sneer. They had the same opinion as Lu Yan, thinking that this bastard must not have greater things. After all, the youth’s cultivation base in not really high. Even if he really had some good stuffs, he would surely be reluctant to give it to someone else.

They were all looking at Jiang Chen eagerly, waiting for him to be embarrassed.

“A country bumpkin? Then I will make all of your eyes go wide today.” Jiang Chen showed a cynical face, smoothened his sleeves, strode towards Xue Lian and waved his hand.

*Hua La La……*

Listening to the clanking of weapons, a dozen combat swords suddenly appeared. Each sword was shining brightly as they buzzed. The swords flew automatically towards the girl. The first sword that appeared in front of the girl was trembling intensely. Its had reached the peak of Emperor Grade whereas the other swords were of King Grade.


Everyone was shocked, including the dozen of female disciples who were looking at the swords in disbelief.

“These are my present for all the beauties,” said Jiang Chen aloud.

The dozen of combat swords hovered in mid-air. Light rippled out of it brilliantly, instantly attracting numerous people.

“Giving out a dozen Immortal Weapons as a gift? Who is this kid? Why do he have so much fortune?”

“Motherf****er! There are so many high-grade Immortal Weapons. Did he get all these weapons for free? He’s truly a spoiled brat! Unlike this youth, everyone has only given that female leader a small amount of benefits.”

“Incredible! He really knows how to pretend.”


The scene immediately attracted the attention of numerous people. The faces of the Yellow Spring Sect’s disciples darkened. They had to admit that the pill that Lu Yan gave couldn’t be compared to the Immortal Weapons that Jiang Chen presented. There was no comparison at all between the two.

“How could Xue Lian dare to take such valuable gifts from young master?”

Xue Lian spoke. Her expression changed completely. Being generous always gave people a good impression.

“I will never take back what I have given.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand generously. These were the Immortal Weapons he had collected during the expedition in Golden Horizon. Back then, he had killed too many people, and collected a large number of Immortal Weapons, which were all piled up like a mountain in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. He could use this chance to gift some of them to the disciples of Exquisite Paradise, as a way of repaying Venerable Ling Long’s kindness.

“In that case, we won’t be polite with you. I wonder which sect young master is from and how may I address young master,” Xue Lian kept all the swords and asked.

“I belong to no sect. ‘A person that walks the battlefield alone; Jiang Bufu’. People call me Bufu Tian (defying the Heavens). You all can just address me as Young Master Bufu.” Jiang Chen pounded his chest and created an alias. 

That’s right. This bastard was just wearing a facade. 

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